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  1. Cascade » Arcane

    thanks C: I love you too dear
  2. Arcane » Cascade

    Extremely. But I still love you. :)
  3. Cascade » Arcane

    awww I'm sorry :'C do you think I'm weird? :P
  4. Arcane » Cascade

    Your "Favorite Bands/Music" section makes me frowny face.
  5. Arcane » pheonix561

    Saha wanted me to tell you that I think The Dead Weather is cool.
  6. Arcane » PrimaGaga

    You're welcome :D
  7. PrimaGaga » Arcane

    Elephant.... Thanks, I feel fat now.
  8. PrimaGaga » Arcane

    Why do you think of me as "elePhantasmagoric Hero"? What does "ele" mean?
  9. Arcane » PrimaGaga

    Everytime I see your name I mentally add an "ele" right before it.
  10. atlasmist radiofreak » Arcane

    hey arcane do you have skype man? los tubos demands you start talkin:P
  11. Gabs » Arcane

    indeed. I hope it works, I need that on my ipod x.x
  12. Arcane » Gabs

    Huh. Yeah, maybe. Worth a try anyways, yeah?
  13. Gabs » Arcane

    It could be due to the fact that I need to download the new version? O.o and I played wow, I need to get a new account x.x but I was on Dragonblight
  14. Arcane » Gabs

    Oh, and I just noticed you play WoW. o: What realm?
  15. Arcane » Gabs

    That's weird.
  16. Gabs » Arcane

    It's not showing up for me D:
  17. Arcane » Gabs

    I looked on iTunes and it said they did have Yoko Kanno, spelled just like that... :0
  18. Linkprow » Arcane

    Finished projects, got 100% on art, on health heart thing I got 46/50.
  19. #1zeldafan » Arcane

    oh ok. thanx.
  20. Arcane » #1zeldafan

    People can send up to three Karma a day to whoever. All it's good for is to make the reciever to feel warm and fuzzy. :3
  21. #1zeldafan » Arcane

    what is karma and what can it be used for? how do you get it?
  22. #1zeldafan » Arcane

    hows it going?
  23. Arcane » Esme/ralda

    Welcome back