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  1. Link1721` » Vivica Todd

    Bye Vivi, as you know, I'm leaving.
  2. Link1721` » Ganny

    LOL Nice 'Personal Photo'
  3. Link1721` » Darth Fooby

    Happy B-day! ^_^
  4. Link1721` » Fierce Deity Link

    Are you in any way related to gametap?
  5. Link1721` » Vivica Todd

    And to answer your question Vivi, FTW doesn't mean "F" thw what it means For The Win
  6. Link1721` » Guest

    I hate you now.
  7. Link1721` » zesh10

    NICE ZELDA!!!!! You might be a famous artist one day if you keep that up.
  8. Link1721` » Vivica Todd

    St-st-star- STARCRAFT!!!! WHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Link1721` » zelda_man222

    Zeratul!!!! WOOO!!!!
  10. Link1721` » Guest

    Hey Shadow! Have fun here! Good bye.
  11. Link1721` » Mikaress

    Happy Birthday!
  12. Link1721` » Vivica Todd

    I earned my friends trust by saying "You can trust me! (sarcastic voice) WIIIIIINK!!!!!"
  13. Link1721` » Vivica Todd

    I use AOL.... but.... you won't give meh it will yeah?
  14. Link1721` » Gingerlink

    Hey Ginger, I was just passing through and thanks for cleaning up the forums whenever possible, bye!
  15. Link1721` » Vivica Todd

    Sorry Vivi... =(
  16. Link1721` » JohnnyEntwistle

    Welcome to!
  17. Link1721` » True Gamer

    I SHALL RULE THE COMMENTS... Ok... Boring... *Gives the ruling back to Vivi*
    Hey TG
  18. Link1721` » Ganny

    Lol. you commented yourself. Well I'm just passing through, see you later!
  19. Link1721` » Chroenix

    Hey Chroenix. Just passing through. Good bye.
  20. Link1721` » Du5t1n

    You are like my god!!! THANK YOU!!!! THIS IS THE BEST SITE EVER!!!!!!!!!
  21. Link1721` » Vivica Todd

    Hello Vivi, I uhh... Er... *trys to fill space* Erm... StarCraft!!!!!