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  1. emsomniac

    Everything is new and wrong. I just wanted to go to the wild west.
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    2. Sahaqiel

      talk about it in feedback if you have any legitimate complaints

    3. Michael

      Kinda too late to give feedback on something that was already done. Only thing than can be fixed now is the name of Wild West.

    4. PrimaGaga


  2. emsomniac

    Happy 4/20 everyone. Oh, Happy Easter too I guess.
    1. PrimaGaga

      Praise it after you blaze it!

  3. emsomniac

    Happy double birthday Chimetals :3
  4. emsomniac

    My secondary monitor is dead QQ
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    2. Sayubie

      She's dead too.

    3. Teto

      I read mother too

    4. Knuckle

      oh dear :(

  5. emsomniac

    Please... cant stop laughing... cant breathe http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZ_bhwCgtXg
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    2. T1g


      Recieve Drug!


      Bag F uck

    3. PrimaGaga

      oh yeah ive played this game with my friends before


      volcano bakemeat

  6. emsomniac

    I have been listening to the soundtrack to Frozen for like 2 days straight now. i cant stop
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    3. emsomniac


    4. Fierce Muffin

      I love a bunch of the tracks that didn't make it into the movie and wish they did. More Than Just the Spare and Life's Too Short are so good.

    1. Sahaqiel

      sounds delicious dawg

  7. emsomniac

    If anyone doesn't have it, Left 4 Dead 2 is free today on Steam! http://store.steampowered.com/app/550/?snr=1_7_15__13
    1. Fierce Muffin

      Literally took at least 2 or 3 hours to get this. Steam was down forever.

    2. T1g

      cool cool

  8. emsomniac

    apparently all you have to do to get me to post is make a werewolf game. hm.
    1. Sayubie

      I mostly come back for werewolf games.

    2. Sayubie

      I joined for a werewolf game

    3. Knuckle

      My Werewolf brings all the girls to the yard.

  9. emsomniac

    h-happy halloween, b-baka >.>
    1. Sahaqiel

      /me rubs emso's head

      "b-baka... this doesn't make me happy or anything!!"

  10. emsomniac

    So Gravity was really really good. Not 100% perfect, but probably the best portrayal of physics in space ever put on a movie screen.
    1. LLmao ?✊?

      A simulation of what it would be like if George Clooney was in space

    2. Cirt

      I saw it last friday. it was fantastic, though a little cliché at times. also astronaut's worst nightmare lol

    3. Otis McNutt

      The movie is totally inaccurate....George Clooney would never talk to a woman his own age for that long.

  11. emsomniac

    So what are the odds that one of you guys plays Magic: The Gathering and would be willing to nerd out with me all the time as I get started?
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    2. emsomniac

      I've just been playing MTGO in lieu of actually going out and embarrassing myself with this deck I have.

    3. Fierce Muffin

      Ewww, spending money on that. If I had money, I'd do the same, but still...

    4. emsomniac

      Well I haven't spent much, just the $10 for the game itself. Comes with a bunch of commons and uncommons. I dont really have the luxury of knowing a lot of people around here to play it with, other than FNM and stuff at card shops.

  12. emsomniac

    Kerbal space program is 40% off for the next 2 days. Its one of my favorite games of all time - if you're an engineering type you'll love it, and if not, well there are lots of explosions so youll probably still love it. http://store.steampowered.com/app/220200/?/sale
    1. Sayubie

      You monster.

    2. emsomniac


  13. emsomniac

    Elysium was cool I guess - a bit too action-y for me. District 9 was much better.
  14. emsomniac

    After finishing a 32 hour binge on KOTOR II, I have begun my next venture into watching every episode of Community. Maybe sometime in the next 3 years I will have time to start reading manga and watching anime again - I kinda forgot about it.
    1. PrimaGaga

      Community is fantastic

    2. T1g

      fantastically shit compared to all the anime you aren't watching

    3. Cascade

      no it's a p. fantastic show why do you hate on everything non-anime so hard

  15. emsomniac

    Hey, you guys like rockets right? Go get/buy Kerbal Space Program. Seriously.
    1. Gilded Grace

      I'd recommend FTL as well. Very good space strategy-type game.

  16. emsomniac

    i'm sure sleeping would be really nice but after about 5 hours of lying in bed i'm just not feeling it anymore
  17. emsomniac

    I want to get excited about the steam summer sale but I own everything already 3:

      I want to get excited but I have no money.

  18. emsomniac

    Sorry that I haven't been posting much recently, been really busy with this impending move, name change stuff, and the festival I just went to.
    1. pheonix561


  19. emsomniac

    I wanna find a group of anti-gay protestors and just stand in front of them with a sign that says "God hates baguettes"
    1. Knuckle

      baguette hater :(

    2. Chimetals

      "god hates figs"

  20. emsomniac

    So uh, how about that DOMA ruling?
    1. Sahaqiel

      her reaction is just like kaffles' when I had to show her...

  21. emsomniac

    beep boop drwoning my problemss
    1. pheonix561

      not a good idea

  22. emsomniac

    I cant ger rid of these puppykiton hiccups why didd drkni so much
    1. Sayubie


    2. emsomniac


  23. emsomniac

    AT WW is finished! Sorry for the wait everyone. I'll add some extra posts with everyone's power and the log of all night actions over the next few days.