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  1. Maybe if we just a have a movie made up of voices, entirely transcendent of physical matter. Or a sensory movie, complete with a wide range of noise, feeling, and sensory-inducing movie seats.

  2. Oh hey this went pretty quickly

    My computer becomes a spasmatic dick for a few days and I come back and 4 pages

    but yeah anyways

    I understand what you mean, LL. I used homophobic in the way that I define it, which is admittedly wrong. It doesn't coincide with the literal definition of homophobic, but it's been misused a lot which is why I guess my definition of it got warped to mean the same as anti-gay.

    But yeah, like Chimetals has been saying multiple times, giving someone concussions and putting them in the hospital deserves more than a 5 day suspension. That's like a tap on the shoulder, and gently telling them to not do it again. If they don't associate it with something immediately negative that restricts or hurts them (I mean this in more than a physical way), then they have less of a reason to stop doing it. Not to say that I wholly support corporal punishment, cuz that goes into a whole other issue, but if the punishment isn't that bad, they probably won't stop if they had a reason to do it. Whether it be for hatred or whatever floats their boat.

    A lot of stuff's been going down the metaphorical shitter lately, and I don't enjoy being around the people that are instigating, allowing or causing the things to happen. Bullying, rude-ass hoes, or even beating other people up. I try to not assume that they're just mean people, because they probably have reasons or stress or some underlying factor that contributes to why they're acting this way. Like, the drama club director at my school. I've had a few schedule conflicts that made it impossible for me to perform in a show a few days ago. I had ended up being scheduled to perform on a Thursday, but I am completely unable to do anything past 5:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I was literally scared to remind her that I couldn't perform, even though I had told her beforehand. She had been pretty mean, rude and blunt to a lot of people. It's just been a really unenjoyable experience, to say the least. However, there are a lot of factors that could make it understandable. This specific show had just this week been performed 3 times, once for a children's hospital and twice in the same day for a bunch of nearby elementary schools. This hasn't been done for, as long as I know, any time this specific theatre director has worked at my school. Even though one of the theatre students has helped her out a lot in the organization of it, it's probably-definitely caused her a lot of stress to try to put together. She's also had to break up fights (not the possibly anti-gay one that is the general topic of this post) and deal with her freshmen and study hall students. I've heard stories of some of her English freshmen classes, it doesn't sound very enjoyable -- at all.

    Anyways, what I'm trying to say is, just because someone acts one way, doesn't mean they're just dicks. There's a definite possibility of some underlying cause that is causing them to act like this, whether it's intentional or not.

    I still don't think that violence in any sense is justifiable, but I can't really say much because I don't know the whole situation behind it. There are a ton of possible factors that could contribute as to why the bully did what he did. Bad childhood, harassment by a family member, traumatizing events, mental disorder, indoctrination, there's a way-huge range of possible factors and motivations. I don't know the whole story, but putting a few pieces together like the fact that he had been bullied for a long time and his sister is a known lesbian might have contributed. Maybe the bully overreactingly contributed to the bullying, but pushed it too far. For all anyone knows, he himself could have been bullied into doing it, or harassment by the victim at the bully might have happened.

    I don't know, but all I know is that shit happened and the punishment isn't severe enough to balance out with giving a kid a concussion.

  3. Second Teen in Two Weeks Attacked in Ohio School

    For immediate release November 2nd, 2011

    Westerville, OH -- A second teenager in just two weeks was beaten in an Ohio public school by a another student because of homophobia. On Tuesday, November 1st, a student at Westerville South High School in Westerville, Ohio, was called “fag” and “faggot” by another student, before that student punched him in the head several times. The victim has a possible concussion and is currently undergoing emergency medical testing; the student is unable to attend school for at least one week. The victim does not identify as gay, but he does have a lesbian sister and has been harassed about that for four years.

    A teacher at the school broke up the assault and took the victim to the school nurse. The attacker will be suspended from school for five days, and his schedule will be altered so it does not overlap with the victim’s.

    This incident comes only a week after a 15-year-old teenager in Chillicothe, Ohio was severely beaten in his high school class room for being gay. That attack occurred at Unioto High School and was caught on camera as fellow class members watched one teen wait for the victim to enter the room, push him to the ground and continually punch him in the face.

    Unlike Chillicothe, the Westerville City School system does have a bullying policy that prohibits bullying and harassment based on sexual orientation or gender identity, among other characteristics. The Westerville incident, however, demonstrates the need for comprehensive, age-appropriate instruction on bullying and harassment. The School Day Security and Anti-Bullying Act (HB 116) would amend sections 3313.666 and 3313.667 of the Revised Code to require age-appropriate instruction on and parental notification of public schools' policies prohibiting harassment, intimidation, or bullying. The bill has passed the Ohio House of Representatives and has been assigned to the Senate Education Committee.

    The student’s mother, Stacey G., explains that her son has been harassed for the last four years with little response from the school system. Stacey says: “Ever since the 5th grade we’ve been dealing with the bullying and harassment. The school is brushing off it’s responsibilities by just suspending the bully.”

    Equality Ohio Executive Director, Ed Mullen, explains that the incident proves that policies and training are needed to help end the bullying epidemic in our public school systems. Mullen says: “All students -- gay or straight -- need to be protected from attacks and harassment in schools. Our elected officials in Ohio need to pass comprehensive anti-bullying reform to ensure that students, teachers, and administrators are trained to identify and end bullying and harassment in our schools.”

    Equality Ohio advocates and educates to achieve fair treatment and equal opportunity for all Ohioans regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity or expression. For more information visit or give us a call at (614) 224-0400 .

    The bully got off with a 5-day suspension, even though he gave another student a concussion and that he needed medical attention.

    Even without considering that it was a blatantly homophobic act, the fact that he gave someone a concussion alone justifies more than a 5-day suspension.

    I'm seriously pissed about this, and I'm glad to say that so are a lot of other people.

    My school claims to have a "no bullying" policy, but there's so much shit that they don't do anything about. All they do is give the people a little tap on the shoulder and tell them to never do it again.

    It doesn't squidding work, and I'm amazed they haven't realized it by now.

  4. So I probably won't be able to take the Fingerspelling class I want to take for ASL next quarter, cuz it needs to be taken alongside ASL 2 :I

    I only have 2.5 credit hours to use, and combining those two would be 7 hours, though fingerspelling is 2 by itself.

    I started looking into other possible options outside of ASL, at the campus near me. There's either Medical Terminology, or Calculations and Dosages. Each are 2 credit hours. What say you, Hnet?

  5. Kay, I think I got it sorted out a bit o:

    Me: this is a really awkward thing for me to ask, but who's the girl in your profile pic? o: I thought you said you were gay

    Him: I am actually. Is my bisexual best friend lol

    Turns out that the pic is two months old, and this is what he said after I told him I was kinda jealous after I saw it:

    "nah, she's just a very good friend.

    she was in love with me though.

    but that's how I told her im gay

    and she said "really? I'm bisexual" and since there we've been really good friends"

    But yeah, he also said

    "everynight we went out we did it, but for fun I guess"

    He's from Argentina, so there's a huge cultural gap between us too. But yeah, situation settled XD thanks for the emotional support guys c:

  6. Maybe it's about Robert Frost and Shakespeare duking it out to the death

    that would be the best



  7. It seems like a sort of old pic, but I have no definite idea. I sent an offline message to him about it, hope it doesn't end up too awkwardly XP

    To myself, I sort of feel justifiably over-reactive about this (if that makes sense).

    But yeah, I used my mouth when I kissed him :P Just to clear up the possible confusion.

    I know I shouldn't feel bad XD it's a dumb thing to feel bad over. It's my first real run-in with jealousy and that sort of thing, though, and I suppose it would have happened sooner or later.

    Inorite, LL, it's like guys can be attracted to girls o: that's just crazy, though. Penises weren't made to fit into coochies, they fit much more comfortably into another of their own.

  8. Last weekend, I kissed this person I met once or twice before. It was (technically) my first kiss, and I kinda felt it meant something to us both.

    We have talked a lot more on Facebook to try and get to know each other.

    They posted a pic on Facebook about 10 mins ago as their profile picture, of them kissing someone else.

    I never really thought of myself as a jealous person, and I figured I was pretty laid back when it came to something like this.

    But it really panged for some reason, and it's really bothering me.

    Rant rant rant blah.

  9. The OoX games are probably supposed to only mean the Oracle duo, but I noticed that Ocarina of Time has the same first initial, so I threw it in that mix. I've only ever beaten the Oracles and Ocarina of Time. XD

  10. I've played a pretty decent amount of them. Nothing ridiculous or over the top though, that'd just be ridiculous and over the top.

    I haven't played Wind Waker, Twilight Princess or Spirit Tracks. And I never have the attention span to beat any of them, except the ones that can be abbreviated OoX.

    (Oh hey lol I was 2 pages behind, late addition to the conversation.)




    Those mothersquidding goddamn squirrels

    I hate them sons o' bitches

    I will use the most contemptuous emoticons I can in response to them










    god there's so much horse hate in the emoticons

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  12. That awkward moment when you were a kid, or even now, while trying to sleep you could hear your parents having sex.

    Just me?

    Oh god, I hate this XP

    Mostly cuz my parents are like 60 or something

  13. Bring knife to a gunfight.

    Kill them while they're laughing.