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  1. Cello added a post in a topic Memorable #Zelda moments/quotes   

    [03:36] <_mobilechan> so
    [03:36] <_mobilechan> i got knocked out...
    [03:37] <+Cello> uh
    [03:38] <&Double45> wow
    [03:38] <&Double45> like punched?
    [03:38] <+Cello> did you try to skateboard with the ghost costume on
    [03:38] <&Double45> or did you get roofied and someone messed with your skateboard while you were out
    [03:39] <_mobilechan> no
    [03:40] <_mobilechan> Jay's gf tackled me inn's drunken fit to be funny
    [03:40] <&Double45> wow
    [03:40] <_mobilechan> i busted my ribs on the side of the bed
    [03:40] <&Double45> wow..
    [03:40] <+Cello> uh
    [03:40] <&Double45> i had ribs for dinner