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  1. LDGM » eyeoftruth

    hiya EoT
    remember this?
  2. Cheez » eyeoftruth

    Ser man det, du er her ja.
  3. Markus » eyeoftruth

    happy b-day bro!!
  4. True Gamer » eyeoftruth

    Whoa, noticed you turned 18 today. Congrats, man. :) Happy Birthday!
  5. Markus » eyeoftruth

    so eye how ya been... hope that you notice this some day, but my b-day was a while back... its cool that people still kinda remembers me... but hey do you own a 360 or ds?
  6. Arcane » eyeoftruth

    I finally figured out what your avatar is.
  7. jolter1 » eyeoftruth

    add me. Wii ID:
  8. eyeoftruth

    will never sound the same
  9. OIiver » eyeoftruth

    you like kafka, dude
  10. Ryu » eyeoftruth

    Happy Birthday Eye, :)
  11. Joshawott » eyeoftruth

    Happy birthday, you. Don't get too crazy. :)
  12. Paddymac! » eyeoftruth

    What's sad is that I think he was being serious.
  13. eyeoftruth » Paddymac!

    QUOTE (Link Player)
    Obama=Osama Hewwsein
    jesus puppy I laughed so hard
  14. Teto » eyeoftruth

    What's with you and capitalism today?
  15. eyeoftruth » The Count

    yeah, and that you are extremely good at!
  16. The Count » eyeoftruth

    see. I'm only trying to be friendly!
  17. eyeoftruth

    yeah, of course we be best buddies!
  18. The Count » eyeoftruth

    Oh, I added you to my friends list!
    We be best friends huh buddy!
  19. eyeoftruth » The Count

    yeah. you're not.
  20. eyeoftruth » Cheez

    Lite azz mann...