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  1. 6 october in the netherlands...

    but I didn't know it was that old, NO ONE TELLS ME ANY THING!!!!

  2. well i do not know exactly where to place this topic so... i'll place it here...

    i was just happily browsing the internet when bumped onto a side telling me this!

    the DS browser has been released (or will be realesed) in Japan (i don't know if America and europe will folow, hope so!) IGN had a pre-release for test and they said it was increadibly slow and you coudn't see flash, java etc etc.. well i don't give a (...) becuse i will buy it anywayz.

    Opera designed the browser. (never heard of it before!)

    but what i wanted to say is, the graphics are still really really cool and, you can browse and mail and so.

    i hope will be available on the DS browser... guess so. but just wanted to tell you... (i'm freakin happy) :D

  3. i'm so going to add my mario kart friendcode right now!


    (mario kart)

    i need to finish the game (again) becuse i just started over...

  4. the pearl white cube... that one comes from the supermario football pack...

    the controler Wii thingy (first one) possible ... the truck...

    maybe someone made it for himself

  5. i listen to some numbers of Rage Against The Machine to... but they are to loud, even for me...

    i only like the numbers: f**k the police ( :D ) and geruilla radio.

    and i listnen the more disco-y numbers of kiss like: I was made for loving you

    and i downloaded this number or weird all ( he is cool ;) to bop) it is called

    i wanna be a stormtrooper!!!

  6. uhm he is on the western island, but you need to be level 40 to enter the area otherwise you get slaugthert (believe me, i did it with my lvl 11 night elf huntress... :mellow: )

  7. i used to play WoW and i think that quest you were saying is fake you cna come up with almost any cotsume in wow there so many diffrent armours

    it's not fake, almost evry (WoW) site on the web talks about it, and i got this one from WikiPedia, and they check on reliabilitey (what a word!)

  8. i was walkin around in World of Warcraft when i saw this gnome dude called linken and he looked like (i think you all-ready guessed) LINK! if you complete his quests he gives you: linkens boomerang and linkens sword of mastery, cool huh? and he alsow gives you a picture of himself and an other gnome ladie who lookes a lot like zelda!


  9. you mean like the scary dude in the begining of the van helsing movie does? nahh, i don't think so

    i think she is THA FREAKIN TWILIGHT PRINCESS, and maybe she is a part of the current, or a re

  10. the strongest of all links, is the chain-link, but that's of topic :P (sorry, but he has a stupid name to many thinks you can make of it!) well any way i think no one shall win, first of all, they are all equily strong, and ... they all have the same freakin tri-force of courage! (uhh, 10 times the same tri-force on a very very small spot scary!)

  11. i'm with teal, SSB melee, just the way he laughts MUAHHAHAH! and his finishing move the gerudo dragon punsh is soooo cool!