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  1. I was only able to try this for a short time, but it looks fun. I'll have to try it out more later on.

  2. I like WW a lot actually- I don't think I have a partiuclar favorite boss from WW though. The only thing I didn't like about WW was that the bosses were too easy.

  3. I'm trying to finish Subspace Emissary, and let me tell you, I do not like the Grat Maze part-everytime I think I'm out of it, I still have parts to do.

    Level 4 of Target Smash is somewhat hard to complete with most of the charactrers.

  4. One thing I like to do in Zelda games is find all of the heart pieces-thing is I have not found all of them for Wind Waker.

    I have 18 hearts currently-only two more to go.

    Have you managed to find all of them for Wind Waker?

  5. The only Zelda games I've ever beaten are A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time + Master Quest, Majora's Mask, The Wind Waker, and Twilight Princess

    I started playing The Minish Cap, Oracle of Ages and Seasons, but I was visting my sister and brother-in-law at the time over the Summer, and I didn't have time to finish them.

  6. I went over to my friends house not long after OoT was releasaed, and one of her siblings was playing OoT. I became interested right away, and asked if I could play it for a bit. I thought the game was really good even though I didn't finish it. Not long after I left her house, I borrowed some Zelda games from my brother-in-law, and I became a fan of the series right away, and still am to this day. Simple as that.

  7. TwiliGirl, are you talking about the final boss? You can dodge that attack (I'm assuming the one with the wings) by doing the sidestep dodge (shield and down on the control stick) 3 times, but it's fiddley to get the timing right. Just takes a small bit of practice, being in the centre of the stage when he does it helps as well.

    No, I meant I came across Sonic at the end of Classic mode, and he used his Final Smash on me.

    At least today, I was able to beat him and finally unlock him.


  8. I had no idea that you could unlock characters by playing Subspace Emissary. Maybe I did know, but I just forgot? I've already unlocked Mr. Game and Watch, Lucario, Snake and Falco all in two days. Is there any other way to unlock new characters besides playing the Subspace Emissary?

    I would've unlocked Sonic today if he had't used his Final Smash on me. I love final smashes, but I hate it when other characters use them on me.


  9. For a split second I thought these were real, then I realized that the'yre just pictures of animals edited to look like Pokemon. :embarrassed:

    I really like them

  10. The only programming languages I know at the moment are HTML and JavaScript.

    When it comes to programming languages I learn very quickly.

  11. I remember when I finished learning all the hidden skills, and The Hero Shade said," Although I accepted life as the Hero..." or something like that, I was like, " that Link from OoT?" :huh:

    Pretty good theory you got there

  12. My two favorites are the Zoras, and the Twili

    The Twili are so mysterious-I hope they're in some future Zelda game

    I've always liked the Zoras because well... because I think they're cool like the Twili.

  13. The image- isn't that from the movie called The Legend of Zelda: The Hero of Time that's being made by BMB Finishes? I haven't heard any news about the movie for a long, long time. I heard rumors that it was cancelled.

    About the Universal ride, sounds pretty cool. Where did you hear all this?

  14. J-Day was more believable than Panda Day, I agree. Though I knew it was a joke, it did add a sense of excitement for the day. Nothing bad happened at all, but I wish would've saved this joke for April 1st. Are we in for another joke on April Fools' Day? :laughy:

  15. Hey, the picture of the Panda, the countdown, and all topics about the Panda Project are gone from the home page! Is it over? Is it finally over? If it is... woo-hoo! :grinninglink:

  16. I understand the feeling. Before Twilight Princess, I thought the idea ludacris that anyone would cry over a video game.

    Twilight Princess nearly made me cry. (Even now, just listening to the ending brings tears to my eyes.

    Twilight Princess's ending didn't make me cry, but I do agree that the ending is sad. When I first saw the ending, I was depressed for the rest of the day.

    Link is relieved that Midna is alive and in her true form again-then she goes back home, and destroys the only known connection to her world, meaning that Link will likely never see her again. It's not surprising that an ending like that would make some players cry.