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  1. Ganny added a post in a topic Talk   

    I feel compelled to reveal now that I, too, am a gigantic puppying racist. Hate me all you want, but I cannot be ashamed - for I was born like this. As a racist. The moment my stem snapped and I dropped from the legendary Tree of Life, the Listless Interpretation of Divinity assigned to my Bright and Fervent Soul one mission, as it does to all souls. Lo I gazed up to the heavens and saw the motion of its Apparent Lips as it declared that I shall be a huge puppying racist, the biggest puppying racist. "But they cannot hate your work," it said. "That would actually be against the rules."
  2. Ganny added a post in a topic Talk   

    My interview tip is to SMILE
    They'll also undoubtedly ask if you have any questions for them, so think a little about what you might want to ask about your role. HA brodongo already said this one 
    I remember at my first interview I didn't do this and I couldn't think of anything on the spot so I said "Not really, you took all the good ones" (while SMILING) and I give you permission to use this, my joke, if you need it
  3. Ganny added a post in a topic battle over hyrule   

    We've been silent for too long. The crusade begins again. This thread needs to be pinned and I will not back down from this
  4. Ganny added a post in a topic How Hath God Blighted Me Today   

    I missed the bus again. I stand on the opposite side of the street, unable to cross, watching it load its passengers and leave. I wait thirty minutes for the next one.
    It's like being in a nightmare where you cannot scream
  5. Ganny added a post in a topic Should gays be accepted by America?   

    You pit of vipers. You white-washed tombs. Why are you arguing about how LOGICAL homosexuality is? There are many simple truths in the world, and here's one of them: Being gay is wrong. I don't have anything against gays. But I sure as heck have something against homosexuality. Being gay is not who a person is, it's what they do. I'm obligated to love them just the same, but I don't have to love what they do.

    And no, I don't believe we should allow either gay marriage or being gay at all. Plain and simple: This country was built upon the Christian faith and we as a whole have turned away from that foundation. I'm not trying to preach a sermon here. It's just the truth. We as a Christian nation should not allow homosexuality. And I don't give a flying flip about whether it's "politically correct" or not. Why is okay to insult Christianity and Jews but not Gays? If everybody really DOES have equal rights, then no one should be able to say anything about anyone that's in any way rude or demeaning. And yet here we have local townships FORCING local fire departments to take their "Merry Christmas" signs down because it's not culturally inclusive enough. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. 95% OF AMERICA'S ENTIRE FRICKIN' POPULATION CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS!!! How can you be anymore inclusive than that? And we have local pastors being ridiculed because they speak out against homesexuality. I'll tell you what, anyone who wants to argue whether homosexuality is right, wrong, or anything in between just pick up a Bible. That's the only place your gonna find any scrap of truth nowadays. And I don't give a crap if I'm being "religious" or whether it's against the rules. You guys are just sick.
  6. Ganny added a post in a topic Back From the Mental Hospital   

    Hope you're doing all right Cass - keep us up-to-date on your situation, okay?