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    "The man in the light may fail to see the long shadow he casts, and all those that follow behind him from its shade. But on the day he chooses to step out of the light, he abandons all those in his shadow, and they are forced into the blinding radiance, casting smaller shadows of their own."
    Psalms 7:11
    Good luck.
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    I was Harper, a Brave sociology major. I had a traditional watcher role, but got blocked every night so i never got to spy on any of you and analyze the social effects of night targeting. 
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    It's cool man, at least there was one kind of exciting day phase and that was fun before things got quiet. Who were the wolves?
    Despite antagonizing Pheo so much in this game, I want to guess T1G and Cirt.
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    Countdown has ended, the days over. T1G or Pheo, time to vote. Would we have ever brought change to America if our generation had been inactive in voting during Obama's campaign?


    I was blocked again by one of you PC police last night and someone is lying about it.
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    I'm at least against having him killed off for the following reason:
    Teto stopped an attack on him Night 1, so he's probably not Privileged. If we mislynch tonight, then we have 6 players. Then if the Privileged make a kill, we have 5 players. Then the the inactivity kill of Linox brings us down to 4 players.
    Then the Privileged hold majority and the game ends. Even if he stays alive, he won't vote, and so the wolves basically have majority at the point anyway. So yeah, based on the way this game has unfolded, he's all but confirmed non-Privileged and unless there is some secret to this game that I am unaware of, most players would probably prefer a replacement, not a kill, to keep the original balance of the game.
  6. Brodongo added a post in a topic PRIVILEGEWOLF (written and directed by LL)   

    It's cool dog, I'm not asking you to disclose your upcoming night action and agree. I only requested that you try to interact with players other than Silver at night, so that someone else can vouch for you.
    What I am trying to lead into is that I am suspicious of a blocker, because I have reason to believe that one blocker is not telling the truth, either Silver or T1G. T1G is definitely the sketchier of the two in my opinion, based on what I know.
    I think this lynch is probably inevitable given the circumstances, and T1G or Pheo, at least one of you is probably town and we've already passed on lynching twice, and with Linox inactive, achieving any kind of lynch will take most, if not all remaining townies to participate in a vote. Before that happens though, if Cirt is town and really was actually blocked night 1, then anything she can tell us about her actions and role could be big for town, so it would be good to hear from her today as well.
  7. Brodongo added a post in a topic PRIVILEGEWOLF (written and directed by LL)   

    Correct, it make's you look very bad. Not only did Teto die last night, he was also the only player in the game that claimed doctor, and you tried to block him, if that's even true.
    So we are expected to believe that out of the three blockers that are claiming town, none of them tried to block Cirt, last night's #1 lynch candidate?
  8. Brodongo added a post in a topic PRIVILEGEWOLF (written and directed by LL)   

    Agree that Cirt is best lynch candidate again in light of Teto's flip. 
    Silver- you've provided an alibi for Pheo for two nights in a row now. For our sake, could you two please agree not to target eachother tonight? The  two of you seem a bit chummy and we need to make sure that you two are not covering for eachother.
    @T1G, Pheo, who were your targets last night?
  9. Brodongo added a post in a topic Bro's Ghost Writing Request Thread   

    Hey Pheo, sorry for the delay. Below is your ghost written memoir of the time Ganny and you hung out together at your hostel three months from now in San Francisco. I don't know a ton about this trip, your personal life, or your writing style so I had to make a few guesses and fill in some blanks on my own, but I feel like this should be hit pretty close to the mark.
    The San-Fran Slasher
    by Pheonix561
    I couldn't tear my gaze away from my T.V. Screen. Two more murders today, both tourists. They were young students, visiting San Francisco for the first time in their life, just like myself. The body count was at seven now, all occurring within a couple blocks of my hostel. Of all weeks that I could have picked to visit San Fransico, how had fate led me to choose this one?
    The security in my hostel was nonexistent, and cause enough to be alarmed. As it stood, just about anybody could walk into my room while I was sleeping. I began to feel uneasy as it occurred to me that one of my roommates could easily be the San Fran Slasher, hiding out at our room in between each of his ghastly attacks.
    I chanced a furtive glance around that room to assess the threat level of each of my hostel roommates. There was John, the unassuming suburban college boy traveling down the coast on his father's paycheck. He seemed normal. Next were Dragomir and Grigore, the tall Romanian twins looking to break into the underground San Francisco electronic scene. Stand too close to them, and you would walk away smelling like hair gel and cigarettes. They didn't stay in the room much, so probably best not to worry too much about them.
    Finally, there was the quiet kid in the corner. He always wore a dark pair of sunglasses and a hat with an abnormally large brim. He didn't introduce himself to me by name, instead he told me to call him by his moniker, “The Stranger”. When I asked him why he had come to San Francisco, he had told me that he had traveled across the country for a Selena Gomez concert. What a goof. He usually left the room every night at about 1:00 AM. I always saw him leave because I usually tried to stay up and wait until everyone else fell asleep so that I could sneak into the bathroom and brush my teeth without feeling self conscious that someone was judging my technique.
    The other roommates thought The Stranger was creepy, but I think that The Stranger must have just been going through a hard time in his life. I remember when I was a teenager, just like him, and went through a phase of wearing stupid hats too. I felt bad for him, so I thought it might be nice to try and reach out to him. In our first awkward conversation, he revealed to me that he liked to paint. As he put it, he used painting mostly as a way to visually manifest the dark thoughts in his mind and appease his desire to see images of other suffering in others. I was excited that we had something in common, so I tried to show him one of my recent sketches. It was a brightly colored drawing of a cherub that couldn't find his car keys. I don't think that he liked it though, because he told me the colors of the Maserati in the background were unrealistically vibrant, and started hissing at it until I took it away.
    As weird as he was, I decided that I wouldn't dwell on paranoid thoughts about my hostel roommates. I had come here to have fun and meet up with my friend, Ganny, and I would be a son of biscuit if I was going to let some weirdo with a knife keep me from meeting up for some bubble tea with my friend.
    I felt my phone buzz in my front pocket. I always kept my phone in my front right pocket. My triplet brother, That1Guy, always kept his phone is back left pocket. Back when we were first born, right after the doctor delivered us, prophesied to my parents that as we grew up together, we would begin to counterbalance each other in ways that would bring balance to our family. A true set of Ying-Yang Triplets, as he called it. Later, I found out that this doctor was actually an opioid junkie, and had told my parents this while he was jacked up on pain killers, but I like to believe what he said anyway. My choice of phone pocket reminded me that I wished that my brother was here right now, although I would never admit that to him.
    I looked down at the name on my phone screen and smiled. It was Ganny, my friend. I jabbed at the answer button and lifted it to my ear.
    “It's Ganny, your friend,” said Ganny, his sharp, trendy Silicon Valley accent slicing like a knife through buttery Floridian undertones. Suddenly, I felt calm. The San Francisco Slasher had primarily targeted tourists, but Ganny was a man that KNEW San Francisco. He could navigate the city with as much confidence as one of his companies self-driving cars. As long as I was with Ganny, the tablet-jabbing techy with the swagger of a seasoned Starbucks barista, I would never be marked as prey by San Fran's latest psycho.
    “GANNY” I yelled into my phone. I liked yelling at my friends when I was excited. “Have you checked your smart watch yet?? Because I think it's BUBBLE TEA BRO-OUT TIME!”
    “Negative,” Ganny said dismissively, popping my enthusiasm like bubble-wrap in a microwave. “I pulled some strings and scored us tickets to the Selena concert tonight. I'll have a smart car over in two shakes of a Wii-mote to pick up my best bro!”
    Wait, what? I felt a shiver run up my spine. Ever since Ganny had taken his new job in Silicon Valley, he had changed. The way he talked was more sophisticated, the women he saw became more annoying, and his taste in the finer arts had mutated. His palette had evolved, and under no circumstances could I understand why the “new” Ganny would want to go to a Selena concert. For one, Ganny had grown out of his Selena phase years ago. For another, it was sure to be packed with tourists, a crowd that was would have Ganny turning his nose up so high that he might strain his neck. No, something here was fishier than a shrimp flavored Cheez-it.
    “Who are you?” I asked, my voice dropping several octaves as I tried to keep my fear clandestine.
    There was a pause and I felt time slow down as my heart began to race. Then a shout. “RUN PHEO! GET OUT OF SAN FRAN NOW!” I heard Ganny's voice boom out from the receiver.
    Then a loud slam, and a shuffling noise, as if two young men had began to engage in a brutal match of San Francisco inspired Battle Yoga for the right to wield the phone opposite my own. Regardless of who would emerge victorious, both combatants were sure to get an invigorating cardio workout.
    Finally the scuffle sounds ended, and a new, strange voice replaced Ganny's panicked yell.
    “Pheo, listen closely,” it said. The second voice was unpleasantly high, like a synchronized squeal from a choir of castrated mice.
    “If you ever want to see your friend Ganny, again, you will attend Selena's concert tonight,” it continued. “An Eco-friendly smart car will arrive in front of your hostel in five minutes. I suggest you take that ride (if you want to make it in time catch the band that opens for her, which is actually pretty good for a local band), you puppyING TOURIST.”
    My phone flashed red, signaling that the call had ended. My heart sank faster than a turd in a deep-frier. To think that back in December, I had actually looked forward to this trip. None of that mattered now though I thought, as I made my way down towards the entrance. I had save Ganny. When it came to my friends, such acts of courage were in my nature. For what else was I, if not a Good Friend?
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    Cirt's a good lynch. You spend too long thinking about this game and you start jumpimg at shadows, as is the case with me.
    Teto caught Cirt in an inconsistency without an alibi. He's put in a bit more work than other players and deserves the benefit of the doubt. It's as good a lynch as any. We still need a hammer though.
    how do you feel about that lynch Pheo? Are you going to help is out?
  11. Brodongo added a post in a topic PRIVILEGEWOLF (written and directed by LL)   

    - i think you are town, telling the truth
    -i think Cirt is town, telling the truth
    -ive thought pheo is wolf, since day one
    - i think silver and t1g are different alignments
    ive twisted a theory around these building blocks. Its probably a longshot.  I dont have the votes anymore to pull this theory though, and it sounds like the crazy ramblings of a madman, and our time is almost up. I guess if Cirt flips town, then it would seem less crazy, maybe? And if she's wolf, then yay.
    Nobody has even died yet in this game, we are going to look back and laugh at ourselves once real evidence starts coming in.
    sorry cirt, :(.
    For the watch.
  12. Brodongo added a post in a topic PRIVILEGEWOLF (written and directed by LL)   

    Thanks T1G, you're my hero.
     Breaking my rule, and posting in light of this new information, because I'm an ass and can't shut up.  Cirt's claim is just so bizarrely sketchy and unnecessary to reveal if she were wolf that i just can't help but think she is town, and telling the truth. She's probably the cop, trying to get a read on Linox. Teto has been engaged and thinking critically, I also would be surprised if he was not town. Nobody else is claiming doctor, I believe him. Lets assume he is also telling the truth. The wolves know their attack failed, they know Teto is aware he stopped an attack. So they created an alibi for eachother. One wolf is claiming to block the other. I'm talking about Pheo and Silver. Silver didn't block Pheo last night, he blocked Cirt. And Pheo attacked Linox. He knew that Teto would be informed about an attack, so he had Silver cover for him. My conclusion: Cirt is innocent, Pheo is still wolf. It's a longshot, but im going with my gut here. doesn't anybody else get the impression that Silver and Pheo feel somewhat coordinated here? 
  13. Brodongo added a post in a topic PRIVILEGEWOLF (written and directed by LL)   

    You were a wolf, you claimed to be blocked on the first day, havent voted, and you have been a bit a quiet. That's all I meant, nothing more. That's all public information at this point since I released the night actions. maybe it's because your busy, i mean that all makes sense to me, but that's also a common alibi that wolves have used. 
    i think I'm going to ease up on posting now because i'm becoming a distraction from some more interesting topics.
    I don't trust Teto enough yet to change my vote without something happening here:
    1) My blocker coming forward
    2) someone else claiming doctor
    3) pheo posts
  14. Brodongo added a post in a topic PRIVILEGEWOLF (written and directed by LL)   

    I subconsciously connected a few dots in your reasoning. If i am to believe that you are telling the truth, then i have ill be switching my vote on the basis that Cirt attacked Linox, because thats the only scenario i can think of that allows you to be telling the truth and condemns Cirt.
    You didn't do me any favors by explaining this before I had a chance to answer you though.
    Aethix and Linox are similar people. They are active on these forums basically just to play werewolf, have similar playstyles, both names end in x, Aethux isnt playing. Question for the town: is there anybody out there that DIDNT think Teto was talking about Linox?
  15. Brodongo added a post in a topic PRIVILEGEWOLF (written and directed by LL)   

    I'll concede that Pheo is probably equally likely to be indy as he is wolf from my point of view. My read on him is that whatever motivation he has in this game, finding scum does not appear to be one of them.
     Cirt's post last night was off the charts sketchy, and if we want to get meta, she's playing almost exactly like she did last game, when she was a wolf. I know i was blocked, Pheo has some evidence that he was blocked, so Cirt's reveal is just weird.  If Pheo is actually a wolf, I would expect his partner to come in right about now and derail his lynch, so I have to ask myself whether or not your reveal is this attempt, or whether I should trust you.  @Teto: Why did you choose to protect Linox, the town's only inactive member, last night? @T1G: did you block me last night?
  16. Brodongo added a post in a topic PRIVILEGEWOLF (written and directed by LL)   

    21 hours left guys, let's not go two days in a row without a lynch. Pheo
  17. Brodongo added a post in a topic PRIVILEGEWOLF (written and directed by LL)   

    I'm not answering for Ganny. I'm defending myself.  
    There are two conversations going on here, you and me, and you and ganny.       
    This is a new thread of questioning that I am asking you. Ganny can still answer your question while we have this sidebar. 
  18. Brodongo added a post in a topic PRIVILEGEWOLF (written and directed by LL)   

    Is the margin really that narrow, though?
    Pheo - in his own words, "mucking about"
    Brodongo - actively looking for scum, calls out Pheo unprovoked because i think he's wasting time
    Day 2 
    Brodongo - active participant and encouraging discussion, answering/ addressing questions instaneously
    Pheo - all clammed up, drastic change in behavior from being so talkative and nonchalant last day phase. 
    Everyone is going to see this differently but the two of us are acting radically different to an identical situation. One of us here is panicking. 
    And don't you wonder why my blocker hasn't come forward yet? My theory is that a malicious blocker would not want to reveal themselves unless they absolutely had to, Silver has come forward already, so he gets the award for being the most honest of the two blockers at the moment.
    So pheo is getting blocked by someone being upfront and transparent, while im being blocked by someone acting secretive and playing from the shadows.
    i doubt that both blocks came from the same alignment last night, although its not impossible.
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    I feel like regardless of my alignment, I'm always going to find myself trying to play the role of a driving force in these games, for better or for worse. These days, it's an accomplishment if we can even get a bandwagon going. LL does the same thing every game and I agree with him. I'll usually put a pro-town propaganda spin on it but the truth is that I just think that games are more fun when you push people that clearly want to take a backseat into the center of the action.
  20. Brodongo added a post in a topic PRIVILEGEWOLF (written and directed by LL)   

    Also i just want to emphasize that in the past we have agreed that playing aggressive early is pro-town behaviour, as it creates leads that we can use in the end game.
    I view playing the game cautiously and reactionary as a sign that people have something to hide, just a theory, but something keep that in mind as we move forward. 
    that being said, silveralchemic, cirt, ganny and linox all did not vote last day phase. 
    Of those people Ganny was the most active, although he did not list anyone he found suspicious. 
    Cirt and silveralchemic both posted once to confirm they were active, but that was about it. Silver has at least hinted that his night action was successful
    linox has not posted once and im pretty sure he does not realize this game is active. I would ask whether it is possible to replace him. 
    I would be interested to hear from each of these people, and for each to label one or two people that they find suspicious, even at this early stage. 
  21. Brodongo added a post in a topic PRIVILEGEWOLF (written and directed by LL)   

    No, I agree that i am pretty suspicious for claiming to be  blocked.
    As far as who wants to take charge of prodding people, I am fine with deliberating that role to someone a little less suspicious and not at the center of last night's controversy. We went about 10 hours without any responses so i wanted to at least let people know that their silence was not unnoticed. 
    Someone should do it though. We need more people talking.
  22. Brodongo added a post in a topic PRIVILEGEWOLF (written and directed by LL)   

    Sure, i targeted Teto. Pheo?
  23. Brodongo added a post in a topic PRIVILEGEWOLF (written and directed by LL)   

    Well, i was blocked as well. Anyone have a clue why at least two people are reporting blocks so far?
  24. Brodongo added a topic in Casual Discussion   

    Bro's Ghost Writing Request Thread
    A few days ago in chat, Ganny asked me to ghost write his autobiography. We've been hard at work in the collaborative process ever since, and It's shaping up to be moving enough to be featured on a few book lists for a few c-list celebrities.
    The project got me thinking, at some point in everyone's life, we wish that we had a mediocre writer to hastily slap together something for us that we can take credit for. Use this thread to request to request things that you need ghost written.
    And keep checking back for updates on Pretty Good by Gannondorf333, a coming of age story about a young man raised and cherished by this very forum, told straight from the source.
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  25. Brodongo added a post in a topic PRIVILEGEWOLF (written and directed by LL)   

    why are we mucking around though? Why can't we at least try to cold read eachother in any way possible and come up with best lynch possible, even if it only gives us a tiny edge and only has a tiny chance of being true?
    If we mislynch twice, then town probably loses. So even the day 1 lynch holds a pretty significant amount of weight and we should already be looking for suspicious behavior. And also, i love you, even if im jerk for analyzing you so early. 
    I can't help it, i'm a sociology major.