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  1. Shadowknight added a post in a topic What is your most recent purchase?   

    I just spent a month's pay on my bill for 3 hours of school this Summer! Seminary is so expensive, which seems so wrong to me. Pastors don't make that much money!
  2. Shadowknight added a post in a topic Talk   

    I'm 25k words into this fantasy novel that I'm writing, and I'm realizing that it's different than anything I've read. Like, it's a world where magic and monsters exist, yet the narrator has been trapped as a slave in a castle where magic is banned so far. It's anything but boring, in my opinion, and there has been plenty of action (bloody action, political intrigue, some Lovecraftian tales), but there has been very little fighting. 
    That is about to change, since I'm sending the main character on a quest, but I may end up having to rewrite some early chapters to increase the excitement a little. 
  3. Shadowknight added a post in a topic RPG Classes   

    I played a bard in my first DnD group, which was a lot of fun because I brought my mandolin and plucked out songs on it. Honestly, though, I much prefer playing a rogue, though not one that is stereotypically opposed to the party's goals. My favorite was a rogue named Kole who believed himself to be a Kolyarut and cared greatly about the social contract between the government and the people and stole books more often than anything else. 
  4. Shadowknight added a post in a topic Talk   

    That's great! I love stores that source their products locally. There was a butcher shop in the town where I did my undergrad that had the best cuts of meat I'd ever seen. 
  5. Shadowknight added a post in a topic MARCH, WHO UP?!?!   

    Oh, fantastic! The first draft is always the most difficult, in my opinion. I've never tried to split a book, though, so that could probably present some unique challenges.
  6. Shadowknight added a post in a topic Feeling the nostalgia   

    Man, I didn't realize that game was as old as it is. I've been feeling nostalgic about Twilight Princess too, specifically because it was the first game I bought for the Wii. I waited in line with my grandma overnight at Target to get one, and I did nothing but play it for like two days. I can't believe that was almost ten years ago! It's funny, I didn't look to closely at Twilight Princess when it first came out (probably because I was too busy enjoying it), but it actually is one of the most memorable games in the Zelda franchise. It was big, each section had a unique feel without compromising the overall tone, the characters were great, the music was great, and it had so many moments that felt epic without becoming quicktime events. Remember the sword fight on the bridge? Me too. It was awesome.
    I don't have a Wii U, though I may get one soon, but I'll definitely be busting out my copy of Twilight Princess this weekend.
  7. Shadowknight added a post in a topic MARCH, WHO UP?!?!   

    If I may offer some advice about the writing, I'd recommend that you work on churning out a complete draft before doing any editing. It's hard, and it sucks knowing that you aren't happy with what you have, but finishing a draft is honestly one of the hardest parts of writing. Once you have the first draft finished, set it aside for a little while and do something else before coming back to edit. When you do, take it one chapter (section, part, whatever) at a time and work through. 
    Butcher it. It will be difficult, because it's like a child, but you have to be willing to cut and rebuild mercilessly until you are satisfied with the result. But again, it's so satisfying to finally produce a product that all the struggle will be worth it. And for now, you just have to finish a draft and get your plot on paper.
    With regards to people leaving, I understand. After losing my best friend at the end of last year, I've been struck with a profound sense of being alone. I'm in a new city, working a new job, attending a new school, trying to figure out how to be good at all of that while also being a good (new) husband. My friends are either in San Antonio or Houston, for the most part, and I don't exactly fit in well with my new peers. That's probably why I started showing back up here, honestly. When it was an active and thriving community, this place helped me through some of the loneliest years of my life, so even though it's a lot less active now, it still brings some comfort. 
    But yeah, I completely understand what you mean about feeling old. I mean, I'm a married, gainfully employed, twenty-two year old grad student with aspirations and ambitions. I'm considering doctoral work and managing investments. When I look at what I posted when I first came here, the difference is almost unbelievable. And you know, I remember when y'all first started coming around too. It's strange to consider.
  8. Shadowknight added a post in a topic Talk   

    Alright, I just finished the audiobook I was listening to, so now I'll start on Left Hand of Darkness. I'll report back on it in like a week!
    I had two tests yesterday in back-to-back classes, running from 8 AM until 12:30. The first was in Intro to Christian Theology II, and it covered a lot of theology related to heresies and councils in the first 6 centuries. The second was Christian History I, and it was much of the same with the addition of Roman and Germanic history, and with a greater emphasis on specific people rather than movements. Also, there were a lot of dates. 
  9. Shadowknight added a post in a topic Hey everyone, it's been a while hasn't it.   

    Dude, way to go! Seriously, that's wonderful. 
  10. Shadowknight added a post in a topic Talk   

    Oh, I'm ashamed to say I completely forgot about that book! I really should read it soon. I'm a fan of Le Guin's other works, particularly the Earthsea cycle and Changing Plains, not to mention that a friend of mine wrote her thesis on the effect The Left Hand of Darkness had on the representation of sexuality in modern fiction. That will most certainly be the next book on my list!
  11. Shadowknight added a post in a topic MARCH, WHO UP?!?!   

    Knuckle: I understand needing some time away. Life can be completely brutal at times, and it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Sometimes you just need to step back so you can breathe. 
    Cass: I didn't know you wrote poetry! I went through and read it, and I enjoyed it a lot!
  12. Shadowknight added a post in a topic The World in Blue Spectrum   

    I never realized you posted these! Having just read them, I actually like them a lot. They have a musical quality, like they would be well suited to being lyrics, but when I try to imagine them set to melody I struggle. 
    I most enjoy Meltdown in Time Zone, I must say. The mechanical imagery is striking after the emotive discussions of the previous poems. Good work!
  13. Shadowknight added a post in a topic Talk   

    So, I've recently found myself listening to sci-fi novels on my commute to work every day, and I love it. I've listened to the Hyperion Cantos, Shadow of the Torturer / Claw of the Conciliator, A Canticle for Liebowitz, and a few others, and it's one of the best parts of my day. Anyone have any recommendations?
  14. Shadowknight added a post in a topic MARCH, WHO UP?!?!   

    I've actually been wondering what happened! I've checked in several times this year, but it's been so quiet... The other day, when I tried to log on, I got an error, so I didn't try again until today. 
    I really don't want to see this place die. I want to make it to ten years as a member! But with how quiet it's gotten, I have to wonder if there's anything that could be done to reinvigorate the community. I think we're seeing people grow up from the last big influx of new members, and we haven't brought in anyone new to replace them. Plus, forums aren't nearly as popular of a form of social media as they used to be. 
    Anyway, I'd much rather see this place find new life, but that's largely sentimental. I mean, it's been nearly ten years for me! That's hard to believe!
    Anyway, it's been kind of a rough year for me. I've been trying to navigate life without my lifelong best friend, and it's been difficult. But I'm still working through seminary, figuring out exactly what I believe with regards to God, and trying to figure out how to be a good husband. It seems like life is suddenly moving so quickly. 
    Also, I'm about 10,000 words into a draft of my fantasy novel! I'll get there someday.
    What about you? How's your year been?
  15. Shadowknight added a post in a topic I co-officiated my first funeral yesterday   

    I appreciate your response. Like I said, I process my emotions best through writing, and this post kind of fulfilled that same need. 
    Beyond that, though, this forum is actually very special to me. I know I haven't been around as much since I started college, but I've been a member here for almost a decade. Even in the periods where I wasn't active, I have always checked in from time to time. The user base has changed a lot since I first started coming here, and I've changed too, but I've always come back. It's hard to explain, honestly, but it's true. So I guess that in this time, which is extraordinarily trying for me, there isn't really a better venue for my thoughts. I have little attachment to Reddit, and most social media has too short of an attention span for this, but I have history here. Maybe not as much as a lot of the other posters, but you can see my development chronicled through my post history. Some people have at least a vague understanding of what I'm like.
    I've always posted here, it seems, and it just feels right to do so now too. It's somewhat therapeutic, if nothing else.