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  1. Hi, I died again.

    Came to see if the filter is still here. If it's not, excuse the language.


    This makes me very sad.

  2. Hi. I died for the longest time.

    I'll probably die again like the faggot I am, but anyway.

    Just dropped in to say hello.

  3. Oh, and just like you haven't ridiculed the beliefs of some of the people on this forum? Us pit of vipers, as you said.

    I'm not against Christians, nor religion for that matter, but hypocritical idiots like you give religion a bad name.

    You don't know what's true and what is not. If anything, only your God should know what is really true.

    You're making a fool out of yourself.

    You consistently fail at preaching for God.

    You are a terrible excuse for a Christian.

    Pull a retort at any of this and you'll have contradicted yourself. Again.

  4. Mrh, aside from the current troll issue...

    I'm happy for you. She seems like a nice enough girl.

    By what you've said about how she acts around you, it's probably safe to go and ask her out. Especially if she's going out of her way to talk to you. :>

    Go for iiiit.

  5. "It's my subconscious, I wouldn't know anyway!"

  6. Life's good... I feel as if I'm improving in my art, which has me feeling great, and the scenery with all the snow outside is pretty and inspiring,

    Though it gets pretty cold. :C Oh well. Small price to pay.

  7. Tom who now?

    We don't know eachother IRL, but we're very close.

    Not distance-wise. Y'know.


  8. 4/5

    Would be 5/5 if either Mao's hair or skin were white. But that's just my preference.


    Is a great idea. I love you. I'm going to fix that now.

    Aand, 4.5/5

    Need a new one soon...

  9. I know your pain.

    That happened to me for three days when I was on my trip to Washington DC. So annoying. :C Especially in New York.

    All you can really do it wait for it to stop.

    Of course, it may return with a terrible vengeance.

    Like mine did. >:C

  10. You should've been done with it a long time ago, anyway. D| Geez.

  11. Yeah. AT&T does kind of suck.

    My 3G constantly goes out at random, and it doesn't even work sometimes in 3G areas. D|

  12. I have an iPhone. o: Useful little thing.

    I actually use my phone now, hurhur.

  13. I hope so too, Stormsworder...

    I was so mad when he didn't die. >:C

    I didn't know horror pictures could be family friendly, either.

    Disney and the word horror just don't seem to mix. D|

    Mickey Mouse as Jack the Ripper... Hmmm.

  14. All you people talking about Scribblenauts is making me want to get it. >:C

    Now I have to get it because it really does look fun. ffff

  15. I'll most likely go as Ness this year. Cheap and stuff, don't really have the materials nor time to do anything very extravagant.

    Though next year, I want to go as either Mao or Almaz. Maybe even Beryl.