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A Whimsical Adventure, Part 1.5: The Revision

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It happened again today. The vision. As I was lying in bed, waking from a warm slumber, it came to me. A premonition of sorts, or maybe just a fantasy- I suppose only time will tell me that. But either way, it happened once more. A vision of a great warrior.

He carried this big ass sword made out of crystals or diamonds or something, and it’s guard was all clusterpuppyy. He wore a cloak that was black but super bright... like black light i guess. His ears were pointed and his eyes were black, which looked totally awesome. Long, cobalt hair ran down his pale blue face. Like a true warrior he was nasty strong. A body that could withstand bullets and arms that can crush skulls. But despite his ferocious and violent behavior, I knew he was kind. A hero, of sorts.

But today was different. It happened again, the vision of him, but this vision was drastically different from any other vision I had previously had. For one, it happened after I woke up, in the morning, while the rest occurred at night before I fell asleep. But even more disturbing was what the vision foretold. Instead of a victorious fight ending in the hero’s victory, he was slain.

Every time he fought, it was with someone new. And every time he fought, he won. But not this time. This time he fought a warrior even bigger than him. The enemy wore red armor made of the finest metals, and had a head encompassed in flames. He carried a massive black axe with a crimson eye encrusted in the blade. This guy was seriously evil.

In my vision, the two warriors fought in a burning forest. It was probably burning cause of the bad guy’s head. I mean, lets be honest you don’t just run around with a fire head without burning a few trees in the process. Anyways, they fought for what seemed like hours before the bad guy raised his finger to the sky. I could see on the hero’s face that shit was about to hit the fan. The villain shot a red laser into the sky only for it to crash down on the hero seconds later. Huge explosion occurred, like wow man you had to see it. Once the dust settled, I saw that the hero was no more. Instead, a huge hole was in his place. I saw down the hole, and all i could see were clouds. The hero was gone....

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