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  1. Young Link Addict added a post in a topic Where Are They Now? V2: Happy Thanksgiving!   

    I just got a new job almost two months ago and I'm enjoying it a lot. I also finished my manuscript for my book. I have a friend who is going to read through it, but they're at college so they haven't gotten the chance to look at it. I'm hoping to have it published by the end of next year.
    Other than that, I haven't been doing much else.
  2. Max added a post in a topic Where Are They Now? V2: Happy Thanksgiving!   

    I recently graduated from college and am hoping to get a job doing literally anything because I'm in an immense amount of debt! <3
  3. Teto added a topic in Casual Discussion   

    Where Are They Now? V2: Happy Thanksgiving!
    Putting up another one of these (How are you getting on?!)
    And in this one we can maybe share any other social media things we have (maybe even Facebook):
    I'm getting through 3rd year Illustration at university right now. I don't know how much I've really said about how I've been getting on. I see some of you on Facebook (pheonix mainly), and Cirt on Twitter (she streams a lot and is going to AGDQ next year?). Also Ganny has me on Twitter. Maybe other people I forget because I'm writing this up fast.
    I've visited chat once or twice in the last few months and nobody was on, what the hell.
    I went to a furcon in Livingston and I'm beyond any kind of help now.
    @Cascade we should catch up again IRL at some point, what's your life doing these days? Is Stirling cool? Should I visit?
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  4. Kuma added a topic in Video Games   

    The Last of Us Part II
    The original The Last of Us game is one great action/adventure/horror combo. I thought it was very similar to games like The Evil Within, and Resident Evil: Revelations 2.
    One thing that captivated me was the visually impressive graphics, and the story is just brilliant as well. So I'm really glad these companies have learned from failure, because when Resident Evil 4 arrived over a decade ago, all the great horror franchises I grew up with were kind of wrecked a lot, because then they just lost their edge. I mean, they're good action-horror games, I guess, but they just weren't that creepy any more, compared to like when Nemesis or Pyramid Head was after you. You were always scared of the zombies in the remake, for example, and even CVX. Etc. But 4, 5 and 6 were just like Gears of War, which I guess copied those games anyway. 
    The survival horror games between 2005 and 2012 were just horrendous. 
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  5. Kuma added a post in a topic General Gaming Discussion   

  6. Kuma added a topic in Entertainment   

    Night Closes
    Check out this short horror film I am in, as a ghost tourist. Let me know what you think of it. Maybe you could even post some replies with your own funny, scary, or interesting short pieces, too!  
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  7. Magnus added a topic in Joining or Parting   

    Overdue Farewell
    I haven't posted here in a long time, nor was I ever one of the more active members, but there was a decent length period of my thus far short life that I did spend on these forums. During my early formative years (age 9-13ish? I am 20 now).
    I checked back here today for the sake of nostalgia, only to find what appears to be a ghost town. My very first thought was "serves them right," because of the bullying I experienced near the end of my days here.
    But that wasn't my only experience here. Before that all happened, I did have good times. I spent most of my time in the RP section; the earliest refinement of my storytelling abilities I can remember.
    It's an interesting experience to look back on how awkward I was an early teenager, but nostalgic nontheless.
    I guess I'm just back here to recognize that this site was once part of my life. This place was, at one point, filled with familiar faces.
    Thanks for that, I genuinely hope all of you, Teto, Young Link Addict, Sahaqiel, Savanti Romero, Vio Milanor, Corrupt One, Lolrus, Clark Kent, and everyone else, despite having moved on, find better and brighter things in your future.
    And a specific puppy off to a couple of you, who gained amusement from teasing a child over the anonymity of the internet.
    Magnus, Signing Off.
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  8. Chase added a post in a topic Talk   

    What is dead may never die.
  9. Roc added a post in a topic WHAT'S GOING ON IN YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW? CATCH UP THREAD   

    I've had my own ups and downs. Lost a job I was at for 5 years and I haven't had much stability with employment since. I developed a problem with my leg called lymphedema so I have to keep it wrapped up which is super annoying. I'm finally out to my family, and I was dating a guy over the summer but he turned out to not want anything more than a friendship, so I've been still trying to get over that. All of my friends moved out of my town, including my closest friend Ryan all the way to Los Angeles. A few family members passed away, as well as a couple friends. I was on a workout spree for a while but then stopped like 5 years ago but now I'm slowly starting to get into the swing of things, I'm gonna try to lose 200 pounds.
  10. Roc added a post in a topic Talk   

    I just remembered this place. Holy hell. My account still exists as well!
    It seems pretty dead but I hope all of you are doing great. I see some familiar faces in the last three pages.
    Funny enough, I forgot my username here, so I went to page 500 of this threat, found me easily.
  11. Kaynil added a post in a topic Talk   

    Congratulations on that.
    I  have been affiliation hoping through Zelda communities I used to be around. I remember I lurked this one before I joined and never was very active. Surprising to see me old avatar, hahah.
  12. Young Link Addict added a post in a topic Talk   

    I'm just here to say two days ago was my 10 year anniversary here. Time sure flies, doesn't it. It only felt like yesterday I was an awkward middle schooler trying to make friends on the internet. Now I'm an awkward adult... nothing more to add to that.
  13. Teto added a post in a topic Talk   

    Ego minefield. Although I've literally not changed at all (I'm not willing to test that by checking).
  14. Skippy added a post in a topic Talk Here ya go
  15. Sun_Tzu added a topic in Submit Content   

    Breath of the Wild Leads to 3D Printed Nintendo Switch Controller Adapter
    Engineer designs controller adapter that allows one-handed gamers to play with both Nintendo Switch controllers.
    The Nintendo Switch is unique in its ability to allow gamers to player the console in a number of different ways. Gamers can play it as a traditional console with the Joy-Con controllers fitted into a standard single controller. Users can use the controllers separately within each hand, as two users, or even attach them to the modular screen and make it a mobile gaming system. A largely unnoticed issued is the accessibility for gamers with the use of only one hand.
    To be fair to Nintendo, this problem exists for most, if not all consoles, and is not a uniquely Nintendo Switch issue. One engineer, however, has developed a way to enable one-handed gamers to play with the Joy-Con controller.
    Engineer Julio Vazquez developed two accessories that turn the two Joy-Con controllers into a one-handed controller. Using a 3D printer, Vazquez two adapters: one that creates a right-angle controller and another that moves the controllers side-by-side. Breath of the Wild was even used as inspiration for the side by side version, as Vazquez based the design on the Skeikah Slate found in the game.

    In addition to developing the accessories, Vazquez also made them available for free for anyone to download and print on Thingiverse.
    Side-by-side VersionRight-angle VersionVazquez explained his reason for developing the adapters, "This adapter was developed by request of my friend Rami Wehbe, who wanted a way to play Zelda: Breath of the Wild using only his left hand, as he lost the ability to control his right hand due to a cerebrovascular accident." The engineer also explained that the prototype tooks weeks to develop and test but he wanted to make sure it worked properly in order to help other gamers enjoy games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
    source: JulezGaming
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  16. allmightyootlink added a post in a topic Talk   

  17. Dark_One added a post in a topic Talk   

     Hey you butts why isn't this a thing yet
  18. Ganny added a post in a topic Talk   

    you bet
    you bet
    All the old crowd you'd remember from there still hang out every day, you're always welcome to stop by
  19. Ezlo added a topic in Serious Discussion   

    Is the Forum dead?
    You can easily look at all of the topics and the dates that the last post was on and the earliest was last month, with most being years back.
    Does anyone post here anymore? What does traffic look like? Sorry if I don't know. I only poke my head in here for old time's sake every now and again so I don't really have a good feeling for the vibe in this place. I hate to see it like this considering it's one of my very first footprints on the internet, with the only other account I have that's older than this one is one I had on the Lego forums ages ago.
    If anyone is here who has a pulse, let me know.
    if you don't have a pulse, then get away from me rrreeeeeeeeeeeeee
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  20. Ezlo added a post in a topic Misogyny General Chat   

    Ladies and their damn vaginas and shit. Gross.
  21. Young Link Addict added a post in a topic Talk   

    Trust me, there isn't enough money in the world that would make me look back at my posts from 2006-2010.
  22. Knuckle added a post in a topic Talk   

    Let's make it happen.
  23. SilverAlchemic added a post in a topic Talk   

    So what you're saying is, Hnet Discord is the next step?
  24. Cassandra added a post in a topic Talk   

    I know that feel. I just post my writing here on a very rare ocassion just so i have it somewhere. ZD-i is dying out too as far as I can tell. With things like Skype, and ESPECIALLY Discord, gaming forums are kinda losing their place.
  25. Cascade added a post in a topic Talk   

    Good lord anyone else have those days when you check out that super dead forum you used to post on all the time years ago and cringe at how all your old posts are the most obnoxious twee teenager things ever created? Or is it just me?? I hate Past!Me, haha. Why did any of you like her, honestly.
    It's weird how barren this place is now, considering how gung-ho we all were back in like 2012/2013 about never letting this place die. This has been some nostalgia trip... feels like my time here happened decades ago rather than only a few years ago. I wonder how you guys are doing these days, even the users I wasn't close friends with (or close in the slightest, or even flat-out dislike) you all were pretty special and/or entertaining and will always be a part of my teenage years. IDK, I doubt anyone will see this post anyways. Is the IRC even active still? I'm too nervous to check hah.