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  1. Shadowknight added a post in a topic Post Yourself   

    I remember a picture you posted a long time ago, and I think you have changed! At least, you look older than before. 
  2. Shadowknight added a post in a topic Talk   

    When I decided to start losing weight and being healthier, I basically ate frozen veggies, rice, and baked boneless, skinless chicken breast seasoned in assorted ways for like five months. I lost about 60 lbs, too, which was pretty great. Not so great if you don't like chicken, though!
  3. Shadowknight added a post in a topic What is the point of your life?   

    To know, love, serve, and enjoy my Creator to all eternity. To do good, to do no harm, and to attend to the ordinances of God.
    It's true, I believe that my purpose is to be a servant to the world. My role is to do everything I can to improve this world and the lives of those who live in it, and I'm doing it within the context of the church. Even if I can only make a difference in a few lives, it won't be for lack of trying!
  4. Shadowknight added a post in a topic Talk   

    I'm gathering that the majority of people have at least one semi-traumatic roommate situation in their life. Mine was sophomore year of college, when lived with a guy who had the craziest mood swings I've ever seen. He broke my door once out of anger!
    My wife is definitely the best person I've lived with. All my roommates were terrible by comparison! But I guess that's as expected.