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  1. Padraig! » Power2TheToonLink!

    PM1259624142 is no more. :(
  2. Power2TheToonLink! » Padraig!

    Yay! Now my abbriviated name is longer than yours!
  3. Young Link Addict » Power2TheToonLink!

    Yeah, everyone knows that song, and they choose it as their favorite.
  4. Power2TheToonLink! » Young Link Addict

    My favourite song just has to be Through the Fire and Flames. Because.
  5. Young Link Addict » Power2TheToonLink!

    Yeah, I do like those. What's your favorite Dragonforce song? Mines Furry of the Storm.
  6. Power2TheToonLink! » Young Link Addict

    I heard you like Dragonforce... I like Dragonforce too! Oh, and um, I like Dark YL too... right?
  7. Padraig! » Power2TheToonLink!

    I live in Dorset now though :(
  8. Padraig! » Power2TheToonLink!

    I used live in Grove (near wantage) that's pretty close to there!
  9. Ryu » Power2TheToonLink!

    Happy B-day :'D
  10. Max » Power2TheToonLink!

    avn't seen you aroond latluh! what'z upizzle?
  11. Power2TheToonLink! » Goron Merchant

    I'm missed? Aww, man... I need to be active more often... I'm touched. Do not say what you are thinking at that statement.
  12. Goron Merchant » Power2TheToonLink!

    Oh my god! A ghost!!
    :D I miss you. :(
    I still remember when you were Horse Sage. How is life, Horse Sage?
  13. =Zoe= » Power2TheToonLink!

    Oh my! It's been years since I had news of you!
    And now you're haunting me! *runs in circules* noooo!
  14. Power2TheToonLink! » =Zoe=

    I've come back to haunt you!
  15. Padraig! » Power2TheToonLink!

    hello. haven't seen you in a while.
  16. Power2TheToonLink! » Padraig!

    Liking the new avatar, very.................................. far out.
  17. Power2TheToonLink! » Padraig!

    WTF? ZOMG, S0M3 J3RK ADD3D M3 T00 H1S FR13ND5 L15T! WTF?
  18. Power2TheToonLink! » The kid with The Sword

    How come you haven't made 1 single topic? Oh well. Happy B.Day anyways for whenever it was!
  19. Twili » Power2TheToonLink!

    Hi, thanks for noticing my new Avatar. Yours is very cool too.
  20. Power2TheToonLink! » Twili

    Nice new Avatar!
  21. The kid with The Sword » Power2TheToonLink!

    because i can lol Everyone else i know is either under 14 or older than i am so to everyone else i'm still a kid
  22. =Zoe= » Power2TheToonLink!

    Hi! ...ehm... I just wanted to say something :embarrased: see ya later!
  23. Power2TheToonLink! » The kid with The Sword

    Ur 19!!! How can you be a KID with a sword???? Ur cool though.
    Eat Hyrule Toast
  24. Power2TheToonLink! » =Zoe=

    I claim this comment page in the name of saying " Hi mate!"
  25. Power2TheToonLink! » eyeoftruth

    Eyeoftruth, i blind you with lies!!!