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King Boom Boo / Primeape Voice Actor connection?

Entry posted


[Ash's] Primeape VA's

J: Hiroshi Otake

E: Michael Haigney


King Boom Boo VA's

J: ???

E: ???


Sonic Adventure 2: Battle VA's:

*uncredited on

-Japanese VAs-

Junichi Kanemaru - Sonic

Kouji Yusa - Shadow

Atsuki Murata - Tails

Nobutoshi Kanna - Knuckles

Taeko Kawata - Amy

Rumi Ochiai - Rouge

Etsuko Kozakura - Omochao

Yuri Shiratori - Maria

-Kinryu Arimoto - The President

-Mami Horikoshi - Secretary

-Tohru Okawa - Flying Dog Pilot -

-Kouji Ochiai - Big Foot Pilot

-Kaori Aso - Tikal

Tomoko Sasaki - Chao

Chikao Otsuka - Gerald Robotnik / Eggman

-English VA's-

Ryan Drummond - Sonic

Scott Dreier - Knuckles

David Humphrey - Shadow

Conner Bringas - Tails

Jenny Douillard - Amy

Deem Bristow - Eggman

Lani Minella - Rouge / Omachao

Moriah Angeline - Maria

Marc Biagi - Gerald Robotnik

-Steve Broadie - The President -

-Sue Wakefield - Secretary -

-Elara Distler* - Tikal -

-Shelly Fox - Menu voice

Continued search yields no further success. I can find no connection between the voice of Primeape from Pokemon and the voice of King Boom Boo, the ghost boss from Sonic Adventure 2. Neither Hiroshi Otake or Michael Haigney appear to have been involved in Sonic Adventure 2, and so it's unlikely that they loaned their voices at any point. Given that King Boom Boo has no lines, and only grunts and gurgles, it's unlikely that he has any noted dedicated voice actor worth speaking of, and so I cannot come to any conclusion there either.

Voice actor information for Ash's Primeape taken from here:

The lists of voice actors were taken from a reading of the Sonic Adventure 2 credits, and given characters by using the following sites:

Thus concludes my search. King Boom Boo shall forever remain an enigma.



I didn't realize this was an issue of concern?

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So Etsuko Kozakura voiced Omochao.....I had no idea!!!!!!!

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