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    • The Last of Us Part II
      By Kuma · Posted
      The original The Last of Us game is one great action/adventure/horror combo. I thought it was very similar to games like The Evil Within, and Resident Evil: Revelations 2. One thing that captivated me was the visually impressive graphics, and the story is just brilliant as well. So I'm really glad these companies have learned from failure, because when Resident Evil 4 arrived over a decade ago, all the great horror franchises I grew up with were kind of wrecked a lot, because then they just lost their edge. I mean, they're good action-horror games, I guess, but they just weren't that creepy any more, compared to like when Nemesis or Pyramid Head was after you. You were always scared of the zombies in the remake, for example, and even CVX. Etc. But 4, 5 and 6 were just like Gears of War, which I guess copied those games anyway.  The survival horror games between 2005 and 2012 were just horrendous. 
    • General Gaming Discussion
      By Kuma · Posted
    • Night Closes
      By Kuma · Posted
      Check out this short horror film I am in, as a ghost tourist. Let me know what you think of it. Maybe you could even post some replies with your own funny, scary, or interesting short pieces, too!     nightcloses.mp4
    • Overdue Farewell
      By Magnus · Posted
      I haven't posted here in a long time, nor was I ever one of the more active members, but there was a decent length period of my thus far short life that I did spend on these forums. During my early formative years (age 9-13ish? I am 20 now). I checked back here today for the sake of nostalgia, only to find what appears to be a ghost town. My very first thought was "serves them right," because of the bullying I experienced near the end of my days here. But that wasn't my only experience here. Before that all happened, I did have good times. I spent most of my time in the RP section; the earliest refinement of my storytelling abilities I can remember. It's an interesting experience to look back on how awkward I was an early teenager, but nostalgic nontheless. I guess I'm just back here to recognize that this site was once part of my life. This place was, at one point, filled with familiar faces. Thanks for that, I genuinely hope all of you, Teto, Young Link Addict, Sahaqiel, Savanti Romero, Vio Milanor, Corrupt One, Lolrus, Clark Kent, and everyone else, despite having moved on, find better and brighter things in your future. And a specific puppy off to a couple of you, who gained amusement from teasing a child over the anonymity of the internet.   Magnus, Signing Off.
    • Talk
      By Chase · Posted
      What is dead may never die.
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