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  1. yer i believe in aliens, cus its highly unlikely that were the only ppl out there. i mean there's millions of galaxies, which are bound 2 have lifeforms in it, some may have better technology than us, some may not, some may even still be in the stone ages... some may be in the "hovering cars" age...

    so yer i believe

  2. wow... that is really. good. very good editing. the song pits in perfectly. like the tempo goes with all the... umm, you know what i mean...

  3. Ressurrection from the Dead Boooox...

    I'm not a fan of Blizzard. Simply because they're sucking my friends into paying 12 dollars a month-WHICH WILL BE USELESS when World of Warcraft is obsoleted- to play something that I think isn't /HALF/ as fun as Guild Wars.

    Sony. Sony, sony, sony. The last console you'll EVER get for my money is a PSP. Unless I buy one off Ebay for much less and the money doesn't GO to you. You and your idiot fanboys can die in a ditch somewhere. >>"

    Microsoft. You copy EVERYONE'S ideas and are assfaces about it. Take the Zune. "Zune. Welcome to the neighborhood." Neighborhood of WHAT?!? Ipod idea theives!? Get real and get original.

    Apple. You guys are absolute asses. The Ipod is just a fancy-assed MP3 player that acts like a game player. "Look, our IPod is FLAT so we're gonna sell one to you for 300 dollars!" Pssht.

    And YOU, Nintendo.


    You guys rock.

    woa... that microsoft 1 was uncalled for... zune is awsome :D im getting a zune, im acualy trading in my ipod video for 1. cus zune is better!

  4. lol, if only i cld see the video... when i go to youtube it comes up with this lol


  5. lol i just went to the link and said, that they are rearanging the site...

    so ill check back l8r. and sounds like a good movie acording to some ppls comments. :)

  6. OK... off topic...

    well my best friends plays guild wars... he plays it like 24\7 (if he cld)

    the 1st week he got it he was so obsessed about it o.0 it was SO annoying!

    "oh guild wars graphics are better than your oblivion graphics..." blah blah blah

  7. nice music. i liked it. sounds good. great job. :D

  8. lol yay for japanese! :D

    モールのために、Nintendo の要求が65 フィートまでそれしか行くことができないのに行くことができる300 フィートまでおよび多分ずっとそしてそれ。多分それはモールの無線インターネットのためにそうなったものであるか。知っているかだれが! Nintendo はそれらがあるように要求する程に安全* 振動恥の彼女の頭部* でない*

  9. sounds good...

    why didnt u post it in the submit articles place?

  10. i personally hate Sony because of their consoles and their stubbornness, but i like some of their games. like what some other guy said a while ago, "i hate the console, but like the games".

    sony is so bad, like, they think thier good because they have the nost buttons on thier controller. (well they did, 360 now has 1 more than sony) they tryied to copy nintendo with their awsome controller idea.

    i can go on, but cant be bothered, i like posted a whole list in an old topic somewer in this forum.

  11. the 1st time i went in the cave i died on the room with all the ice things. but that was because the 1st time i went thru, i didnt take any supplies at all. no fairys, no blue potions, no red potions. nothing. lol

    but 2nd time i went thru i finished it using 2 blue potions and 1 fairy, and finished with 6 hearts, took me exactly 1 hr.

  12. well the graphics are ok... its just its too hard for jagox to make it like... rly graphical. like acual pc game graphics... if u know what i mean.

    and thanks blk midna, thats the words i was looking for.

    "i dont play as much as wat i used to"


    thats about it.

  13. hey a gaming zone... since when?

    well yes i do play rs, and ive playing for 4 years, not on 1 account, but many. but my main is lvl 90, ive only just started playing more often, so yer.

    and yes im a member, ive been 1 for 2 years.

    these were my stats about... 2 weeks ago.

    username: brutis162

    password: ********** (lol)

    member: yes


  14. Noooo! Vista is evil! ::Brings out various talismans with Apple and Linux logos on them::

    Don't get Vista, its just a trumped up XP with some fancy animations. You need a state-of-the-art computer run it! There are no features on Vista that you can't already download for free for XP! And Macs come with lots of features that Vista doesn't have, and its far more stable. Linux is even better, with tons of 3rd party support that comes with it being an open source OS. And again its more stable, and free!

    Thats my opinion, but if you want to waste your money buying a ridiculous product, go ahead!

    wtf man, ur a tool.

    i have over 10 games for my pc, so why the heck wld i even think about getting a mac. u cant play games on macs. macs suck.

    have u seen how desprite they are for ppl to buy macs? they freakin made over 20 ads saying that mac is better...

    and + my computer is all souped up and upgraded for vista. and also when i get enough money after getting vista. im gonna buy an EXTRA 512mb of ram. even though i have 1gb already.

    and tones of prgrams that windows doesnt have??? like what? itunes? u cant download it...ilive? they picture editor or wateva... we have photoshop, photoimpact and all other better photo editers. ur movie making software???

    windows has an awsome movie making program that ive paid for, camtasia studios 4.

    so i dont need any of ur "software" that windows doesnt have.

    (i hope u arnt offended. im just making out a point here)

    and also. i need help with installing vista onto a laptop. when it goes to copying files it copies as normal, but when it gets to expanding files. it restarts, as it shld do. and when it boots up. it comes to a blue screen saying, it wont start up, because windows wont let its file get changed, or sumthing liek that.

  15. ok, im not gonna name all my games but ill tell u have much i have

    super nintendo - 6

    nintendo - 23

    G cube - 6

    wii - 6

    gameboy - 1

    gameboy color - 4

    gameboy adv sp - 7

    pc - 10 (10 acual bought 1s)

    xbox - 30+