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  1. No Miss Kimmy, there were no upskirt shots made by me. Do you think of me as that much of a pervert? :(

    Well, technically not. Simca from Air Gear wears a short skirt, so it's kinda bound to happen when she poses...

    Very nice eyes


    Asked how old she was, since she was like, less than 5 feet tall, and she said, "Older than you think." I answer with 17 and she gives me snark and says "at least 101..." She wanted to kill me I'm sure.


    A bit blurry, but I gave this link the idea to attach a string and wheels to the bomb and paint it red.


    Midna? I'm not sure.


    There goes the neighborhood. Er, wait, that's racist.


    A fight to the finish.


    I need to invest in a manual focusing camera...


    And for Miss Kimmy, the man in this picture graciously allowed me to keep this picture.


  2. I had recently went to Anime Central and grabbed a few pictures of character cosplay from the Hyrule universe. I'll attach them here and keep adding more if you want to see them. :)

    Goes by the name Forcebewitya





  3. You'd only feel awful because you just ate pizza. Your weight loss plan isn't going to like that very much. :D

    Cheese and bread can handle two weeks in the fridge. You won't be in any immediate danger, unless you see mold on the cheese. If so, you need a new refrigerator.

  4. I believe Clinton will win. I mean, she will get my vote if I voted, and, she has the whole first female president thing going for her. She'll get a lot of women voters, which is oddly much more higher than male voters. Well, according to the stats I read. I expect her to win this, and I also expect her to save a lot of money, taking our national debt down a couple trillion.

  5. My G/f was like this once... Turned out she cheated on me. I forgave her, but she didn't "feel like she was good enough" for me. Meh, prepare for the worst, and be sure you can forgive if he has done something wrong.

  6. How would you guys enjoy a type of text based RPG on For example, or

    Ideas for this are, you can earn rupees by obviously the Deku Tree and use the rupees earned to purchase elven troops or something... (It'd finally give you more use to your rupees!)

    Your item's can be sold for rupees also.... ect ect ect... Everything you earn on Hyrule's little games can be sold off in the rpg.

  7. It kinda looks like it was made in paint, but keep practicing though, and you'll get much better! Trust me. I made stuff, well, I don't even want to admit I made it... Never give up, and never settle for "ok".

    For being new at this, that's not half bad!

  8. It's pretty good, just work on spelling and remember the trusty "shift" key. Also, I seem to have troubles walking around when I enter a new area, it won't let me turn around instantly, I have to walk forward then back to go back....

  9. Boy duh have you seen female gorons yet?

    Let's just hope, for the love of all that is mighty, you reproduce without having sex...