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  1. Arachne » Green Beret

    I'd love to join the RP, but I've never played Oblivion.
  2. Green Beret

    Anyone want to join my Oblivion RP? I need at least one other person to start. Arachne? Knuckle?
  3. Green Beret » PrimaGaga

    Jesus Christ. You are one sick fuck.
  4. Green Beret » Knuckle

    Thanks, but that Legendary guy is a douche. If he keeps it up, I'll probably just leave.
  5. Green Beret » Cascade

    You're so friendly! Who wouldn't want to add you?
  6. Cascade » Green Beret

    Oh, thanks for the friend add c:
  7. Knuckle » Green Beret

    You're posting at a pretty good rate for a beginner. Keep up the good work!