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  1. I thought you were a new member there for a second. :embarrassed: Your name didn't change completely, so I figured it was you.

    Did you change it to make it more Twilight related?

  2. I'm hoping it's Animal Crossing for the Wii, or perhaps a new Zelda game, but I don't think that's going to happen.

  3. There will be more Legend of Zelda games-trust me. Nintendo will not be ending the Legend of Zelda series any time soon. I believe that as long as Nintendo is around and as long as Legend of Zelda is popular there will be more games in the series.

  4. I slammed a car door on my right thumb. I remember that my nail was black and blue and it was hot to the touch and pounding all day.

    I was riding my bike one day, and somehow I lost my balance, and my whole leg from my knee down to my ankle was scrapped badly.

    Once when I was four or five, my mom was cleaning my ears out, and I jerked-It might have been a reflex- and the q-tip (spelling) went far down into my ear. I had to go to the emergency room cause my ear was bleeding. Man, I remember I was crying so much the whole time. I'm just glad I still have my hearing in that ear.

  5. I remember you.

    It's been a while since you've been here-welcome back.

  6. Well, if you want to start a conversation with her, you could always walk over and say "hi" to her.

    Best advice I could think of right now.

  7. My views on whether or not Sheik is female or male have changed a lot. At first, I thought Sheik was male because Ruto called Sheik a "he" in OoT. Then on Melee, it said Sheik is female confusing me even more. :wacko: Later, I read some topics here about proof that Sheik is male. Recently, it says (On a Super Smash Bros. Game Again) on Brawl that Sheik is female-I think.

    My recent view is that Sheik is a girl disguised as a boy; that is, I think that Zelda changed into a female Sheikah, then adopted the attire of a male Sheikah.

  8. Um. I think that you were misinformed. That would of been cool though. . .

    I just realized I was getting Ganondorf and Toon Link mixed up. :embarrassed: There's only one more character I have to unlock before I unlock them all and that's Wolf-how do you unlock him?

  9. The only advice I have is try to ask her face-face-if not I'd do what shadowknight says and write her a letter or email her.

    Have you thought about having one of your friends or someone else ask her for you?