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  1. Adr990

    With 2020 going the way it goes...
    I still lurk the forums from time to time, it brings back memories from another time, another world almost.

    Remembering so many of you, it's too bad I have gotten out of touch with you guys. But at some point reaching out can be awkward.
    Just wanted to say that it makes me happy to read even the shortest comments and status updates from all of you.
    Seeing how Dustin and Michael (Tappy ;)) are doing outside of this forum through their Twitter feed is just a very nice thing to be able to do as well, non of us may be extremely active on there, least of all myself, but still.
    Knuckle (Fellow clan member) and Teto (Robbie, right?), among others, trying to keep the forum alive, thank you.
    Also seeing a familiar name like Double45 in the Hnet Discord just really gets to me, I remember introducing him to and even now he is still around, outside of the actual forum, but still. (And him introducing me to 0RANGECHiCKEN back in the day, thank you)

    Going back through the forum posts can be a blast. Being reminded of certain things I did and said (or tried to convey at least) which I had forgotten.

    I know Michael got things covered hosting wise, but if you ever need help with keeping the site up and running, hit me up.

    Jeez, I feel like things got a bit sentimental...
    In short, I truly still think of you guys and wanted to wish you all the best!

    (I tried posting this in Talk, but there was a config error message)

  2. Adr990

    Happy and healthy new year to all! :D
  3. Adr990

    Anyone up for some Borderlands 2 Online Co-op? =P (PC)
    1. Padraig!

      woah dude i havent seen you in ages

  4. Adr990

    Happy B-Day Teto! :)
  5. Adr990

    Happy late birthday Cirt! :D I hope you've had a good one.
    1. Cirt

      baw thanks Adr!!! :D

  6. Adr990

    Happy Easter to all! :)

      Jesus came back from the dead, and to celebrate we have a bunny that hides colorful eggs and gives us enough candy to melt our insides.

    2. Princess Valhalla Hawkwind

      nigga duh

  7. Adr990

    Zelda SS was awesome! (By the way.. Snoop is in our banner :D )
    1. Teto

      He is always with us. He surrounds us. He is in the air we breathe and the text we type. He is the life force of the forum. The only true god.

    2. Knuckle

      Good to see you posting again man :)

  8. Adr990

    Playing Zelda SS now. :D Going through the first dungeon. It's awesome so far!
    1. なべ

      I haven't gotten out of Skyloft yet. So much to explore and see.

  9. Adr990

    Zelda Skyward Sword Symphony CD: - Enjoy! :D
    1. Teto

      likes this

    2. Knuckle

      thanks adr! Stop by again sometime soon :D

  10. Adr990

    Happy birthday Saha! :)
    1. Cirt

      ADR WHAT

    2. Sahaqiel



  11. Adr990 < SW Release date for NA! 22 November, that's soon imo.
    1. SilverAlchemic

      YES! YES! I mean... cool, November.

    2. Chimetals

      i still need to beat all the controller zelda games from, uhhhhhh, OoT on.

    3. Jareddude


  12. Adr990

    Wow the Just Like 2.0 theme looks so nice and shiny. :D
  13. Jareddude » Adr990

    Where have youuu been??
  14. Link Player » Adr990

    Thanks Adr! I remember you! :D
  15. Adr990 » Link Player

    Welcome Back! :D
  16. Double45 » Adr990

    get on chat sometime pls pls
  17. Cirt » Adr990

    hay Adr! :D
    No, I am afraid I am not. Money is kind of tough to come by when you're in college (you guys call it uni, maybe?) so if anything I will get a DSlite from a friend selling one. I'm a bit behind, but I'm okay with that :)
  18. Adr990 » Cirt

    Heya Cirt. :>
    Gettin' a 3DS too at launch?
    I'm getting Cosmo Black.Sooooo excited. :D
  19. Zelda Drottningu » Adr990

    Hey dude, you're back! Nice to see you man.
  20. Jareddude » Adr990

    Happy Birthday Adr!
  21. Adr990 » LDGM

    Thank you! ^_^
  22. Adr990 » Rika Code

    Thank you! :D
  23. LDGM » Adr990

    happy birthday