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99$ Crackers; High School Legacy

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Before my freshman year of high school started around 2007, on my first day of band camp, I bought Nabisco peanut butter sandwich crackers at the nearby gas station because I noticed that the label said 99$ rather than 99 cents. I paid the regular price for them and kept them for novelty. Later, I met a cool kid named David, who I hung out with at school during band hours.

Near my final year of high school, I realized that I still had the crackers in my trumpet case, still vacuum sealed, though the crackers had been reduced to dust. I literally had them for my entire high school career; from the first day at the school to my last. So I decided that David, then a sophomore, would carry them as the new owner. He took care of them until he too, was a senior.

He just recently handed off our legacy to another sophomore. I regret not coming to school events or their subsequent band camps. David has truly made me proud. (: Hopefully the third generation owner will take care of them too.

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