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    ((I'm sorry that I haven't posted in a while, I've been busy... Anyway, I'll start posting regularly again...))
    I'm sitting outside the communal tent, making small talk with the Sheikah about the battle when I hear a commotion coming from the tent where Melaina is. I excuse myself and jog over to the tent. Fintan sits outside, crying into Caoilainn's shoulder, which strikes me as odd, but after a battle like this, nothing is really that strange. I enter the tent to find Sault, Zelda, and Sheik standing over Melaina, who looks like she's on death's doorstep. 
    "What's the diagnosis?" I ask Sheik, immediately realizing the danger of situation.
    "Blood poisoning. We have no idea what to do... I don't even know how to treat it. We're going to lose her..." Sheik says, his voice breaking up a little as he speaks. 
    "No, we're not. I just read about blood poisoning in a biology book," I say, pulling out my notebook and flipping to my notes on the subject. "Here it is. 'Blood poisoning is the inflammatory response caused by severe infection, and can be treated by a special medication,'" I say, pausing. "'If detected and treated early enough, the mortality rate is low, but for every hour that treatment is delayed, mortality becomes more likely.' I have some of the medication on me, but I have no idea how long she's been infected, so I don't know if we've caught it in time." I pull out the small bottle of white liquid from a pouch, and I hand it to Sheik. "Give her a spoonful of this every 4-6 hours by mouth until you run out. I can go back to Skyloft and get some more medicine. I'll be back as soon as I can," I say, turning to leave the tent. I whistle for my bird, and he lands on the ground next to me. I climb on, and take off towards the sky, hoping that I'm not too late.
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    We dash outside the academy, followed by the teachers, the headmaster and other students.
    My heart is pounding against my chest. What the hell happened? We push ourselves a way between all of the residents of Skyloft and I bump into Callia when she suddenly stops.
    "Callia why did you- O my goddess," I whisper.
    Beneath the statue of the goddess where there used to be nothing but grey rocks was now a giant circular white building. 
    "That looks like a dungeon..." Link whispers. 
    My breath is taken away. It looks beautiful, but how did it get there? Had it always been there? All those years? 
    "It must have been a plan of goddess Hylia herself..." Callia breathes.
    "But who revealed it? Who could have been so stupid to steal the stone from Link without knowing what it would reveal?" Emzy says.
    "Biggest question is, who knew the stone was there?" I say.
    "Well it must have been one of us- Oh no..." Callia sighs.
    "What?" I ask.
    She looks down. "It must have been Zurin..." 
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    "You children don't understand. It is the prophecy, the legend." She says.
    "What are you talking about?" Emzy asks.
    "The spirit maiden, Zelda, is safe." She replies.
    "How do you know?" Pipit says.
    She grins, a little bit annoyed. "I helped her during the first part of the fated path. She is safe for now. Trust me."
    We all turn around, forming a small circle.
    "What do we do now?" Bryarly whispers.
    Callia sighs. "I don't know. What is she talking about anyway?"