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  1. Bitmapfox112 » Ammonsa

    are you a furry?
  2. Bitmapfox112 » Sageolink

    so are we going to continuously rp ore like one or two posts a day?
  3. Bitmapfox112 » Yuna_Rikku_Paine_Fanboy!!

    are we gunna start split soon?
  4. Umbreon » Bitmapfox112

    It's been a while since I last saw you... How've you been?
  5. Bitmapfox112 » Umbreon

    lol yes i am, hi!
  6. Umbreon » Bitmapfox112

    Is you! You're on! I actually remember you! *glomps*
  7. Negation » Bitmapfox112

    Happy Birthday!
  8. Fourswords » Bitmapfox112

    Wait You Can Delete Dark Young Link And Put Me In To Prove It Go Here.
  9. Young Link Addict » Bitmapfox112

    Welcome back. I'll add you to my friends list, and give you five.
  10. Dark Young Link » Bitmapfox112

    Wanna be friends? =)
  11. Bitmapfox112 » Katrina

    i saw your in your intrest magic what do you mean?
  12. Cat Girl » Bitmapfox112

    He lives! OMG! Lol. Welcome back.
    See ya! ;D
  13. Young Link Addict » Bitmapfox112

    I just realized you, CG, and I are from Ohio. ._.
  14. GoldenTriforce » Bitmapfox112

    Yay!!! Same birthday!!!
    Yours Truely,
  15. Bitmapfox112 » GoldenTriforce

    cool you and me have the same birthday but 2 years appart cool
  16. Bitmapfox112 » Keaton

    i want to join the un evil army so i can kick evils butt but..... i dont know how to make a signiture....