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  1. Ryu » Sacred_Empath

    Happy B-Day :D
  2. LDGM » Sacred_Empath

    happy birthday
  3. Ryu » Sacred_Empath

    Im sorry! i acidentally put it to where i had to approve comments but i forgot how XD anyways..we were fighting because of...ahem..orientation..and you couldn't message me becausei forgot to un-block you SORRY!
  4. Sacred_Empath » Vadarth X

    Hello! ^_^ Yeah like i said, this site is kind of in 8th place of exciting things to do, sorry >.<
  5. Vadarth X » Sacred_Empath

    Hi! You've been gone for a while.
  6. Micky_D » Sacred_Empath

    hey hey hey it's faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat albert!
  7. Ryu » Sacred_Empath

    listen,we've been hating eachother for too long over one little thing. How about we start over? truce?
  8. Link Player » Sacred_Empath

    link player puts you on his friends list.
  9. Goron Merchant » Sacred_Empath

    What happened to you man?!?
  10. Sacred_Empath » Du5t1n

    Waz up buddy? I am now back in case you havent are you? I missed talking to you have myspace or AIM or MSN?
  11. Sacred_Empath

    yeah its cuz i quit! duh.
  12. =Zoe= » Sacred_Empath

    I haven't seen you in a while. I hope you'll come back soon ^^
  13. Relean » Sacred_Empath

    I didn't take away your star.
  14. Micky_D » Sacred_Empath

    thats weird...
  15. Sacred_Empath

    I cant believe relean took away my star cuz he cant get over it!
  16. Sacred_Empath » Micky_D

    dang strait! right honey :)
  17. Micky_D » Sacred_Empath

    I miss chating too
  18. Sacred_Empath » Micky_D

    i miss chating with you honey..
    *gets sad*
  19. Goron Merchant » Sacred_Empath

    SUP Emmanuel!?!?!?!?!?
  20. Sacred_Empath » Micky_D

    girl! u have the same pic as me