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  1. Sahaqiel » Arcane

    Just doing my job of spreading around the awesome.
  2. Arcane » Sahaqiel

    Thanks to you, I now know the greatness of Franz Ferdinand. Many thanks.
  3. Bigboss » Arcane

    I want modren warfare 2
  4. Arcane » Bigboss

    Good for you.
  5. Bigboss » Arcane

    I beat the game 100 times
  6. Arcane » Bigboss

    Hmm... I believe my current file is at the Water Temple.
  7. Bigboss » Arcane

    what location are you in on oot
  8. Bigboss » Arcane

    come to my profile
  9. Arcane » Amherstclane

    Welcome to Cool name.
  10. Arcane » Max

    Yeah... It's a shame Freddie's dead. ):
  11. Max » Arcane

    Queen is my favorite band ever =)
    I just learned how to play it on the pianer... Sorta. Freddie Mercury is a God, so it's hard to play like him, let alone sing like him, but I try =)
  12. Arcane » Max

    I love that song. ;)
  13. Arcane » I luv Linkers!

    Cool. Is it 3rd Gen?
  14. I luv Linkers! » Arcane :3
    Got mine on my b-day. And I <3 it. ^_^
  15. Arcane » I luv Linkers!

    Coincidentally, I'm posting this from one. o: No Zelda music, though.
  16. I luv Linkers! » Arcane

    Yeah..sometimes I'm happy but sometimes they annoy me. T_T
    But I'm listening to Zelda songs on my i-Touch so I feel a little better. ^_^
  17. Arcane » I luv Linkers!

    Ouch. I'm sorry. Little sisters suck.
  18. I luv Linkers! » Arcane

    I was trying to do an emoticon but it didn't work. >_>;; sister's so evil. T_T
    She lies and tells my dad I scratched her when she was really just being annoying with the piano and now I'm punished. >_>;;
  19. Arcane » I luv Linkers!

    You fail? Why? :0