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  1. Crowned Twili Princess

    Sad to see how dead this site is, like Hyrule in Breath of the Wild. I remember a time when there were dozens and dozens of users online at once and there was always some conversation going on.

  2. Crowned Twili Princess

    I decided to come back here because I bought a Switch over a month ago and have been playing Breath of the Wild. What a stunning game! So much to do! Easily one of my favorite Zelda games. The only thing I think was lacking was the story line.

  3. Crowned Twili Princess

    I bought Ocarina of Time 3D for Easter. It's a beautiful update of a classic game. The Water Temple is more enjoyable now that I don't have to open the menu to equip the Iron Boots.
    1. Otis McNutt

      I agree

    2. Michael

      For sure.

  4. Crowned Twili Princess

    I got a 3DS for Christmas and A Link Between Worlds. Finished it within a week and it was an amazing game!
    1. Fierce Muffin

      That's basically my life right there, minus getting a 3DS for Christmas.

    2. Cascade

      Yeah, I really enjoyed ALBW as well. Really unique experience for the Zelda series. possibly one of my favouritest zelda games :o)

  5. Crowned Twili Princess

    So, I'll be coming and going as I please. Don't know if I'll post that mch though.
  6. Crowned Twili Princess » Alex Arbiter

    I still love playing Zelda games; can't wait for Skyward Sword to be released.
  7. Crowned Twili Princess » Alex Arbiter

    Hi, I think I remember you from the Army of Twilight. Anyway, I have no idea how Prince of Twilight is doing. He hasn't been on since August 31, 2009, and I haven't heard from him since. I don't know if he'll ever come back since it's been nearly two years. I'm in my junior year of college right now; I'm set to graduate next spring.
  8. Crowned Twili Princess

    Thanks for the Birthday wish, Alex.
  9. Crowned Twili Princess » SoulSwordx

    Where you have been lately? I noticed you haven't been on as much.
  10. Crowned Twili Princess » Prince of Twilight

    It's been sooo long since you have been on.
  11. Crowned Twili Princess » Prince of Twilight

    I ccan't believe it's October 3 and you've been gone since June 20 - I hope you can come back to this site before this year is over.
  12. Crowned Twili Princess » Jason! :O

    Hey, I know you left me a comment a while ago asking if I had SSBB - I do have it. Sorry it took me a while to reply to your comment- I've been very busy with college.
  13. Crowned Twili Princess » Prince of Twilight

    POT did say that he would be away from his computer for a very long time. He hasn't been on for 2 months; he wasn't lying.
  14. Crowned Twili Princess » SoulSwordx

    Just thought I'd let you know- I changed my name to Crowned Twili Princess. TwiliGirl sounded almost exactly like to Cat Girl's name.
  15. Crowned Twili Princess » RupeeMaster

    Welcome to the Army of Twilight.
  16. Crowned Twili Princess » Guest

    Welcome to the Army of Twilight. ^_^
  17. Crowned Twili Princess » Chikorita

    Welcome to the Army of Twilight.
  18. Crowned Twili Princess » Final Hyrule Finale

    Welcome to the Army of Twilight. ^_^
  19. Crowned Twili Princess » SoulSwordx

    Did you change your name so it would be more twilight related?
  20. Crowned Twili Princess » Toon Link

    Welcome to the Army of Twilight.
  21. Crowned Twili Princess » _i_am_midna_

    Hey. XxZeldaxXXxLinkxX wanted me to tell you that you've been spelling Midna's name "Minda" instead of Midna. The "n" comes after the "d".
  22. Crowned Twili Princess » Alex Arbiter

    Your personal photo is pretty cool. I've seen other members use it before.
  23. Crowned Twili Princess » bellumslayer

    Welcome to the Army of Twilight. ^_^