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  1. It's been years since I have posted anything in the forums. I came back here today because I am playing Breath of the Wild for the first time. Sad to see how dead this site has become. I  remember a time when there were dozens and dozens of members online at a time and there were always some conversation going on. I made some good friends on here back in the day, but they all left and I never heard from them again. 

  2. I always thought he was going to say "destiny". I wish I could find the Japanese version of this text.

  3. blah blah blah FM,

    but going back on topic

    Actually I remember something nearly impossible from MM

    remember the goron maze in the moon? that was impossible

    I HATED the Goron Maze inside the moon - it frustrated the heck out of me. I think I finally cheered and did a little dance when I completed it - after I saved the game though.

  4. Twilight Princess is one of my favorite Zelda games - it's third on my list. The only problem with TP is too many people had high expectations for it. Until it's release date everyone said that it's going to be the" best Zelda game in the series- it's going to be better than OoT". TP was the second easiest game for me to beat; WW was the first. I think that they could have made the game just a little bit more difficult, especially the ending. The bosses were cool, and intimidating, but they were too easy to beat. Like I said before, TP is the first Zelda game where the bosses did not kill me. Maybe I didn't get killed during the boss fights because I had been playing Zelda games for years and I knew what to expect? Nintendo needs to come with new puzzles for the dungeons and ways to beat a boss for future Zelda games.

  5. I still believe that Telma is a Gerudo- she does resemble one from OoT and MM a bit. However because she has pointy ears I do not think she is fully Gerudo- she may have both Gerudo and Hylian in her ( Mother - Gerudo, Father - Hylian). I don't know why there were no Gerudos in TP besides Ganondorf. Perhaps after Ganondorf was captured and taken to Arbiter's Grounds many of the Gerudo either fled deeper in to the Gerudo desert?

  6. I have a huge list, but here are the ones I can think of


    Snow White and hre Sven Dwarfs


    The Fox and the Hound

    The Little Mermaid

    Beauty and the Beast


    The Lion King



  7. Most of the Zelda subtitles are important items or people in the game like Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, etc. Majora's Mask is unique because it's the only Zelda subtitle named after the main villian. I've always wondered what the subtitle A Link to the Past is suppose to mean; what importance does it have in the game?

  8. Cool. I haven't made any stages on brawl yet because I thought it would be difficult, but after seeing yours, I think I'll try to make one tonight.

  9. I'm glad that's it's been reduced. When I tried to change my screen name a while ago, I couldn't because it hadn't been 180 days yet. As soon as I found out it had been reduced I changed it.

  10. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that Nintendo announced an official Legend of Zelda movie will never be made. I think the only Zelda movies we can look forward to seeing are the ones made by fans. One thing I can hear fans complaining about in a Zelda movie is the voices aren't what they expected, etc.

  11. has some info on the Zelda movie BMB Finishes is making. Lysia, the owner of the website, claims that she has received emails from the guy that's in charge of making the movie, and he says the movie is still in progress, and they haven't cancelled it; they've been busy with work and all. The movie was originally suppose to come out in 2006, but it's two years later. I've given up hope of it ever being released.

    If you want some info on the movie heres' the link

  12. I don't eat fast food that much anymore. McDonald's Big Macs give me indegestion; A lot of Burger King's portions are way too BIG for me to even finish; Wendy's is not too bad. I ate two snack wraps at McDonald's on Thursday, and as a result, I was sick a little bit on the fourth of July, but I'm better now. I"ll never get McDonald's snack wraps again. The problem with fast food is that all of the franchises serve the same thing...burgers. I know a guy who used to be in my class said he never gets fast food because he dosen't trust the sanitation of the restaurants. I'll bet that they person who made my snack wraps was just recovering from an illness, and I caught a little bit of it.

  13. I've seen the Redeads dancing before. lol It's quite funny. :lol: I used to go into the rooms they were in and put on certain masks (I forget which ones, but I think the Gibdo's mask is one of them) to make them dance.

  14. Well, I'm good at drawing, playing video games, writing essays, getting good grades in school, remembering stuff, html, javascript, and many other things I can't think of right now.