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  1. It would be pretty cool- making Link a Sage, but I don't think that's likely to happen in a Zelda game any time soon. In order for Link to be a Sage, like the Sage of Light, wouldn't he have to be a descendant of Rauru or one of the other Sages?

  2. Actually, they recently hacked into a GC disc and pulled up all the missing text files. One that was labeled, "goodbye.txt" was found in Midna's object in the dialogue folder.



    She was definitely not going to say "I love you". I mean, this message is so much more obvious! Even the regular goodbye in the Japanese version proves that.


    It's unusual that they would be talking about cupcakes as she was about to leave. :lol:

    In the English version, it seems like she was going to say, "I love you", but in the Japanese version, she seems like she's struggling (the stammerring suggests she's crying to me) to say goodbye to Link.

    I don't get why in English they changed the "S" to an "I". The sentence could've been, "Link...S...See you later..." or something.

  3. I read somewhere online that in the Japanese version, Midna actually said, "Link...S...See you..."

    It sounds like, in that version, she was stammering, struggling to say goodbye to Link instead of trying to express her feelings to Link as some fans have thought.

  4. I honestly believe with all of me that the Goddess of Time mentioned in Majora's Mask is merely Nayru.

    Same with me. After reading the article on "The Message of Majora's Mask" on ZeldaInformer, I think that the Goddess of Time is just another name for Nayru.

  5. One thing that always convinced me that Sheik is a girl disguised as a boy is every time I see Sheik-it doesn't matter which game it is-her eyes always look feminine. When I first played OoT, I believed (and still do) that Sheik was a girl because of her eyes. They don't look like the eyes of a boy to me.

  6. I like all of the dungeons in ALttP OoT, and MM.

    Even though I enjoyed WW, I did not like the dungeons that much; the puzzles were too, too easy as well as the bosses.

    One reason I liked MM dungeons so much is that they were a challenge for me, and I like it when a Zelda dungeon is challenging.

    TP dungeons were nice, too. They were not easy like WW's, but not as hard as MM's or ALttP.

    All of OoT's dungeons have the best music of any Zelda game in my opinion.

  7. POT, you sent me a pm saying that you were going to hand the clan over to me-so I guess that means that after you resign as team leader, you're going to make me the new team leader?

    If that's the case, then who should be the new co-leader? Do I have to resign as team co-leader in order for you to make me the new team leader?

  8. Whenever I beat a Zelda game, I'm always happy just because I finished it, but a little bit sad at the same time because it's over. Usually, when I finish a Zelda game for the first time, I always play it again, then beat it. After that, I don't play it for a while.

  9. When I first saw the claw marks in the tree, I thought that was a hidden hole in the tree you had to bomb to reveal, and once the tree opened there would be a chest with rupees or a piece of heart, but it was nothing like that.


    I've been thinking-what if the dragon designs inside the Water Temple are depictions of Valoo? This all ties to the Zora to Rito evolution theory. I haven't played OoT for a while, and I never noticed these dragon depictions before. Could someone maybe post a pic of them?

  10. I've been thinking about this, and I do think that the Zoras evolved into the Ritos. Here's what I think happened.

    We all know the gods flooded Hyrule when the Hero of Time did not appear when Ganon returned, and that they ordered the people to flee to the mountain tops so they wouldn't be killed in the flood. My friends and I have thought that the Zoras wouldn't need to worry about Hyrule flooding since they can swim, but I thought a flood, especially a powerful one, could easily sweep Zoras away, and could possibly kill them if they crash into anything, depending on how fast they are going.

    Since the Ritos live on Dragon Roost Island, and that's a volcano, I think that the Zoras fled to the tops of Death Mountain. I'm not sure what happened to the Gorons, but many of them may have perished in the flood since Gorons can't swim. The Zoras had no other island to live on since many of the other islands, big enough for people to live on, had already been settled, and if all the Zoras had tried to live on one of those islands, there simply wouldn't have been enough room. The Zoras couldn't stay in the water all of the time since they need to be on land most of the time as well as in the water.

    For a while, the Zoras didn't know how they could live most of their time on Death Mountain or in the Great Sea. The heat from the volcano would dry them out. Also, the water of the ocean was not the temperature they were accustomed to- either cool during the day or warm at night. Zoras are sensitive to changes in the water. Because of all this, the Zoras were in danger of extinction. That is, until they met a dragon, the spirit of the skies who had lived atop Death Mountain, named Valoo. Perhpas, the goddesses had sent Valoo to aid the Zoras. Valoo told them that he could help them adapt to their new home on Death Mountain and around the Great Sea, but they and their descendents would never be the same. The Zoras agreed to accpet Valoo's help since they were in danger of dying off. Valoo then gave each Zora a special scale. These scales changed the Zoras from humanoid fish to humanoid birds. Valoo told them that when they had children they would need to come to see him to receive this scale so they could grow wings. After this, the Ritos became involved in the postal service throughout the Great Sea because they discovered they could use their new pair of wings to travel easily across the Great Sea.

  11. The second one wasn't as good as the first one.

    From the first one, I liked the part about bringing the dog to a movie theater, and the one about the giant spider.

  12. I never noticed that C before-when you pointed it out it took me a while to find it. :embarrassed:

  13. Could you put me in's family picture? I would like to be Midna (Real Form), if she hasn't already been taken. If you can't put in Real Form Midna, Imp Midna would be fine, too.

  14. It would be cool if they could remake OoT with TP's graphics-that would be awesome.

  15. Just saw it last night. It was pretty good.

    I had no idea that there was an additional scene at the end of credits-usually I don't stick around for the credits.