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    • Steven Universe
      By Necropolis · Posted
      By T1g · Posted
    • Discuss Anime and Mang
      By Necropolis · Posted
      See, I've learned to forget about it when it's not actively out. I'm sure it'll be done soon. Tea Party aftermath must be chronicled!
    • Discuss Anime and Mang
      By pheonix561 · Posted
      So Berserk 339 came out in korean like four or five days ago and nobody on the entire internet has translated it yet because releases for berserk have been so few and far between for years now that the population of translators who normally would reliably have it translated after a day had passed is now nill. And so: I am dying slowly.
    • Memorable #Zelda moments/quotes
      By Brodongo · Posted
      From a few days ago: Viper Script Ganny scares away gordon     [23:57] * goron (Zelda@hidden-uu3.6t9.131.189.IP) has joined #zelda
      [23:57] <brodongo> a gordon
      [23:57] <goron> hi
      [23:57] <brodongo> hey
      [23:57] <goron> brodongo hi
      [23:57] <goron> where are ypou from?
      [23:58] <brodongo> Jamaica, Queens
      [23:58] <brodongo> you?
      [23:58] <goron> mexico
      [23:58] <brodongo> nice
      [23:58] <goron> You are alone here?
      [23:58] <brodongo> yeah
      [23:59] <brodongo> well Ganny is here too
      [23:59] <brodongo> !vipers
      [23:59] <+Ganny> I don't care.
      [23:59] <brodongo> jeez
      [23:59] <brodongo> so rude
      [00:00] <brodongo> dont mind him
      [00:00] <brodongo> !vipers
      [00:00] <+Ganny> But the ones who He's wasted time on are people exactly like YOU.
      [00:00] <brodongo> wow
      [00:00] <+Ganny> wow
      [00:00] <brodongo> come on Ganny we have a new member here
      [00:00] <brodongo> be nice
      [00:00] <brodongo> !vipers
      [00:00] <+Ganny> It's plain, stupid, common sense.
      [00:00] <brodongo> no, it's not!
      [00:00] <goron>
      [00:00] <goron> I want a friend
      [00:00] <goron>
      [00:01] <@Whorey> =)
      [00:01] <brodongo> :>
      [00:01] <brodongo> !vipers
      [00:01] <+Ganny> I studied Spanish for 2 years and I enjoy the language.
      [00:01] <@Whorey>
      [00:01] <brodongo> you are among friends, gordon
      [00:02] <goron> I'm goron!
      [00:02] <brodongo> Ganny is a tough love kind of guy, that's why he sounds course
      [00:02] <goron> like the Zelda, goron!
      [00:02] <brodongo> course like sand
      [00:02] <brodongo> yeah like the Gordons from Zelda
      [00:02] <brodongo> I get it [00:02] <goron> without D, only goron!
      [00:02] <brodongo> live in mountain
      [00:02] <brodongo> eat rocks
      [00:03] <brodongo> im p. sure its Gordon
      [00:03] <brodongo> Goron would be a weird name
      [00:03] <brodongo> I used to have neighbors named the Gordons so I think that is more likely the name
      [00:03] <goron> but i love the gorons
      [00:03] <goron> I fell in love with a goron
      [00:03] <brodongo> which one?
      [00:03] <brodongo> !vipers
      [00:03] <+Ganny> So you think you're open-minded, do you?
      [00:04] <goron> Hi ganny, what's your name? and age?
      [00:04] <brodongo> !vipers
      [00:04] <+Ganny> In reality, you get used to recognizing certain structures as things you can use a particular item on.
      [00:04] <brodongo> thats a funny name
      [00:04] <goron> Ganny? tellme about you
      [00:05] <brodongo> !vipers
      [00:05] <+Ganny> The illegal immigrants in this country are NOT our culture.
      [00:05] <goron> and?
      [00:05] <brodongo> !vipers
      [00:05] <+Ganny> It's a matter of letting people be perverted and do sick, digusting acts.
      [00:06] <brodongo> his English isnt very good
      [00:06] <brodongo> sometimes he reads a question wrong and responds in a weird way
      [00:07] <brodongo> !vipers
      [00:07] <+Ganny> Gays are people, people should be respected.
      [00:09] <brodongo> what does that have to do with anything
      [00:09] * goron (Zelda@hidden-uu3.6t9.131.189.IP) Quit (Connection closed)
      [00:09] <brodongo> :<
      [00:09] <+Ganny> :<
      [00:10] <+Ganny> was it... something I said?
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