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  1. lol! i got 200 glass shards in 30 mins! hahaha

    thats like almost 3 bottles :D

    and i also got 20 deku sticks... what r they used for dustin? besides makin bottle

    and also... when will u add more quests... that dont have errors in em...

    dustin...you are soo evil! it took me 30 mins to light a bloody fire o.0


    oh and dustin - notified itu cus he was on

    i got this error msg while making a bottle after the fire was lit

    """"Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01c2'

    Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment: 'inventoryAdd'

    /quests/quest2sticks.asp, line 35""""

    omg pls fix it! nothing appears on the screen when i click on continue quest

  2. i think this is the right place to post this but yer (Talk about movies, music, TV shows, websites, etc. ) [this is a website, and sortof movies]

    i was searching thru youtube the other day and found this video... it was funny. and found another 1 from the same guy. so eventually i went to his website www.verytasteful.com and saw that he had heaps more of videos...


    you shld go have a look and watch em. some are funny...some are good...some are just plain dumb and stupid...

    my favourite 1 is this 1.


  3. Here are two more birthdays (come on people, I'm not going to be doing this each and every time.)

    mikel(15), Matthew(19)

    awsome, thats for posting my bday 2 weeks ago :D


    happy birthday guys :D have a good 1 :D

    Drax_28(16), Ganondof(13), ToastyOaties(16)

  4. yay lol we got u back again. thx to me that is. i recieved the email dustin sent (i think it was him) and read down to the missing ppls, and spotted heros name, and she just happened to be on MSN at that time :D

  5. lolz, i use to love pokemon, i was sooo obesed on getting all 250 in my pokemon gold version (only got upto 203 :'( )

    so yer. for me pokemon just a bit to childish for me now. ive moved on to more exciting and bigger games.

    like "mario vs donkeykong" lolz! (its a new game for the DS)

  6. hmm i dont know what its like to hear my brothers music...yet... their still like 6 (almost 7) and 5 yrs old...

    but yer....cant wait -.^

    and also i got an ipod too. cus sometime my mum etc has music up loud, so i get out my ipod video or shuffle depends which 1 i wna use for the occasion. and listen to music. and i do sometime get bored of my music sometime, but whenever i do i get new songs...

  7. ive heard that A child alone dies every second (from any cause)

    so whats that?

    60 x 60 x 24 = 86400

    so 86400 children... die each day... amazing isnt it?

  8. did u check to see if ur remotes are wiimotes? not 360 remotes? thier both wireless... u cld get em mixed up

    (sry im not helping)

    umm press both sync buttons the same time and hold for a few secs.

    the sync buttons are located: in the sd card area on the console, and in the battetry area on the wiimote.

  9. if i cld ild get WoW cus ive never played it b4, and ive played GW and i dont like it much.

    (ild only get WoW if i had free membership :P )

    anyway you know what would own GW and WoW???

    the elder scrolls online!!!

    just imagine Oblivion being an online game *druels*

  10. i wish i had an ocarina -.- there so kool. i saw an ad ina magazine like 5 yrs ago. and im like "w00t w00t i wont 1!!!"

    5 years l8r... "must get ocarina o.0"

  11. welcome back leon, we wer starting to think u left us for good.

    i miss my old friends from my old school aswell. even through they have proberlly forgottem me, i havnt forgotten them.