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    Something has gone horribly wrong today among the Dreamscape Townspeople; someone or something is murdering everyone in sight! Shield Folk, Alley Demons and Lizardmen alike have been slaughtered brutally and indiscriminately in what looks like an attempt at complete annihilation of all life...
    With no sign of Madotsuki to save everyone, it falls on the twelve of you to save yourselves from these Malicious Agents, whomever they may be. But when the time comes, will you be ready to send one of your own comrades to oblivion?
    Rules (please be absolutely sure to read these!):


    Day 1 starts now (10:30 AM Eastern Standard Time) and lasts 48 hours. Good Luck!
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    Talk about The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, the trendsetting SNES title!
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    what surprises me is how I could barely even hear myself chewing nuts.

    Which is weird, because nut-chewing was totally my thing

    But Nabe edited it out SOOOO

    that's a joke, the chewing was bad

    please love me
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    D: I just... I don't know... It's a doodle?
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    I hate the MOTHER F****** WATER TEMPLE IN OOT.

    I get a key to go into a new room WOOT!!... TO FIND I NEED ANOTHER F****** KEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    post your small rantlings here.
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    So yesterday I saw a new trailer for A Link Between Worlds, featuring some of the game's music. But there was also something very interesting in it too-


    Now, at first I just passed it off as a cool Easter egg. But Pheo was all like "nuuuuuu it's for realsies." I still didn't believe him since, you know, it's Pheo. But then my friend Amy (total LoZ/Video Game fanatic) pointed me to some links that might say otherwise.
    Apparently, Aonuma has been hinting that there may be a bigger connection to the game Majora's Mask beyond simple Easter Eggs. There are even fan theories that the Other World, now known as "Lorule" may actually be Termina.
    As cool as this all sounds, I'm still taking it with a grain of salt. But now that an official timeline has been established and presented to the public... I unno maybe they are trying to connect the games in a more direct fashion. 
    What do you guys think? Does this make you more excited for the game, or maybe less? What are your concerns about this theory and how it may affect the timeline/game universe?
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    are you trolling me
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    Bounce your ideas back and forth... ferally? for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, the wacky mirrored version with motion controls!
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    In America it's true. The average take is $2,500, I learned that fact the day I started working security.
    True or False:
    Most lipsticks contain Fish Scales
  11. teenskat liked a post in a topic by なべ in La-Mulana 2   

    Reading Material
    Get the original!
    Or on the Wii!
    Or on PS Vita next year!
    Play me if you like:
    Super Metroid
    KONAMI games in general
    Dark Souls
    Illusion of Gaia
    La-Mulana is a sprawling adventure with so many areas to explore. It's an exploration of ruins all over the world and the common elements between them! As a reference to games of the late 80's, it can be hard. But it is an enormously rewarding game experience. And with a sequel on the way, now is a great time to get on-board.
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    I am making this happen and you are all gonna sign up. losres

    Starting with 12 slots and probably not adding more because items need equal distribution, sorry.

    Refresher on the rules:

    1. Emma
    2. Sayuri
    3. Aethix
    4. LL
    6. Chimetals (?)
    7. Ammonsa
    8. Linox
    9. Teto
    11. Silver
    12. Cascade
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    What is Pols Voice?

    It's a podcast hosted here at Hnet by a number of regulars. We're all big Zelda fans who talk about the series often. We rant, we rave, and we respect (occasionally). We're loud, we're edgy, and we're funny (sometimes). We talk about the news of the week for the fandom, and we touch on many other subjects that have nothing to do with Zelda at all.

    If you can handle some naughty jokes, some bad jokes, and hearing us laugh at our own jokes, it's great fun, and we hope you'll listen in. But with your volume at a reasonable level, or else Pheo will pop your eardrums.

    How do I listen in?

    You've got a few options. On the main site, a post will crop up any time there's a new episode, and in that post there will be a stream, as well as a download link. You can also subscribe on iTunes, or to our RSS feed. Those links are at the foot of this post.

    Who am I listening to?

    Fierce Muffin

    Can I guest on the show?

    Possibly! We're not picky. Right now we've got a full line-up of hosts, but we might need someone to fill in for an absent host, or we might just want more! If you're interested, come into the chat and let us know.

    I didn't read any of that.

    Good! Your devil-may-care attitude to reading means you might enjoy listening to words instead. Check out the links below.

    Newest Episode: PV3: Electronic Entertainment Eater (E3 2012)
    Newest Minisode: VS1: Pokemon X VS Pokemon Y


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    My #1 is Donald Trump. When I remember the fact he will die one day I get a bit giddy, like a child who can't wait for Christmas day.
  15. teenskat liked a post in a topic by Mun in LOL I think this is overkill for the Advertisements :P   

    Anyone else think this is overkill for the ad spot?
    ....because I sure do..... 
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    I realized that, despite that I'm an art major in my second year of college, I have only made one thread about a picture I did for my final last semester. I decided that, since I'm now taking three art classes instead of one, I might as well start taking pictures of things during my classes and posting them for you guys to see them.

    The classes I'm taking this semester that involve me producing anything are Art 3D (A foundations class), Life Drawing, and Viscom Theory. Don't expect much from Viscom Theory.

    Mind you, the last thread I did was a picture I did in colour, for about fifty hours in total work time. I'm probably not going to upload anything of that quality here, but rather the studies I do in between them. Midterms time isn't for another month or so.

    This is a self portrait I started today, for my life drawing class (the one where you draw naked people). Normally we would have a naked model sit up on a stool and we'd all draw them, but ours didn't show up today. So instead we got a jump start on our homework and we all started on some semi reductive self portraits. This is the result of two hours of that. This is not a finished piece.

    I didn't spend so much time worrying about shading and value as I did outlining everything in my face. I wanted to make sure I had the proportions right on everything before I started putting down anything particularly black or white, since those are both time consuming to make and remove, respectively. You have to be very careful when you put anything black down on a piece of paper. I also put some gestured lines in where my hair would be, and what the shapes were (they're undoubtedly different now, but I wanted the general idea). I didn't have the materials to work with any particularly detailed values, anyways. I had my charcoal pencil, but not my eraser stick. So The only value I really bothered with starting on was the neck. It was simple enough.

    I should probably post a picture of what my face looks like in the position I'm working in, for your comparison. I'll do that later, though.
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    Ok the game releases in America on June 9th, Europe on June 14th, and Australia on June 15th.
    This post was partially made because my current Hyrule.net status, which will be wiped off the front page of the forums soon, but I'm hoping this topic will survive up into the games release, and even beyond it.

    Nintendo has been putting out a pretty cool series of videos recently they call "Inside the Treehouse with Animal Crossing: New Leaf". Here are the current episodes that exist at the time of making this post:

    Ep 1: Localizing Animal Crossing:

    Ep 2: Connectivity

    The "Best Friends" system seems pretty cool. So yeah who ever is getting the game could maybe post in this topic and everyone could add whatever Hyrule.net friends they plan to play AC with if they haven't added them already (see Chase's 3DS Friend Code thread: http://www.hyrule.net/forum/topic/16591-3ds-friend-codes/ )

    And of course we use this topic to discuss the game in general. I've been playing the games since the Gamecube one myself, but I feel like Wild World and City Folk didn't bring enough change (And got rid of the cool NES games, but thats another story), New Leaf looks pretty cool and somewhat different, so I'm hoping it will be great.
  18. teenskat liked a post in a topic by Sahaqiel in The Legend of Zelda II: Adventure of Link General   
    Say whatever you want about The Legend of Zelda II: Adventure of Link, the widely-considered "black sheep" of the series!
  19. teenskat liked a post in a topic by Teto in Picture Megathread   
    And a lot of them are worth posting.

    But that one wasn't really.
  20. teenskat liked a post in a topic by Cascade in New 3DS Zelda Game Announced!   
    wow I'm actually posting zelda-related news for once on a Zelda forum. FIRST TIME FOR EVERYTHING.
    From this article:
    So yeah, discuss this exciting news!! I think the new game looks really cute! The kawaii version of ALttP if you will. Of course I went there. But no, really. The new mechanics so far look like they'll make for a wee bit of freshness in dungeon-crawling. Thought for the first few seconds that it was gonna be a remake of LttP, so glad it's a completely new game. I'm exciteddd :3c
    (see below: pheo's more informative post/former-thread. great timing we both have on making the exact same topic)
  21. teenskat liked a post in a topic by Double45 in Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland General   

    Discuss the spin-off starring every Zelda fan's favorite NPC


    Ok I've had this game for a while now and I finally beat it today, I had gotten to the final boss around this time last year, lost to the boss, and then didn't pick it up until now. My older brother picked me up a copy of this when he went to Italy 4 years ago. He knows I'm a big Zelda fan (and I told him that you could find it there, hint hint), so I expected that if he actually managed to find a copy, he would get it for me. But anyway, on the to the game.

    The only plot detail's I'll into is a short premise. Tingle is told by a man named Uncle Rupee that he needs to collect rupees to reach Rupeeland, where you can gain true happiness, this involves Tingle doing various tasks like defeating enemies, selling items, getting paid for returning an item to a character, etc, etc. Rupees are everything in this game, they're your money and your health. There's multiple continents you can explore, none of them look the same. You can also recruit a body guard who will help you defeat enemies.

    Let me get into some of the cons of the game, because it isn't exactly perfect. Some people might not like the combat on the game, upon touching an enemy, combat takes place in a cloud of smoke with limbs popping out every which way, like on an old cartoon. You tap the cloud to attack, its weird, but you get used to it. Another thing is when someone asks you for an amount of rupees when you're buying certain things you have to be in the right range of numbers, if you're out of range they still take your rupees. When you're selling certain things, they'll only give you one rupee if you go out of range.

    You need to play this game at least one time if you're a Zelda fan. The art is good, the music is good, the characters are good, the story isn't bad either. I give it, at the very least, a 7/10. If you're an American Zelda fan, importing a copy from Europe or buying one from someone else who has imported shouldn't run you more than $30-$40. If you're a European Zelda fan, why don't you own it yet?

    Anyway, hopefully someone here besides me has played it, and we can discuss it. I'm glad most, if not all, of Hyrule.net's users are mature enough to not find Tingle to be the worst thing ever included in a Zelda game.

    (Also if a Mod could center the image above, I'd be thankful, can't seem to do it on my tablet)
  22. teenskat liked a post in a topic by Cascade in The AMA no one asked for   
    Has the new AMA fad died already? That means it's the perfect time to make not a drunk AMA, but an awake-at-6am-and-making-regretful-decisions AMA! Obviously. So! You know what to do. Ask questions so cutting, so biting but so deep, so curious that I'll come back later, look at them and be too wimpy to actually answer. And the thread will subsequently die. You know, it's all about the incentive here. So I expect many a question, 'aight???
  23. teenskat liked a post in a topic by Knuckle in Let's talk about The Wind Waker   
    This is just a place to discuss what makes The Wind Waker such an awesome game, because it really deserves a general discussion topic. heck, I'm pretty sure that this is a lot of people's favorite Zelda game.

    So, what makes this game great for everyone who likes it? I think the characters really impressed me the most; the Koroks were neat, the Rito were really cool, and pretty much every NPC on Windfall island was significant in some way in one sidequest or another. What do you guys think?
  24. teenskat liked a post in a topic by Sahaqiel in Discuss Anime and Mang   
    This is the official anime and mang discussion thread. You may discuss any anime and mang in general, or specific anime and/or mang. Just keep it civil.

    This thread will also be updated with Hyrule.net's Saturday/through Sunday #AnimeNight segments, where various users marathon various, relatively short anime series, or anime movies, in Day - Month - Year format.

    #AnimeNight Logs:
    06 - 08 - 2011; Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei/Cat Soup
    02 - 07 - 2011; Dennou Coil
    25 - 06 - 2011; Mind Game
    04 - 06 - 2011; Eve no Jikan
    28 - 05 - 2011; You Are Umasou
    21 - 05 - 2011; Mononoke
    07 - 05 - 2011; Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Christo
    21 - 04 - 2011; Eden of the East/Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  25. teenskat liked a post in a topic by なべ in Apologies to Pheo: A Link Between Worlds/Majora's Mask Discussion.   
    I greatly enjoyed every post of this thread.