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  1. Necropolis

    @TheSpoonyOne I think he's in Barfly. Then you could have rourketober
  2. Necropolis

    Belleville bros, The shakespeare festival this year is doing Henry IV and V. If you're not familiar with them, they're really cool. If you've only read or watched Hamlet or Romeo and Juliet you gotta check this out.
    1. Necropolis

      Also its free

      All events in forest park are, apparently

    2. Agent Zako

      Me and Necro are prolly going to check it out together. If anyone else in the area's interested it can be a party :3

    1. Necropolis


    2. PrimaGaga




  3. Necropolis

    In the realm of Westeros, I am unspoilable
    1. PrimaGaga


  4. Necropolis

    Have you noticed some of the more unorthodox Mario titles of the last 10 years are getting another look lately? Like, for example, sunshine and Luigi's mansion. Now, I don't kknow about you guys, but when I was a kid, everyone I knew loathed luigi's mansion, and everyone thought sunshine was a step in the wrong direction. Seems today, like everyone is expressing fond memories of them now. What do you guys think?
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    2. Teto

      Mario Sunshine puppying rules and I think they should have just changed the Mario franchise to the Mario Sunshine franchise, and even made his canonical full name "Mario Sunshine".

    3. pheonix561

      To this day I'm still shocked that there are people who ever first picked up super mario sunshine and thought it was a bad game.

    4. なべ

      The real trick: no one thought that at all. It moved lots of units and was critically acclaimed more or less across the board. But there will always be new people discovering old games, and after ten years you're simply noticing the accumulation of population.

  5. Necropolis » Agent Zako

    Lol... come to join in on all this forum action?
    1. Agent Zako

      yes... and to conquer this virtual land as my own! Ahahaha!

  6. Necropolis Its amazing how well this show has aged. I guess its on the count of how they're all robots
  7. Necropolis Holy shit this is fantastic. Like, if this had been how superman was rebooted in the New 52, maybe it wouldn't be so shit. This is compelling as puppy
    1. PrimaGaga

      that was cool

    2. pheonix561

      I'm watching this because it's the same guy I think that did the video about how superman killed death in comics and all that that basically summed up the main problem I have with heavily serialized comics in general (Marvel and DC I'm referring to). I'm at 4:40 and I'm already glued to my seat.

    3. pheonix561

      It was a really good idea. I like this guy.

  8. Necropolis

    Pacific Rim behind Despicable me 2 and Grown ups 2. FML
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    2. pheonix561

      Also, I saw an artbook was released and advertised for the film, and since its such a rare thing for a good, real artbook to be released for something and since this is such a heavily designed movie as anyone can tell just by looking at a trailer, I might get it.

    3. pheonix561

      Like actually buy it not download it

    4. Necropolis

      Do it

  9. Necropolis

    Its very difficult to explain lightly to a drunk person that their idea for a book is bad. Drunk ideas sound much better then they are.
    1. pheonix561

      I know man I know

  10. Necropolis

    Does anyone on this site do Cosplay stuff? Like makking costumes and stuff?
  11. Necropolis

  12. Necropolis

    Venture brothers continues to be one of the best written, and compelling shows on Television. If it keeps being this good, I'll forgiive the huge hiatus
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    2. PrimaGaga

      Super Mario Bros was better

    3. Sahaqiel

      Space Bros is the best

    4. Necropolis

      And it was then that the war of 3 bros swept across hnet.

  13. Necropolis

    In hindsight the mephiles boss in sonic 06's campaign is cool conceptually, if not gameplay wise. Him on the ground as your physical shadow is actually kinda cool. Shame the rest of the game is nigh unplayable
    1. Sahaqiel

      Well, the shadow-character has definitely been done before, but Mephiles was by far one of the weakest. Shadow's shadow, really? And he was just a weird recolor of him with a cliché villain personality. idk

    2. Necropolis

      I don't mean his character, I just mean that one bossfight

  14. Necropolis

    And now the rains, weep o'er his hall, and not a soul to hear....
    1. emsomniac

      offering free hugs and kittens to anyone who just watched game of thrones

    2. Knuckle

      aw man I hope they didn't kill my bro Jaime :(

  15. Necropolis

    I feel like, with a greater command of the Japanese language, I could come up with a pun revolving around the engrish pronunciation of purple
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    2. Necropolis

      It does sound like an onomatopoeia. But once more, I can think of nothing, save for a rather obscure gundam reference. But I feel there is potential there.

    3. Sayubie

      Hm... I was going with paaparu

    4. Sahaqiel

      o that works

    1. Otis McNutt

      Did they really splice together a ten hour loop of Summertime lovin?

    2. Necropolis

      Are you really surprised

  16. Necropolis

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    2. LLmao ?✊?


    3. LLmao ?✊?

      Oh wait is that the joke? :( sorry

    4. Necropolis

      Lol. I made this the other day, cause I was on 4chan. Arguing pointlessly. Just thought it was funny so I made this status. Nothing to do with Hnet really.

  17. Necropolis

    Having a dog means one day, you will cry
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    2. pheonix561

      (he wasn't really serious)

    3. PrimaGaga


    4. Necropolis

      Jeez, learn how to take a joke, about people taking jokes, phanta

  18. Necropolis

    Hey guys, its free comic book day. So head out to you lcs, and get some free comic books. To the burgeoning belleville population, Fantasy Books and games, in fairview is also doing snack and refreshments and such
    1. pheonix561

      definitely went around to the two comic book stores within walking book distance of my dorm and picked up eight new things. One is an issue of planet hulk, the other seven are things most people I guess haven't heard of.

    2. PrimaGaga

      Planet Hulk is pretty rad. Hope you enjoy it.

  19. Necropolis

    updated my journal
  20. Necropolis

    Waaaaaaaalk in the raaaaiiin, in the raaaaaiiin, in the raaaaaaiiin
    1. Fierce Muffin

      Why do IIII feel so alone? For some reason... I think of home...

  21. Necropolis

    That feel when my grandmother dried my 100% cotton Sinestro Corps shirt. Uuuuuufffgggghhgfhgh
  22. Necropolis

    The spoilers and douchebagery of certain people on a particular imageboard website have made me a desperate man. In the next 4 months I pledge I will reqd the entire song of ice and fire book series. NO MORE SPOILERS!
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    2. Chimetals

      and you wonder why we want to meet you, silver.

    3. SilverAlchemic


    4. SilverAlchemic

      But anyway I dunno I thought too much was correct with that statement