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  1. Joshawott » Dante_Decem

    Happy birthday!
    You used to be a Robert? ;D
  2. Fortissimo » Dante_Decem

    Nuu. Not beautiful. D: Stop saying that, unnn.
  3. Dante_Decem » Fortissimo

    hello beautiful
  4. True Gamer » Dante_Decem

    You been gone forever...lol =p
  5. Dante_Decem » Vivica Todd

    Hi vivi :) thankfully I fixed my comp. now I can get back on here!
  6. Dante_Decem » Vivica Todd

    what I meant was it didnt make since when this all happened.
  7. Dante_Decem » Vivica Todd

    yeah it does Viv....Not at all when this all happened.....
  8. Jikklop Byrne » Dante_Decem

    "Sun King"! "Gnik Nus" is "Sun King" played backwards. Both of these songs are "Beatles" songs.
  9. Vivica Todd » Dante_Decem

    You've been gone for what,11 days?..
    You ok?
  10. Vivica Todd » Dante_Decem

    Yay,yay,first comment!! *waves* HI ROBERT!