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  1. w00t, finaly...

    thanks gtap for typing it out for me :P

    i hate doing those type of lists, just looking back and forward all the time for the names etc. (cus my wii and tv is right behind me)

  2. > to dustin or any mods<

    i was thinking if we could like, a pinned thread with a list of released games for the virtual console or something, cus theres no use making a new news article each week for a few games. but until then, ill keep posting any bigish updates, like this 1.


    *the next bit are taken straight from the wii updates page*

    Clean up the streets of rage! there's something to suit all tastes in this weeks virtual console line up: epic role playing, biological blasting and one of the best loved beat em ups of the 16bit era***

    Streets of Rage

    Famous for its techno pumping soundtrack, two player co-op mode and seemingly non stop onslaught of enemies, streets of rage brought arcade style beat em up action onto the SEGA MEGA DRIVE in 1991, choose from 3 vigilantes - Adam, Axel and blaze - and take down crime boss, Mr. X

    Sword of Vermilion

    As Eric, heir to the throne of excalabria, reclaim your birthright and defeat the evil wizard king Tsarkon in this classic SEGA MEGA DRIVE role-playing game from 1990.

    sword of vermilion features four different views on the action; mixing first- and third person perspectives with real time battling.

    Bio hazard battle

    a Sega mega drive from 1992, bio hazard battle puts you in control of one of four organic bio ships, each with different abilities, against the armada of genetically mutated enemies.; ranging from enormous amoebas to giant enemy crabs.

    *may not be out in other parts of the world*

  3. umm...pls say that again... more simpler pls.

    and to add to my rant...

    did the ppl saying that the runescape graphic suck have the detail on low or high?

  4. lol posting on my wii

    well its to hard 4 jagex to put rs onto another platform cushion they wld have to rewrite the whole script and also, i think its on java so ppl cant copy the game. (download it etc)

  5. [rant]

    alright lets see make a better game than that using java.

    who cares if they fight like toy soldiers. no1 rly cares, and clicking where u wont to walk... wth, how else are u suppose to walk? theres no other way to walk? u cant use any keys on the keyboard to walk? the arrows keys are used up for the camera view...

    and also, i hated maplestory from the second i even loaded the main page

    in big bold words "2d side scrolling game!" woa... side scrolling...awsome -.- not!

    and so what if the runescape chars look liek theor made from clay.

    the ones in maple story proberly look like a 10 minute job on paint. with 1 or 2 shades of colour.


  6. dang it, it wont load the movie, it just comes up with a giant "?" in the middle of the box...

  7. acualy, when u quit ur membership, ur account isnt deleted... it just degrades to free member.

  8. hey every1, ive got a bib ass. due this wednesday and im like rly stuck here.

    it sais i gotta do a 1-2 min persuasive argument, including evidence on this topic -

    (this is what it sais)

    -there are NO eyewitnesses to support the statement that jesus christ was really the son of god-

    so i gota find evidence and do a speech on that. but i gota choose for or against that topic. and i go against that topic.

    so i just need some ppl to help me get some notes for that topic.

    and please no ranting in the thread. even though its religeous. it doesnt mean u can rant about it. if u wna rant about it. go to the rant area of the forum...

    thankyou. :D

  9. I hate Runescape. Horrible graphics. Terrible fighting system. I play MapleStory instead!! Wooooo!!!!!!! MapleStory rocks!!!! :D

    ur so called maplestory sucks. no offence. but its 2d side scrolling mmorpg... thats just...bad...

  10. season 3 started last week for aust. :D i love lost :D