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  1. Vio Milanor » Jikklop Byrne

    Mmkay, see ya. c:
  2. Jikklop Byrne » Vio Milanor

    Alrighties, I'm off. It was nice talking to you again, Vio. :D
  3. Vio Milanor » Jikklop Byrne

    That sucks... :c Hm, the computer's right by my couch.
  4. Jikklop Byrne » Vio Milanor

    Ah, fair enough. Yeah, it's about twenty to eight at night here. I don't really have time to be on when anyone else is.
  5. Vio Milanor » Jikklop Byrne

    6:29 AM... Been up for hours, as usual. There isn't a lot of posting going on around this time. DX
  6. Jikklop Byrne » Vio Milanor

    *nodnod* 'Mmkay. What time is it over there?
  7. Vio Milanor » Jikklop Byrne

    Yeah... I'm partially okay with that though.
  8. Jikklop Byrne » Vio Milanor

    :3 That's good. I never get time to get on here anymore. DX It's such a pity - everyone I knew liek, chucked a spaz and left or just completely died.
  9. Vio Milanor » Jikklop Byrne

    Better than before? c:
  10. Jikklop Byrne » Vio Milanor

    8DD Bah, hai thar Vio~ How've you been?
  11. Ryu » Jikklop Byrne

    You're welcome :'D
  12. Jikklop Byrne » Chef Nonsense

    Thanks for your comment! :D
  13. Jikklop Byrne » Ryu

    Thanks for your comment! :D
  14. Jikklop Byrne » Umbreon

    Thank you muchly for your comment! :D
  15. Chef Nonsense » Jikklop Byrne

    Happy Birthday! :D
  16. Ryu » Jikklop Byrne

    Happy B-day! :'D
  17. Umbreon » Jikklop Byrne

    Hippo Birdie two Ewe
  18. Link Player » Jikklop Byrne

    Do you want to know something very wierd? Today, I was walking home, and I saw a house with a Selling Pole, and the person that made the selling pole's last name was Byrne... Does your Dad Sell houses?
  19. LDGM » Jikklop Byrne

    hi, i have another ye olde image shop request.
    regards - LDGM
  20. Jikklop Byrne » Cat Girl

    Your image is ready at the Ye Olde Image Shoppe.
    So sorry for the wait! ^.^'
  21. Jikklop Byrne » Chef Nonsense

    I likes Chrono Trigger. I likes it a lot.
  22. Jikklop Byrne » Link Player

    SORRY FOR NOT SAYING "HAPPY BIRFDAY"! HAPPY BIRFDAY! You're not the first I've forgotten. I forgot my best friend's birthday this year. She wasn't impressed. ^_^'
  23. Jikklop Byrne » Link Player

    I like friendsssss....
    Naw just kidding.
  24. Link Player » Jikklop Byrne

    Hi. Wanna be friends?