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  1. I've just read a few pages, but yes, I completely agree with you. Not a whole lot of the forum mods agree though. Don't get me wrong, The forum and chat were kind of grown together when I started. about a year later, it all went to crap. It got to the point of forum vs. chat....You'll usually see me a whole lot more in the chat. Anyway, it kind of feels like a revolution is about to happen... A few of the mods are just a squee bit too abusive of their powers. We're kind of like the 1700s british heirarchy.

  2. Aww Viv, i'm sorry..... I don't completely know what to say, but I do know how you feel. I've kind of sworn off of relationships at the moment.

  3. Let me remind you. You're supposed to be on my side. Also, It was a metal concert, and we refer to all the types of dying at concerts as mosh, and "older and bigger" as you said probably won't happen. I'm 6'5 and 210lbs, and 15, so yeah...But I suppose I won't get much support from you forum folks, especially since I pissed the forum mods of earlier....Which is why I like chat so much better.

  4. I'm not sure if that was a shot at me or youre just saying you want one. I just have good talking skills, and what everyone at my school refers to as "southern-boy charm".

  5. Wow, my week just isn't going well. The girl I was going out with said I "embarrased" her when we got kicked out. So we aren't going out anymore. Also, one of my friends moms is a dentist, so I let her look at it, and she said that my best bet was to let her take it out, then get one of those fake teeth. At the moment, I cannot fully close my mouth without stabbing my tounge.

  6. So, last night, I went to a concert. Well, about halfway thru the concert, we(my girlfriend and I) headed towards the mosh pit. When we got there, this guy, unprovoked by me or her, turns around, and punches me in the mouth, then kicks me. Then, when I tried to fight him, security "escorts" my girlfriend and I out, and they let him stay. Now, one of my teeth are bent babkwards, and I cant pull it out. I now look like this: \=0

  7. See, this is why I only wash MY dishes, and MY clothes etc.... That, and my grandfather doesn't clean dishes well. I work as a hotcook(cook everything besides steak, fish, chicken..)/dishwasher/busboy, and my boss says that even the tiniest bit of bleach can induce vomiting and can cause the esophogus to basically burn...

  8. Well, there's been no agreement. CG proposed to do the colour test thing, but they obviously didn't like THAT idea. I still say that highlighting the text would be the easiest thing to do.....

  9. To the orangey looking lycan: the seeing things from another PoV is something you should work on as well. And like dust said "who are the mods?" we need to all be equal. And, i'm not trying to make friends, if

    it means giving up these people's rights.

    To Dust: Thanks man. You explained gracefully what I was trying to explain. A billion thanks.

    Cat Girl: Wonderful idea, but I think its up to dust

  10. Well, on my psp, i loads, it just takes a long time to load everything. This may be because I have to use someone elses internet.

  11. I feel like one of the working class in Russia in the WWII era. "Oh sure, you work, and we would like you to give us money, but you get to do this because we let you. It is a privalege to get to do the things we let you do." says the government. Anyway, a working class hero is something to be. What was the vote count of this, or can you tell us that?

  12. Okay, let me say 1 thing. I am on no ones side, though I am a bit biased. What I am trying to explain, is that it would be so much easier if the colors were brought back, because half the sites members won't be pissed at you if you do. The colors is not what angered me, as you can see in the first post, it was that the idea was completely shot down as soon as it was brought up. Ahh. Ruebens or Lennon would handle this so much better than me.

  13. Well, I could swallow my pride, and agree with you, but I won't. It's not that I hate DO hate authority, but thats not what this is about. This is about what is good for the members of this site, and whats good is the colours, because if not, you basically take away the members FULL freedom of expression.It's really not that hard to go "click, highlight", that is, if you can't read it. And if we don't, then it just shows how communistic and oppresing this is. Know who else was oppresing? The Nazis.

  14. Well, Zuzu, not everyone agrees with you, and in my experience, majority DOES usually win. Now, EXACTLY how is this the "golden age", because as far as i`m concerned, the city known as hyrule.net is burning. Also, in my experience, MOST of the chat mods are ALOT better than forum mods, unless you get on their bad side. I'm not trying to come off as a prick or anything, but the site has went to from free, to communist.

  15. Okay, so I was reading a few of the threads, and one of them struck me kinda hard. The main 1 being the "bring back the colors". Now, I'm all for bringing back the colors, but not comparing it to MLK. On the other hand, I don't think that Mods should abuse powers by changing folks sigs. I remember a while back when this was a small, yet happy community. Now we fight over sigs. I understand it was hard work, and that it's hard to read sometimes. Fallen now is babylon the great.

  16. So yesterday, I asked to stay the night at my Gf's house. My dad got pissed off and said I could if I got a haircut today. I decided not to, since I can see her next week in spring break. Then, this morning, my dad wakes me up and to make me get a haircut anyway!(BTW, my avatar or prof. pic was from long ago). I got one, and when I got back home, my dad says I got it cut wrong! So now he shaves all my hair off, and he never told me what the right way to cut it was.

  17. Okay, so as it is at the moment, my Psp is my only way to have internet. Now, those of you that have psps know that its kinda hard to get on certain sites(facebook...basically things like that.) Well, facebook has a mobile version. My problem is, on here, we don't have mobile version. I would just like to know if there is a hyrule.net mobile being planned.

  18. isn't that lady maddona?

    If yoiu have time...

    song:beatles(don't care what)

    theme: the soverign of mana(AKA ME!)!

    Nope that was elenor rigby. Also, im sorry. I had told my friend to origiannly put when im 64, but i guess he was being a jerk & didn't. Also, lots of beatles requests

  19. It's OK, you can yell at me if you need to. Basically, it's a stereotype. I completely understand how you feel, as i've had the same thing happen to me before.

  20. I'm sure he didn't mean anything by it. A stupid comment isn't worth losing your friendship over. Besides, it's just a stereotype...Everyone from a different country thinks that Americans are crazy. We aren't, but our leader is.