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  1. Yeah I hardly ever go trick-or-treating but I like halloween, its a cool holiday! dress up in monsters and all that :D its always fun

    Hey Z. do they even do it in australia? :/ ive never had any1 knock on my door... ever...

  2. hey MasterMajed, to get to that island what u do it::

    blow up the cracked wall near the ocean kings palace. go thru the cave then shoot the eye you see, which will extend the bridge... kill the zora warrior (if u wont) then go outside the door there. go up the stairs outside. and shoot the eye to the west, after that a statue shld appear. now im guess uve seen this statue b4 ;) what u do now is draw a line from the ocean kings palace temple and to the macay inn. and then use the statue and point the bean parallel to the line. (if u dont know what this is ill draw it for you :) ). once you aline the lazer thing, jump off the cliff and go to where the lazer hits the cliff. and bomb it. go inside the cave then go accross the bridge and outside, and now u shld be on the island. :) hit the switch on the island to make the bridge appear :)

    ........\.....\ (bomb here where the line hits the cliff)


    ..........\.......\ <-statue

    ..inn ->\

    ^^^ hope u understand my picture :/

  3. OK this is mostly for ppl who have finished it or are playing it at the moment :)

    what do u think of it? my honest opinion. its the BEST Zelda game Ive played my whole life... what i think what they did is amazing... they way they used the DS's capabilities to the max. with yelling in the mic to damage a monster... to closing the DS lid to make an imprint of the top screen!

    what they did to PH is unlike any game Ive ever played... its got 1 of the best story lines ever... its set just about a few weeks after the end of Wind Waker...

    i rate PH a 10\10!

    whats ur rate?

  4. yes well... im talking bout my wii here... ever since whenever... donno when but im guessing an update from a while ago... my wii has decided to turn into a BRICK.

    it wont load ANYTHING...!

    i put in a cd... load it, freezes...

    i open every1 votes... load it... freezes...

    load internet... freezes...

    load shop channel freezes...

    u get where im going? i cant do anything at all... cept look at the main menu...

    was also wondering if im able to get a contact number for NOA (nintendo of australia) so i can get a bloody new 1!!!!! b4 brawl and metroid 3 comes out :D

  5. i did a search for it but came up nothing so yer...

    prolly was me who posted it :cry: lol i remember posting something bout that or wateva a while ago :|

  6. ok, to start off, this is zelda for custom edition of halo 1 for PC. made...not made yet but in BETA still... by the ppl of http://www.zeldace.co.nr/

    heres some awsome vids of it. which will give u a better idea of what im talking bout :|

    ive known out this for like 3 yrs now... just thought i might post it here today :|

    u might be thinking right now... 3 yrs is a long time, but the stopped for like 2 yrs so yer...they just got back up a while ago so yer...

    oh yer. and ive played the maps already :P so mad!

    (i suck at writting posts dont i -.- lol)

  7. hmm true... but it cld be the guys symbol. u know on halo2 (if uve played it) when u make ur character u can make ur symbol. so other ppl know who u r or wateva... i myself on halo2 has the triforce as my symbol :)

    EDIT:: no i take that back...its acualy a full triangle with a little black flame in the middle. full side view doesnt look like a triforce so yer :)

  8. its hard to believe that thing acualy makes sound :| took me a while b4 i say the persons right hand move a small but to change the volume of it or wateva the hand did.

  9. wow... look at the awsome brand new stuff this website has... glad to be back... havnt been here for...6 monthes i think its been :|

    but yer... hopefully ill be alot more active than b4 :)

  10. to be honest.

    i wldnt mind having tp on my comp either.

    itl be fun, cus ive been wanting to see wat gameshark codes i can use and see what i can do with the fly cheat and stuff...

    can any1 give me a link to the tp GCN rom? pls? (thats the download link pls)

  11. ^ is G333s follwers leaders followers followers leaders follower.


  12. rofl lmao "ask jeeves" is logged in on the forum


  13. rofl, i once forgot the keys to my nans house (after school i catch the bus there) and my nan was away, and mum wldnt be home till like 7pm and i forgot my key to the house, and had to a 2 hr walk home 0.0

  14. ehh... what does the e key has to do with anything??

    maybe it doesnt work on his keybaord...or sumthing...

    oh yea... im back...

  15. [sarcasm]

    hmm i cant rly tell the difference between GW graphics and RS graphics...


    and keaton... thats a robin hood hat...if u move the camera around the other way... ull see it...

    and Gt is ur Rs name mrtriforce? or Gt? lol