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  1. Max

    What, do third graders turn you on?
  2. LDGM » Max

    sledgey :3
  3. Max » LDGM

    Yes, Sledge is the middle name. A pretty fine one, too. I'm quite proud of it.
  4. LDGM » Max

    Of course I knew. Sledge too if i remember correctly
  5. Max » LDGM

    Well actually, Val Hammer was my second name. I changed it from Maxroxursox, which was the original. Min came from Dustin's flickr, which is Dustout. I thought that was clever so I thought to myself, "How can I do something like that with my name?" and Min was the result. (Because my name is Max, in case you didn't know) :)
  6. LDGM » Max

    so why min?
    What happened to the original Val hammer?
  7. LDGM » Max

    lol, couldn't have put it any better myslef :D
  8. Max » LDGM

    It truly is the ambrosia of the earth, divine in its simplicity, rich with flavor, godlike.
  9. LDGM » Max

    to the end of the world, my friend
  10. Max » LDGM

    Love it. And you?
  11. LDGM » Max

    val hammer!
    still like pie?
  12. PrimaGaga » Max

    Updated the map in my adventure thread.
  13. Max » paddy

    Shit is this Paddy?
  14. Max » Tet0

    lol it's Teto \0/
  15. deleted234141 » Max

    He is 14 found it out.
  16. deleted234141 » Max

    He cant be mature if he tells that my arm looks like his p***s!
  17. PrimaGaga » Max

    Are you 14 or 19? Your facebook and this profile are conflicting. You look 14, but you type like a very mature person... for the most part. *head explodes*
  18. Max » freeloader

    When your stars are baked, and your rivers dry, did you ever believe you were stuck in the... Sky.
  19. Max » T1g

    Happy late birthday, bro.
  20. Max » pheonix561

    Tom Waits. Yes.
  21. Gabs » Max

    Lol. I love you too?
    LFG is the shizznizz, as is guitar (: