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  1. Sorry i have not been on in a while, buuuut i just HAD to share my new tattoo with you all because i know how much youll appreciate this profound awesomeness xD


  2. I would probably say...

    Ordon Shield and Mole Mitts.

    both are extremely useless, in fact, i hardly used my shield in the beginning of games. perhaps its because i didnt need them? who knows, its just a waste of money. And the mole mitts just dig....dig dig dig, and turn you into a furry, but still.

    oh and lets not forget about the Tingle Tuner.

  3. well, it HAS been a while since i've been on this thing :)

    i must say, no, i am not 14. and this topic is from march....i think

    I have merely been preparing to finish highschool!

    Tomorrow is my last day xD

    anyways, i guess im back!

  4. *ahem* i am not fourteen, im 18. Aaaaannnnnnddd, i purposefully made it seem that i was referencing hetalia within my statement :)

  5. Sooooo, im going to Italy on Saturday :D

    i am quite excited due to the fact that i have never been there before, let alone outside of the country....

    Has anyone been? where should i gooo xD :squint:

  6. yeah, i was positive SOMEONE was going to say that...

    as someone who has played zelda their entire life, i desire something more abstract. im getting tired of the same old "lets save the princess" idea, though i do admit they changed the plot to make each game unique in itself.

    but youre right, the newbies are the ones they are trying to impress with all their 3D-ness...

    curse them for knowing that zelda fans will buy Oot3DS regardless how many times we have played it...curses i tell you.

  7. I Agree on being indifferent with the realease of Oot3DS alng with YLA.

    Though im quite sure everyting will be similar to the N64 version, i would still recommend trying it out at least,

    Maybe therell be a demo at best buy?? Hah

    To make the game more convincing to buy, they should at least include some sort of master quest along with the original format b/c that version kickd butt. Plus itll be something new AND challenging unlike a repeat of thw same game youve played a million times as a kid

  8. Is anyone else excited about deBlob 2?

    i just love that feeling when you run around painting things with your body....mehe

    The first one was rather entertaining despite its repetitiveness.

    Any thoughts? spoilers? gimme gimme

    (and yes, i know its not a spoiler-type game but still)

    oh, dont get me started on Pikmin 3 xD yeeee

  9. heyloos,

    im new here and its always nice to see returning peoples :)

    i hope we gets to be super bestiess xD

  10. My friends sister and brother were supposed to be on the last plane for the Americans out of Libya...

    and they didnt make it, so now theyre stuck there :( idk whats going to happen to themmmm

  11. well, i heard that Oot3DS wont come out along with the 3DS and that its supposedly to come out LATER, perhaps months after the release of the 3DS

    (and in my opinion, amazon mustnt taunt me with emails on pre-ordering SS when i dont know when its going to come out!)

    Also, SS is supposedly coming out after the release of Oot3DS, not trying to be a debbie downer here buuuuuut...

    Dx its not fair! if its finished, they need to release it. not torment the helpless LOZ fans.

    Im hoping GDC is willing to inform us when EXACTLY this gosh darn game is going to come out, other than "oh, its going to be released this year" no shit. we've heard this.

    anyways, more info on Oot3DS does sound nice, but i already know as much as i want to know about it, and clearly, i can wait for it since ive played the darn game a million times.

  12. im pretty sure he didnt just SIT there.

    isnt the chamber of light like a time-traveling location?

    because im quite positive that if link ACTUALLY had to wait in a chamber for 7 years, he would have figured a way out and not watch as the world disintegrates (metaphorically speaking)

  13. i dont think they should have vaati...nor ganondorf.

    ganon has been used way too many times and its becoming a nuisance,

    yes, we know hes THE ultimate bad guy buuuuuut im getting tired of it.

    if they DID happen to use ganondorf in the game, id hope at least they would make 'minions' or underlings of some sort that ganon chose to take over for him?? that would make things a little less repetitive

  14. im sure there are SOME of you guys that play, per chance >:3

    you must tell me! do you play?

    I wanna know, and if you have a main, share with me pleases?

    lets do some talkie-talkie <3

  15. Dance on ur balls

    cat puppying a handbag

    yours only yours

    a narwal tickled dance band

    it's no lie

    mister and the clown say

    look anyhow

    hah i saw that as well and actually qustioned if it twas the actual translation....blonde moment?

    Buts i came to my senses

  16. Okay, fair enough. Sorry I didn't get that you were being sarcastic. sweat.gif

    Haha yeah, tis all well :) thanks you

    Welcome. I have cake.

    Warning: The cake may be a lie. I don't know I didn't make it. *Shrugs*

    That cake looks absolutely delicious! I would pay so much to have a zelda-related cake :D Yummies