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  1. Ryu

    Coming here makes me feel old. :wacko:

  2. Ryu

    Still lurking... Occasionally.
    1. pheonix561


    2. Ryu

      Ehh... Maybe.

  3. Ryu

    pheonix561: "Real Members never leave. They just take long vacations." Yep, I take a lot. But I'll never truly leave. I lurk a lot.
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    2. Padraig!

      i remember you joining, get on my level

    3. Teto

      I'm Patrick and I don't believe in member rights.

  4. Ryu

    I promise not to die again.
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    2. pheonix561

      (They just take long vacations)

    3. Luneth Uchiha


    4. Ryu

      I lied, but I'm back again.

  5. Ryu

    will probably never be back.
  6. Luneth Uchiha » Ryu

    I'm thinking pinapple sauce with a tiny bit of Cyanide and happiness
  7. Ryu » Luneth Uchiha

    So, are you gonna get the special with anchovies, hot sauce, mayonnaise, and olives? Or the special with ham, peanut butter, and ketchup?
  8. Luneth Uchiha » Ryu

    tommorow is taco tuesday. I'm up for it
  9. Ryu » Luneth Uchiha

    Noooo! I'll get you back for this Sahaquil... somehow...
    So, want to go get some more tacos or something?
  10. Ryu » Luneth Uchiha

    O rly? 8O Who killed him?
  11. Luneth Uchiha » Ryu

    You fish taco. That was the last burrito YLA ever made before he died
  12. Ryu » Luneth Uchiha

    jgfdjnfn my last taco! >=C
    Oh well, guess now it's safe to tell you I ate your burrito. Sorry 'bout that.
  13. Luneth Uchiha » Ryu

    I might've given Stallin your last taco. I thought it said Bean chile sauce.
  14. deleted234141 » Ryu

    Avi reminds me of IT.
  15. Ryu » Luneth Uchiha

    But can the taco's take the land from the... MAN EATING NACHOS?
  16. Luneth Uchiha » Ryu

    Tacos claim this land in the name of the waffle lords
  17. Jason! :O » Ryu

    wats ur ssbb fc??
  18. Young Link Addict » Ryu

    I didn't know it was you. T_T
  19. Ryu » Arcane

    Yeah, me too. TrueNinja2 is fail.
  20. Ryu » Chef Nonsense

    Lawlzors. Formation?
  21. Ryu » Young Link Addict

    Lol. I even talked to you as TrueNinja2 XD I remember PMing you.
  22. Chef Nonsense » Ryu

    I do believe I see a Ryu has rejoined the party.
    Therefore: "Formation has changed."
  23. Arcane » Ryu

    Pretty good, thanks. I'm glad you went back to your old name. o:
  24. Ryu » Arcane

    What's up, Arcanelord, how've ya been?