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  1. Arcane

    It's nice to know this place is still alive.
    1. Chase

      Arcaninelord :)

    2. pheonix561

      It's also nice you're here to see us!!!!!

    3. PrimaGaga

      we are more of a zombie community than anything.

  2. Arcane » Arachne

    Hey, nice avatar. Hogfather is a good movie.
  3. Arcane » pheonix561

    You're missing out, man. Portal rocks.
  4. Arcane

    Hmm. I'm not quite as gone as I thought.
  5. LDGM » Arcane

    happy birthday Arcane(Lord)
  6. Linox » Arcane

    Happy Birthday Arcane. ;_;
  7. Cascade » Arcane

    Happy sweet sixteenth birthday! Also, where have you been :<<
  8. Rika Code » Arcane

    happy birthday
  9. Ryu » Arcane

    Yeah, me too. TrueNinja2 is fail.
  10. Arcane » Neku

    They're awesome ;D
  11. Neku » Arcane

    The fact that you have Muse as your photo makes you automatically amazing. (:
    That is all.
  12. Arcane » Ryu

    Pretty good, thanks. I'm glad you went back to your old name. o:
  13. Ryu » Arcane

    What's up, Arcanelord, how've ya been?
  14. Cheez » Arcane

    I was kind of unserious, I know full and well who you are!
  15. Cheez » Arcane

    Who are you?
  16. Arcane » Hiro Protagonist

    You mean: xkcd. That's how the author prefers it.
  17. pheonix561 » Arcane

    probably just because I like them, too.
  18. Arcane » pheonix561

    Any ideas why Saha wanted me to tell you that?
  19. pheonix561 » Arcane

    I didn't get your message until just now, but yeah the dead weather is p. cool. Good choice there.
  20. Cascade » Arcane

    you dick c:
  21. AlexBrand » Arcane

    Oh no it's not a problem, ^^
  22. Arcane » AlexBrand

    Oh, sorry. Haha.
  23. AlexBrand » Arcane

    Not a dude, a girl, lol :)