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  • Posts

    • Indivisible
      By T1g · Posted
      I fell in love with Razmi immediately having said that, one of the other characters that is scene in the trailer looks like this  
    • Indivisible
      By Fierce Muffin · Posted
      From that trailer and this gameplay video and them giving people a pretty well done demo, this game looks very promising. I'm hoping it gets funded as well. I'll have to give the demo a whirl at some point. Looks really fun. Can't wait to see all the characters shown at the end of the trailer in color and such. The samurai nun with a double-hilted sword where one of the hilts has another sword in it looked hardcore. (v Gameplay video I watched v)   Also, Razmi is obviously best girl. Just look at her: Also, Tungar using an urumi sort of weapon looks cool as heck. Even more so that it's his hat. Really can't wait to see the other characters with what we've seen so far as well as the interesting designs they thought up for Skullgirls.
    • Indivisible
      By T1g · Posted   Ok it's Indiegogo campaign started so it gets its own thread. Indivisble is a Metroidvania/Action RPG game made by the Skullgirls team. There is a playable prototype available to download and they are looking for quite a bit of money from crowdfunding this time. I am hoping that they can raise the money for it. You guys should donate too if you like these people.    
    • Discuss Anime and Mang
      By T1g · Posted
        Can't believe Monogatari is coming to an end
    • Discuss Anime and Mang
      By Fierce Muffin · Posted
      I agree with pretty much everything you said. It was definitely way too much to take in during those first 15 minutes where it introduces at least 20-30 distinct characters that are clearly important to the plot. After all that's done and it gets into the battle portion of the episode though, I was getting some [heavy] Code Geass vibes from it, since I really haven't seen an anime so heavily strategy and war based since that and it was fantastic. The timing on everything was perfect. Such an exciting first episode. On the topic of just-aired anime, opinions of what I've watched so far: I can't wait for Gochuumon season 2 and Subete ga F ni Naru though.
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      It's funny how no one talks about Doctor Who anymore
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    • Werewolf

      How do I make a Mii for my registered Wii U character without having an identity crisis?
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    • Eka

      Playing Xenoblade Chronicles' New Game+ mode sounded fun at first since I could carry over a lot of weapons and equipment. But fighting bosses is no fun now at the beginning because they all die in one hit. :c At least I'll have the satisfaction of obliterating the ones I found initially impossible in a matter of seconds.
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    • (◕‿◕✿)

      Im kind of like something that resembles human but im made entirely of poop
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      RT @tehMorag: Designer Deluxe mode! Super Mario Maker on Unplayed #tehUnplayed #MainMenu
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