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  1. You think spring break is late for you, when we get back from ours we'll have what? 4 weeks left?

    Anyway, I'm sick and I have the rest of the week off. Who here plays Mabinogi?

  2. This is the biggest conspiracy since the Candlejack disappearances, Jared the subway guy is dead. He died of a heart attack in 2005, subway stole his body and built a cyborg that ironically runs on Blimpie subs.

    This is the biggest conspiracy since Obama.

  3. This is the biggest conspiracy since we found out everything is backwards in Soviet Russia.

  4. In 3E 433, Uriel Septim and his known heirs were assassinated by the secret Daedric Cult. Oblivion gates started opening all over Tamriel, marking the start of the Daedric invasion. Assorted citizens across Tamriel have begun to arm themselves, to stop this cursed invasion.






    Special Notes:


    Name: Nelix

    Race: Argonian ftw.

    Weapons: An Iron Dagger

    Background: Growing up in the black marshes, Nelix was promised a new life in Cyrodil... if he could win three fights in the Imperial Cities arena. His first fight was the easiest. He fought an orc. The orc went into a blind rage and just kept attacking... and missing. Nelix waited until he tired himself out, then he continued to stab the orc until his last breath. His second fight was against a simple Imperial. Or so it seemed, until Nelix found that he was a Conjurer. He summoned minions to fight Nelix. This fight lasted for hours. Nelix kept going on. He fought imps, zombies... Until eventually, he was able to chain down the Imperial. Nelix stabbed him in the heart, ending him immediately. That last fight was the most difficult. Not physically, but emotionally. He was fighting another Argonian given the same deal. They decided they would not fight each other. And so they released a near endless amount of monsters to kill both of them. Eventually, Nelix was the last one standing, and they declared him the winner. Ever since, he has been living as a beggar on the waterfront.

    Special Notes: Nelix is a roguish, clever character. He relies more on his cunning then his strength. Like most Argonians, he is sneaky.

  5. I'm not saying it would be awesome if it were Kinect exclusive, I just think it would be cool to see how it would work with Kinect.

    But this would be the time to do this. Its a big risk though. If Skyrim becomes Kinect compatible, and its successful, Skyrim might just go down as the greatest game of all time. But if it fails, this could be a huge drop for the Elder Scrolls games.

  6. I think Kinect may just be a sort of Beta. The main problem they have is they rushed. They wanted to come out with it before Sony released PlayStation Move. If they didn't try to get it finished so quickly, it probably would be better then it is now.

    I'm sure they could find some way to make it work well with Kinect. Such as using your menus. That could easily be remedied with voice commands. "Inventory. Equip Silver Sword."

    The moving around may be difficult. I suppose you could run in place. Using weapons would definitely be easy. Just move your hands and your character will follow.

  7. Don't make me hate you.

    Only most of it so far. Although I doubt you even know what Kinect is. They're coming out with a Star Wars game for Kinect, and if were lucky, Skyrim.

  8. I currently have no information on whether or not they might do this. But this would be the time to do it. If they did, it would also give more people a reason to go out and buy Kinect.

    I personally think it would be awesome. If they could implement it, it would be a whole new direction for the Elder Scrolls Games. What do you guys think?

    Also, sorry if the name was misleading.

    EDIT: I'm saying it would be awesome if it were Kinect compatible. Not Kinect exclusive.

  9. You're just probably wondering if I could possibly post anything nerdier.

    I can and will.

  10. puppyING SPEECHLESS.

    I know right? The second time was kind of a let down. It wasn't even a zombie. It was just covered by the intestines of small mammals.

  11. The only thing I'm afraid might show up outside of my house is a killer zombie robot from outer space. And so far, that has only happened twice.

  12. I'm still his friend. That was just a weird thing to say.

    Also, your avatar is... strange.

  13. I have to agree. You don't shout out that a girl is growing balls. That's just... wow.

  14. I don't know about you guys, but I think Necrophilia is sick.

  15. I once saw Strong Bad dressed as Skull Kid on one of the Halloween specials. It was awesome.