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  1. Oot_times14

    hah HB, its prolly because im at a private school. all the schools around me dont get out until june 3rd! 0_o
  2. Oot_times14 » Jareddude

    jah, but id rather accompany someone else that i know. like a group?
  3. Jareddude » Oot_times14

    Me either, but who cares! Doing it alone could be fun!
  4. Oot_times14 » Jareddude

    Ooo cosplay? Kinkyy lmao, jk. Yeah ive always wanted to do that but i have no one to do it with....
  5. Jareddude » Oot_times14

    Yes, I am fan of Pokemon. But I a starting cosplayer in Zelda ^^
  6. Oot_times14 » Jareddude

    im guessing youre a pokemon fan?