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  1. "Isn't there another way?" Maia asked Endel, trying to only let him hear what she was saying. She didn't want Rueben to comment that she was whining. She just wasn't fit for these kind of things.

    "I'm afraid not... Rueben would have said so if there was. But I'll help you", Endel smiled, giving her shoulder a reassuring squeeze. 

    Maia sighed. "Thanks." 

    They watched as Rueben went first and Torianna following short after. 

    Maia still felt bad about this whole 'quest'. The talk with Endel had made her feel better, but she doubted that the bad feeling would go away soon. But she was glad she still got Endel, and that he felt bad about it too. Not that she hadn't expected anything else...

    Lorcan went down next and Maia felt more and more anxious to know that she would be going down soon. 

    "Maybe it's best if you go now?" Endel proposed. "That way you aren't the last one to go and you have two people to help."

    "Guess I'll have to..." Maia sighed and readied herself. 

  2. All that Maia could worry about was that poor Goron that they would steal the hammer from. The other Gorons would surely give him a hard time when they would find the note. Who knew what they were going to do to punish him...

    "Done!" Torianna exclaimed, holding up a piece of paper. The forgery. 

    Maia moved over to Endel while Torianna showed Rueben the note. "Do you honestly agree with this plan?" she asked.

    Endel looked at her and sighed. "Not really, but we don't have much of a choice do we..." 

    "We always have a choice," she replied quietly so only Endel could hear her. 

    He looked down and closed his eyes. "We don't have the time. We have to do this." He looked at her. 

    She stared at him and nodded. "Okay," she said bluntly. 

    Endel walked over to the rest and Maia looked around until she noticed moving.

    "The guards are back!" she hissed and everyone got up to hide.

  3. (( Guys, I'm so sorry for being absent. I haven't got any free time lately, but I try to reply as much as I can. Sorry..))


    When the group was making plans, Maia watched Rueben closely. She didn't trust him at all, and it looked like she wasn't the only one who thought that way. But, Endel hired him, so he must have trusted the guide. Or he figured that he wouldn't be able to get away anyway if he'd turn out to be a liar.

    "The gorons are dangerous, I don't know what to do if they catch one of us.." Endel thought aloud. 

    "Nothing like I said before. They'll throw us away like annoying insects." Rueben replied.

    He certainly wasn't very nice... 

    "You said that a Goron had already defeated Volvagia? Or at least tried to?" Maia asked. 

    Rueben nodded. "Yup."

    "Well if they know how to battle him, why can't we ask them why they didn't succeeded? Maybe they'd like to help us out? There must be a reason why they wanted him gone.." Maia answered, looking at Endel to see if he agreed. 

    "You're really so naive to think that Goron's will help us? They won't," Rueben told her. 

  4. Maia walked in a steady pace. It was very dark, and she had a hard time seeing where she was headed. Just when she wasn't sure where Endel had run of to anymore, a loud noise erupted. 

    "Endel?" Maia called out nervously. She ran until she reached a stone barricade blocking the entrance. She pushed it with all her strength, but it wouldn't budge. "Endel!" she yelled. The door blocked any sound coming through, so she had no idea what was going on. Her heart was beating fast. Should she get the others? Right when she wanted to make a run to get the rest, the gate slid open again. 

    Endel stood in the room, shaking and looking like he had just seen a ghost. Then suddenly, he collapsed and fell on the floor.

    "Endel!" Maia rushed towards him. "Oh Goddesses, Endel!" she shook him lightly, but he didn't wake up. "Please, open your eyes! Endel!" 

    She was torn between two choices: stay with Endel or get the rest, but that would mean that she would have to leave Endel alone, and who knows where the thing that shocked him so much was. What did it do to him? If it attacked him, it sure didn't leave any physical wounds. 

    She inhaled deeply. She couldn't leave Endel. Besides, she probably wouldn't even be able to find the others. She sighed, and held Endel's hand, squeezing it softly and telling him that he would be okay. 

  5. Cheval looked so different since they had last seen him. Maia had never really talked much to him before and had barely seen him during their trip. As a result, she didn't know him very well, though it was clear that something had happened to him that made him act this way. He had missed a lot, but to react to Torianna like that... 

    It was quiet for a few seconds.

    No one seemed to want to answer Cheval's question. Maia glanced at Endel. It was such a difficult question to respond to... So much had happened, she didn't even know where to begin...

    Not that she would answer, no. Cheval didn't know her, and she thought that it would be best for Endel or Lorcan to reply, and because Lorcan wasn't an option, well...
    It seemed like everyone thought kind of the same way. She saw both Lorcan and Torianna looking at Endel, and Cheval noticed it too.

    "Well? Endel?" 

  6. Rustle and whispering woke Maia up from her uneasy sleep. She hadn't been fast asleep because of the cold, but it had been better then nothing. She turned around to reach for Endel but she found him to be no longer there. Suddenly Torianna poked her head through the tent entrance. She looked tired.

    "Where's Endel?" Maia asked confused while she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. 

    "He can't sleep, says he's taking over our watch," Torianna answered while crawling in the tent. 

    "Oh... I'll go too."

    "You don't have to, you can sleep if you need to," Torianna replied. 

    Maia shook her head. "No it's fine." Torianna made place so Maia could go out. "Sleep tight." 

    Endel was sitting at the fire, covered with a blanket. Maia looked at him for a few seconds from a distance, before walking over to him. He didn't even notice her as she sat down beside him, until she took half of the blanket and put her head on his shoulder. "Can't sleep?"

    "You should go back and rest..." Endel replied. 

    "No, I don't want you to be alone out here. Besides, I can still sleep here if I want to." 

    A moment of silence fell between them until Maia decided to break it. "You weren't the only one that couldn't sleep well... I was so cold... Still am actually..."

    "You could have come and lay with me, I could have kept you warm.." Endel replied. His voice still sounded a bit distant. 

    "Do you want to talk about it?" Maia asked. "Was it a bad dream?" 

    Endel nodded slowly. 

    "If you want to talk about it... Know that you can okay?" 

  7. "Hopefully," Maia answered with a smile.

    "What about you?" Endel asked. Maia looked at him with a questioning look. "What about your parents?"

    "Oh," Maia said. "Well ehm, we were very poor... They fed me and gave me a place to sleep, but that was about it... Dad was never at home, and mom was always to busy with work, trying to get enough money to feed us. I never really knew them well I guess..."

    Endel gave her a pitying look. "That's horrible..."

    Maia looked at her shoes. "But that's also how I got to meet the Princess. See, mom worked for the castle, she was a cleaning lady there. Because dad was never home, she couldn't leave me by myself since we didn't have money to put me into school. So she took me to her work and I was allowed to play in the garden. One day, the Princess saw me and I guess that she needed a friend to play because she didn't have any. I was always taught to have the greatest respect for her, and I've never called her by her first name because of that. Not even when we were kids. But since we both wanted to play, we did. When her guardian found out she was pretty mad, but she too saw that the young Princess was lonely. So we were allowed to play, though we were supervised by her. I never minded that though. When we got about 12, I saw the Princess less and less because she was being taught how to be a good princess and queen eventually. The moments I did see her she taught me how to write my name and simple stuff like that. When I turned 16 and I was old enough to work, my mom got me a job as a maid. I didn't have much of a choice really..." 

    Endel tried to catch her eyes but she did her best to avoid them. 

    "Anyways, I quickly got promoted to Zelda's personal maid so I guess I did the job pretty good, though I suspected that the Princess had something to do with that. In her spare time she taught me how to write and eventually how to read. When the Twilight crisis happened however, my dad was called to fight with the guards, and mom got the news quickly that he had died. She didn't seem to devastated by it however. One day, I was cleaning Zelda's room from all the dust since she had been quite absent, when I got the news that mom had died too. Cause wasn't really clear."


    She finally looked into his eyes. "I"m fine."

    Endel embraced her and hugged her tightly.

    "What a family history we both have huh," was the only thing that Maia could say.  

  8. "I think that I can conclude that I really don't like the desert...." Maia sighed, trying to warm her hands. "No wonder no one lives here..."

    "It's weather conditions aren't exactly great..." Endel agreed. 

    Maia watched Torianna and Lorcan, who were sitting a little further. Torianna said something occasionally, and Lorcan wrote his response in the sand. "Will they ever admit it?" she asked.

    Watching them too, Endel smiled. "Who knows."

    Maia couldn't hold back a shiver. "I'm really not used to cold."

    He moved closer towards her so that they were leaning against each other and put his hand around her shoulders. "Better?" 

    She nodded in response and lay her head against his shoulder. They stayed quiet for a while until Maia broke the silence. "Endel?"


    "I've been thinking... And well... I've come to the conclusion that actually, I don't know you as well as I'd like too..." 

    Endel moved away from her so he could see her. "I understand what you mean... But when this is over, we'll have plenty of time to get to know each other even better."

    "I know."

    "Well, since we still got some time, what do you want to know? You can ask me anything," he smiled and gave her an encouraging nod.

    She smiled back. "Thanks, and you can ask me anything too. But ehm.... What about your parents? I mean, you don't have to tell me anything. If you don't want to say it that's okay, I understand..."

  9. While Maia was walking through the castle, she noticed that she got some odd looks from the other people that were walking around there. Other maids, guards, cooks.... When she got into a corridor, she stopped for a while. Was she filthy or something like that? Did she smell? She glanced down. Her clothes weren't as clean as they used to be but they were okay... What about her face? A few feet further there was a mirror hanging against the wall with a drawer beneath it. She walked over and glanced in the mirror.

    Something was different about her, though she couldn't lay her finger on it. Her face wasn't dirty either, and her light blond hair was still in a top knot, except for one strand of hair that she had put behind her ear. Her grey eyes looked somewhat tired, but not too much. She frowned and stepped forward. It was only now that she saw what had changed. 

    She looked older. 

    She had always been told that she looked way younger then she was supposed to be, and she had always agreed. Her overall appearance made her look like she was 16, and not 18.,

    But now, something had changed. 

    The adventure had changed her in many ways. She was definitely more assertive now, she dared to speak up instead of staying quiet and not sharing her thoughts. She had became more brave for sure, seeing how she was like a scared rabbit before. There were just so many people that she had met, and especially her friends had made her a better person. The biggest change however, had been Endel. Maia had never had feelings for someone like that, and she had also never dared to think that she would be the one to fall in love. 

    Sure, she loved reading love stories and had always hoped of that to happen to her, but she had never thought that that would actually be the case. Her place was in the castle, and inside there wasn't really much choice. 

    But was her place really still in the castle? What was she going to do when their adventure came to an end? What about Endel? 

    Maia made a mental note to ask him to talk about that. She herself needed some more time to think about that too.

    She sighed, and began to walk again. 

    After some time, she had found someone and had asked if they could stay. They weren't thrilled about it, but seeing as Maia was the Princess's first maid, they couldn't really refuse it. Maia thanked them and went outside to look for their friends to tell the good news. 

  10. ((Hey guys, I'm sorry for my lack of replying... I do feel pretty bad about it... School has been too much, and well, that kinda goes first... Sorry, I'll reply more often again))


    Maia certainly didn't dare to talk. Not that the man was scary, meeting him was just very... impressive...

    She wondered who the man was. Did he used to work for the Royal family? How did he get here? How long has he been down here? Does anyone from the castle know of his existence? Does the Princess know? She obviously had a lot of questions, and the man already had made clear that he would not answer them. Not the ones she was wondering anyway.

    Endel was the first to speak. "There has been a significantly decreased number of monsters on the fields. They have never migrated, nor have they ever formed a conspiracy."

    The old man nodded slowly, taking in the information. 

    "We were just wondering if you could help us..." Torianna said. 

    The old man stayed silent for a while. 

    Maia glanced at Endel, who hadn't removed his eyes from the man. All of his hope was put on this man. Well actually, all of their hope. 

  11. ((I am so sorry I haven't replied for so long! I just really don't have the time, normally it'll be better this week but I'm so so so sorry for not replying :( schoolwork really sucks and I had a lot of it... Sorry guys, I'll promise I'll reply this week!))

  12. "And how do you suppose we find him?" Maia asked Endel.

    "She's right, I mean, it's great that he saved you but he lives beneath the castle..." Torianna said.

    "We'll see about that when we get there", Endel said. 

    Maia gave him a tiny smile. He seemed so eager about this. "I'd like to meet the man that saved your life, Endel."

    "Thank you", Endel said and he gave her a kiss on her forehead. 

    Torianna didn't say anything about this, but Maia saw that she was talking to Lorcan softly.

    "We should get ready", Maia said.

    Endel nodded, watching the two as well. "Yeah."

    "We'll be there soon", Torianna replied.

    "Okay", Maia replied and she and Endel went to get their stuff.

    "Do you think Lorcan will be alright?" he asked her. 

    "I don't know.. I guess that only time will tell..."

  13. "Oh goddess, that was intense!" Maia exclaimed. Catching her breath she put her hands on her hips and looked at the others.

    Endel was talking to Lorcan while Torianna tried to look at his wounds to see if she could do some first aid. Lorcan needed it. 

    "Can I help?" Maia asked. 

    "I don't know", Torianna said. "I don't know what I can do..." 

    "Well let's see..." Maia whispered. She knelt down next to Lorcan. He had deep cuts all over his body, but mainly on his arms. With all the dried blood, it was hard to see which wound was more urgent then the other. "Let's clean the wounds first."

    Maia got her flask with water and put it on a piece of fabric. Torianna wanted to grab another piece of fabric to help Maia, but she stopped her. "I think he needs you more to reassure him then to take care of his wounds." 

    Torianna nodded, and switched places with Endel. 

    Maia dabbed the cloth on Lorcan's arm as softly as she could, but he still shivered under the slightest touch. 

    "Sorry", Maia whispered to him. She couldn't imagine what he went through.... 

    When his arm was kinda clean, the large cuts were revealed a bit better. Maia bit her lip. They didn't have any medical stuff with them...

    "Can you do something?" Endel asked. "It might be better to leave this place quickly..." 

  14. Torianna and Maia were walking down the pathway. "I hope this will work..." Maia whispered.

    "It has to..." Torianna replied. 

    "I want to apologize ahead for the fact that if we need to fight, I will be useless", Maia sighed. "I'm sorry."

    Torianna didn't reply at first, but after a few moments she said, "I'll give you a few more lessons, if you'd like.. Or Endel can give you those, you can choose."

    Maia smiled. "Thank you." 

    The following part of their walk was done silent. They weren't sure where and if the pathway was guarded. 

    Maia's thoughts only went to Endel. She hoped that they all would be okay, and that everything would go as planned. Last night, she had eavesdropped on Endel and Torianna's conversation. She didn't mean to, she was just worried were Torianna was. While listening, she had realised that she and Endel didn't know as much about each other as she'd like, but when the conversation had been over, it was too late to talk to Endel about it. Now, she almost cursed herself for not saying it then. Maybe it was too late now... 

    "Okay, let's start planting some explosives..." Torianna said, interrupting Maia's thoughts. 

  15. ((I really like it!))


    Without saying anything else, Darius turned around, gestured to his guards to follow him and got into the carriage. The group watched Lorcan trying to slow his departure down, but the guard that held the rope around his waist pulled it hard and forced Lorcan to follow. One last time he looked at us, his eyes tired and sad, and his eyes lastly landed on Torianna. The guard pulled the rope again, and Lorcan turned around and got into the other carriage. Helpless, they watched as the carriage disappeared.

    Next to Maia, Endel fell down to his knees. Maia knelt down too and hugged him. They didn't say anything, and when Endel started to sob quietly Maia just held him.

    After a few seconds, Torianna started to yell curses and swearwords Maia never heard before. She too fell down to her knees and started to punch the ground, never stopping to yell. 

    Maia watched her, biting her lower lip. Princess Zelda was still at the same place as before, and the only movement that she made was rubbing her wrists. Maia's instinct told her to go to the Princess, but she knew that the Princess wouldn't mind if she stayed with Endel while he needed her. 

    After a few minutes, Torianna had become silent. Maia moved so that she sat in front of Endel. She took his face in her hands, and used her finger to wipe away his tears. He looked up and into her eyes. "Are you okay?" Maia whispered. 

  16. They went with the carriage, and Endel said that he would drive. Maia asked if Torianna wanted to sit with her, but she told Maia that she preferred to sit alone. Maia then took place next to Endel, and they started to travel to the Zoras. 

    "Poor Torianna...." Maia sighed. 

    "I know... I can't imagine what it would be like if they took you..." Endel answered. 

    Maia put her hand on his. "We'll save him.. right?"

    Endel sighed. "To be true? I'm not sure... You know what I don't get? Why did they take Lorcan?"

    "I don't know", Maia replied. 

    "I mean, why did they take Lorcan? Why him? Why not you? Or Torianna? Why specifically Lorcan? I'm really wondering what's so special about him."

    Maia looked at him. "Maybe it wasn't about Lorcan? Maybe they just wanted one of us and Lorcan was the unlucky one to first come across to them?" 


    "You want to know what I don't get? Why will they suddenly return the Princess to us? I mean, I'm happy they do, but why give her back? Isn't she of great value?"

    "I have no idea Maia... I'm just as confused as you..." 

    They didn't talk much after that. Instead, Maia was watching around her. There wasn't much to see, really. And when they reached the passage under the mountain, there was even less to see. There were some torches here and there, but it was still quite dark. Maia never liked the dark, but she was glad that she was there with Endel. 

    "Is it far from here?" she asked.

    Endel shook his head. "No, we're almost there." 

  17. Endel backed away slowly and gently caressed her cheek. Maia felt that she was blushing, but Endel was blushing too.

    She had never been kissed before, but she had never felt more happy in her life. She felt so happy that she just wanted to squeal and jump around and dance, but she kept calm. She smiled at Endel, and he smiled back. Endel leaned in for another kiss, but right before their lips were about to touch again, the door opened and Torianna stood there, leaning against the door opening. 

    "So are you guys going to cut it out or do I need to get another room for tonight?"

    Endel let go of Maia, who was all flustered and blushing. 

    Endel's face was as red as a tomato, and he looked at Torianna with a look of utter annoyance, and a bit of anger. He stood up and kissed Maia on her forehead. "Goodnight... I'll see you tomorrow", he whispered. 

    "Goodnight", Maia replied softly. 

    Endel smiled at her and walked out of the room, before giving Torianna one last look of annoyance. 

    Torianna laughed and closed the door behind her.

    "Did you really need to do that?" Maia asked, annoyed as well. 

    "So, how is he?" Torianna asked, ignoring Maia's question.

    "What?" Maia replied, confused and still annoyed.

    "Is he a good kisser?"

    "What? Torianna, you can't ask that!" Maia said, blushing even more. 

    Torianna laughed again. "You're so innocent, Maia. Was that your first kiss?"

    Maia nodded. "It was."

    "That's so cute!" 

    "Torianna please, shut up about it!" 

    "Okay okay! Goddesses I was just curious. Anyway lovebird, time for bed, sleep tight, and don't drool when you dream about Endel!"

    Maia replied with a sigh, which she tried to make sound annoyed. She blew out the candles, and went to bed. She just hoped that she would be able to sleep, because her tummy was still full of butterflies, while her forehead and lips still tingled where Endel had kissed her...

  18. While in the carriage, Maia had asked Torianna if something had happened between Lorcan and her. She had given her a vague reply where Maia couldn't deduce anything from. She had sighed quietly but she felt that something had happened. She didn't know what exactly yet, but she hoped that Torianna would tell her herself. She knew Torianna wasn't the person to be all girly with, but except for Zelda, she was the only real girl friend that she had ever had. IF she could even count Zelda as a friend that is.

    Torianna was talking to a man to make sure that the horses had food and water. 

    Endel came back outside and told them that there were 2 rooms available. 

    "I suppose we sleep in the same room?" Maia asked Torianna. 

    "Sure", she replied.

    The rooms were simple, with two beds,2  bedside tables and a closet, but it was cosy anyway. Maia lighted the two candles on the bedside tables, and sat on her bed. 

    Torianna wasn't in the room yet. Maia figured that she was probably sitting somewhere with Lorcan. 

    When they were in the carriage, after Maia's question about Lorcan, Torianna had asked about her and Endel. 

    Maia had replied that she did felt something. That what she felt for him could be more than friendly feelings. But she had told Torianna that she wasn't sure if he felt the same. Torianna had laughed and told her that that was something that she and Endel had to discuss for themselves.

    She was awoken from her thoughts by a knock on the door. 

    She stood up and opened it, only to see Endel. 

    "Endel", Maia said, a bit surprised.

    "Maia, hello. Is it okay if I come in?" 

    "Sure", Maia smiled. 

    "Thanks", he answered. When Maia gestured that he should sit down on her bed, he did so. 

    "So what brings you here?" Maia asked. She sat down across from him on Torianna's bed.

    Endel started to seem uneasy. "I just wanted to see if you were okay."

    "Why wouldn't I be?"

    "I don't know, just making sure..."

    "Oh... well thank you."

    An awkward silence broke through. Maia glanced at Endel, who was looking at his shoes, which apparently, were incredible interesting.

    Maia however, couldn't stand the silence, so she decided to break it. 

    "You know, when the battle with Kazdan was about to begin, I was so scared to die."

    Endel looked up. He nodded. "I was so too."

    "The only thing that I could think of, was that we never got a chance to say goodbye. I was so scared that we would die, without ever saying goodbye. Without ever knowing if-..."

    "Know what?"

    "Nothing..." Maia replied. "I'm just so happy we lived... That I didn't need to say goodbye to you.

  19. "Well that's a lot..." Torianna said. "What do we do first?"

    "We save the Princess", Maia replied. "She's the most important." 

    "Well what about the water? And Cheval?" Torianna answered. 

    They all sat down. 

    "So we need to find the Princess and move her to a secure location, go to the Zoras and look for Cheval", Endel cleared things up.

    "We can split up?" Maia proposed.

    Lorcan handed an apple to Torianna. When she opened her mouth to thank him, she had a coughing fit. Lorcan looked at her, worried, and stood up to get her some water. 

    "Thanks", she answered when he handed it over, her voice still hoarse. "Must be from the smoke the rubble caused."

    Maia nodded understandingly. She had that problem as well when they had come out.

    "There aren't much of us, so I don't know if it's so smart to split up..." Endel said. "But we have a lot to do... What do you guys think?"

  20. "Do we really have to go back to that guy?" Maia sighed. "He kind of scares me a bit..."

    "Well he has our bombs now so, come on!" Endel said as he ran to Falbi's house. 

    "And why would you even have cuccos to carry people? That's just so weird..." Maia said, more to her then to Endel...

    "There are our bombs", Endel said, walking up to a package. 

    "Isn't it dangerous? To pack explosives so tightly in a package? Is it really only me that sees this?" Maia sighed. 

    "We'll be fine, don't worry."

    Maia sighed again and rolled her eyes. "If you say so..." 

    Endel chuckled and took the bombs. He went to say thanks to Falbi again, and then they walked back to their horses, still waiting. 

    Maia petted the horse briefly. 


    She looked up to see Endel, already on his horse.

    "Sorry... These horses just remind me of..." Home. They reminded her of home. "Of the castle, and the Princess, I wonder how she's doing."

    "We'll look for her after we save our friends. Okay?" 

    Maia got on her horse. "Okay."

  21. ((Quick question, where is Zelda right now? :P ))


    "You're bleeding," Maia said to Endel when she noticed a small blood trickle running across his face. She tore of a piece of fabric from her sleeve, and carefully dabbed away the blood. "Looks like it's nothing," she assured him. 

    "Maia..." Endel said. His voice sounded different.

    "Yes, Endel?" Maia replied, a bit confused.

    Suddenly the sound of the rumble grew louder. The exit was caving in! They both jumped up.

    "NO!" Endel yelled.

    Maia covered her mouth with her hand. Their friends, no! Stuck for who knows how long, maybe forever... Torianna... Lorcan... Did they just lost them? 

    Endel wanted to run towards the exit but Maia stopped him. "There is nothing we can do..." 

    When it turned quieter again and the cloud of dust had grown thinner, they ran towards the rubble. Big boulders of rock were covering the exit. 

    Endel tried to remove the rocks, but he couldn't budge the large boulders. 


    "We have to try!" he insisted.


    He turned to look at her. 

    "You can't do anything... I'm sorry..." Maia said, feeling tears swelling up in her eyes. The feeling of loss now really started to sink in. 

    Endel let himself fall down to the floor. He sat on his knees, watching the rubble in vain. 

    She sat down next to him, putting a hand on his back.

    "We have to do something", Endel said, looking into Maia's eyes.

    "Let's walk around the building, maybe there is another way in?" Maia replied weakly. She didn't know what to do either.

    Endel nodded and stood up. "Let's do that."

  22. "RUN!" Endel yelled. He grabbed Maia's hand and pulled her with him. They ran as fast as their legs would carry them, hoping that the rest were following them. They didn't even have the time to turn around to look...

    Not only the crumbling sound made a lot of noise, but there were still people inside, screaming. The sound of it all was deafening, and Maia could only focus on running, while not letting go of Endel's hand. 

    Light. It appeared like a small circle in front of them. The exit. 

    Maia's chest was burning, she wasn't used to running as fast as this... 

    They ran a few miles for the last time, until they had finally reached the exit. Outside, they ran a bit further to be out of range for the rubble, and finally, they let themselves fall to the ground. 

    Maia's breathing was raspy and fast. When she felt a tickle in her throat, she lay on her side and started coughing. It was probably of the smoke the rubble falling had caused. 

    "Are you okay?" Endel asked, trying to catch his breath.

    Maia tried to sit up. She nodded, "Yeah, you?" 

    Endel nodded too. "I think so..."

    "Where are the others?" 

    Endel looked at the exit. "They'll be here any second. They have to be."

  23. (( I saw, I'll send you the docs when I have the time! And Elway, you can still return if you want to :) ))


    Maia's stomach twisted and she felt lightheaded. Her breathing was quick and raspy.

    Don't faint. Be brave, the girl told herself.

    The others stood ready with their weapons, and Maia inhaled deeply. She grabbed her sword, and despite her legs shaking violently, she tried to stand strong. 

    What if they would all die? They couldn't possibly win from such a creature, could they? But if they would die, that would mean that this was the last time that she would see her friends. 

    When they first met, they were her captors, but now, they were her friends. And Endel... Endel could possibly be ever more.

    But they wouldn't have the time to figure that out if they were gone.

    They didn't even had the time to say their goodbyes. 

    Don't cry. Be brave.

    Quickly, she muttered a final prayer to the Goddesses. If they could only just let a miracle happen...

    The girl tried to control her breathing as she watched the others. 

    Wondering who would fall. 

  24. Maia's heart was beating fast against her chest when they sat down in their hiding place. Endel had her mouth covered with his hand, which wasn't a bad idea. If he hadn't done that, the moment that they had heard that roar Maia would have whimpered quiet loudly. She didn't understand what was going on. Everyone was trying to be as quiet as possible, but the look on everyone's faces said it all. They were scared too. 

    Torianna was looking at the scar on her arm. She must be terrified. If she couldn't get through to her brother, who could? 

    Everyone waited in utter silence. They didn't dared to move an inch. 

    Jaydon, or more appropriate, the demon beast, was searching around. He wasn't in the room of their current location yet, but he soon would be. 

    Maia wanted to just look at Endel, to see if he had a plan, but she didn't dared to. It was too risky. 

    What if no one had a plan? What if the demon beast ran in here and killed them all? 

    Maia commanded herself to stop thinking like that. Someone would have a plan. They had to.

  25. Maia had been wandering around for quite a while, without finding any useful information. She felt a bit useless, but she figured that the cause was probably the fact that her hearing wasn't trained on hearing things like that. 

    She didn't really know where any of the others were, and she decided to start looking for someone. She didn't like being alone. 

    After walking through various streets again, she saw a familiar figure. The figure had seen her too and waved. To Maia's delight, it was Endel. 

    She noticed how she was always happy to see him and to talk to him. Especially since she thought that she had lost him. She didn't really want to think about that again.

    Maia had been thinking about him a lot recently. She didn't really know what the strange feeling she felt was. Maybe it was love, but it might have been to soon to speak of that. To be honest, she hadn't really felt anything like that before. Maybe she needed to talk to him about that. But there were more important matters right now. 

    "Hi!" Endel said happily. "I've been looking for you. Have you seen anyone else?" 

    Maia shook her head. "No... I've been looking for them though."

    "We can search together?" Endel proposed. 

    Maia smiled. "Great."