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Joey Michael Roddy was born on Wednesday, April 3, 1985 in Houma, Louisiana with asthma. Joey has one brother, one half brother, one stepbrother and one sister. In the year of 1993, Joey's parents became divorced and Joey moved with his mother to live in Thibodaux, Louisiana while Joey's dad moved to the state of Texas. Towards the end of the year 1993, Joey's mom gave him over to his dad for custody. In the year of 1995, Joey started playing the piano/keyboard in which he discovered a natural talent of music. In the year of 1997, Joey Roddy accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. Joey also discovered other talents such as drawing and painting. In the year of 2003, Joey decided to leave his dad from the state of Texas to move back to Thibodaux, Louisiana to live with his mom during his second semester of 12th grade high school. Joey Roddy graduated from Thibodaux High School in the year of 2003. In June 25, 2011, Joey's dad remarried to his old high school sweet heart. Joey Roddy now has a stepmother and a stepbrother. In December 22, 2012, Joey decided to move to Highlands, Texas to live with his dad and his stepmother. On March 27, 2013, Joey got hired on at WAL*MART as an overnight stock receiving associate.