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Hi ya!
So I'm Emzy! yeah. bit of a tomboy and stuff.

I LOVE the legend of Zelda (Or why would I be here?)

I also really like Naruto, Pokemon, Doctor Who, Adventure Time, Death Note, Black Butler, YuGiOh GX and Kingdom Hearts.

I've done a few cosplays some of which failed. I've been Link, Sasuke, Jaden/Judai Yuki, and L. I really want my next cosplay to be Alois Trancy or Johan Anderson. Everyone tells me I look like Xion from Kingdom Hearts but I can't afford a leather coat like that. I also look kinda like Haruhi from OHSHC but I'm not really into that anime.

oh and I also love music! Japanese music is my fave because it's really catchy! I also love rock and punk rock but I don't like Rock'n'Roll much.

I also love to talk to all of you people on here and I'm happy to chat about any of the fandoms I just listed. lol.

see you around- Emzy xxx