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  1. Some photos from the last year's con season with Fire Emblem as the main theme. Various pics from Anime Expo, San Diego Comic Con, and Anime California.













    Started off this year's con season today at Anime Los Angeles with a really quickly done baseball team x Fire Emblem lords group since we were too lazy to go in full costume







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  2. Anywhere in particular you got the posters? Like, did you get them printed off yourself, or did you just find them at cons/online?


    I printed out the FF posters on my closet doors. Everything else were things that were being given out at San Diego Comic Con or Anime Expo, or were hook ups from friends who work at GameStop. Things like the MGS or FFXIV poster were actually preorder bonuses for those games, but my friends just gave me whatever extras they had. The AC: Revelations and ACIV posters and the XIII-2 character cut outs were things they hung in the store, and gave them to me once promotions were over. The huge Sekakoi vinyl scroll was something my friend's sister's graphic design firm was commissioned to print for Fanime in San Jose, but they accidentally printed an extra one by mistake so she just gave it to me.


    Nothing on any of my walls were things I actually paid for, now that you ask haha


    (Joshizzle, I actually pointed your Assassin's Creed group out to my girlfriend, because of your flag. We crossed paths and didn't see each other.)


    Fancy that~

  3. I actually got it because of Jake, but I love me some Ampora kids too.




    I actually have hoodies of all the alpha and beta boys, haha.

  4. Instead of No Shave November, I ended up doing I'm not shaving or getting a haircut from midterms until the end of finals, which was from mid-October to last Thursday.






    Those are immediately before I left the house for my last finals and after I came home and showered and shaved.

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  5. It's not so much a college woe per se, but I really do need to find work. It's a bit disconcerting to know that I'm 20, almost done with my undergrad and I'm still heavily dependent on my parents. I didn't go away for college so I still commute from home, and I don't have to worry about paying for tuition because the military waives it and my parents pay for my gas and textbooks. I've never even had so much as a part-time job. That isn't to say that I'm not thankful to them, but compared to people my age that I know, I don't think I have the slightest ounce of self-sufficiency.

    That's all just me whining about things I probably shouldn't, though~*~*~

  6. I'm taking a stats class, a sociology class on minority group relations, two history classes (ancient Greek and Franklin D. Roosevelt's presidency) for my major, and an art history class on American art from 1650-1945 for my minor. The only thing I don't like about my schedule is my four hour gap on Mondays and Wednesdays.

  7. On the occasions I talked to him, he sounded quite mellow. He took a little time to talk to us and it didn't really sound like forced small talk at all, though I did pick up a bit of a sarcastic and dry humor from him that I also like to indulge in more often than I probably should.

  8. tumblr_m7snv9wd8D1qfh8l4o1_1280.jpg


    With Andrew Hussie at San Diego Comic Con~


    My friends and I also did bombarded Konami's Yu-Gi-Oh! card photo booth in Homestuck cosplay and got him to sign each card lafmo.

  9. I got my first C during my sophomore year of high school, but that was my fault because I just never really tried.

    I'm the kind of person who never studies or crams at the last second but can still do decently well. I never make study guides or flash cards unless they're mandated for whatever reason by my teachers (which has happened before), and turn out term papers the night before and it'd still be okay. I have a feeling I'll have to change those habits sooner or later though. Something tells me a last minute effort that always saved me when I was in high school isn't going to cut it in college.

  10. A lot of the east coast of Japan is protected by some 20 feet tall tsunami barriers and levees, similar to the ones in New Orleans. But the waves were so high and powerful that many of them either went over the walls or destroyed them completely.

  11. To say the odds against Japan are too high for them that they can't recover isn't giving them enough credit, I feel. They became one of the world's most powerful economies in 40 years after having two atomic bombs dropped on it and suffering a defeat in World War II that from the Japanese perspective may might as very well have been worse than total suicide. Of course it can't and won't happen overnight, but I'm sure it will happen and they'll emerge just as strong as they've ever been. You're forgetting that if there's a country that's more prepared for earthquakes than anyone else, it's Japan. The major brunt of the damage and death toll came from the tsunami and the nuclear power plants. Those are things Japan couldn't even have predicted would happen. As far as the tsunami was concerned, they're the most prepared for that as well. As high as the death toll is right now the alerts broadcast on TV and the sirens sounded saved more lives than what would have been lost otherwise.

    Has anyone found it surprising that in light of how terrible of a situation the country is in right now, there hasn't been a single report of looting or violence, whereas during Hurricane Katrina or the earthquakes in Haiti those were at the forefront of news coverage everywhere? This has been the most cohesive Japan as a society has ever been in years. If a 9.0 earthquake, a 20 ft. high tsunami and a nuclear catastrophe couldn't bring them down, it makes you wonder just what it would take to do it.

  12. I did a photoshoot with my friend for his art portfolio for his transfer application to UC San Diego.



  13. JOSHUA

    Gender: Masculine

    Usage: English, Biblical

    Other Scripts: יְהוֹשֻׁעַ (Ancient Hebrew)

    Pronounced: JAH-shə-wə (English), JAW-shwə (English) [key]

    From the Hebrew name יְהוֹשֻׁעַ (Yehoshu'a) meaning "YAHWEH is salvation". Joshua was one of the twelve spies sent into Canaan by Moses in the Old Testament. After Moses died Joshua succeeded him as leader of the Israelites. As an English name, Joshua has been in use since the Protestant Reformation.

    The name Jesus comes from a Greek translation of the Aramaic short form יֵשׁוּעַ (Yeshu'a), which was the real name of Jesus.


    Gender: Masculine

    Usage: English, Hebrew, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Scandinavian, Dutch, Czech, Slovene, Russian, Croatian, Serbian, Macedonian, Biblical, Biblical Latin

    Other Scripts: דָּוִד (Hebrew), Давид (Russian, Serbian, Macedonian)

    Pronounced: DAY-vid (English), dah-VEED (Hebrew), da-VEED (French), DAH-vit (German, Dutch), dah-VEET (Russian) [key]

    From the Hebrew name דָּוִד (Dawid), which was probably derived from Hebrew דוד (dwd) meaning "beloved". David was the second and greatest of the kings of Israel, ruling in the 10th century BC. Several stories about him are told in the Old Testament, including his defeat of Goliath, a giant Philistine. According to the New Testament, Jesus was descended from him.

    This name has been used in Britain since the Middle Ages. It has been especially popular in Wales, where it is used in honour of the 5th-century patron saint of Wales (also called Dewi), as well as in Scotland, where it was borne by two kings. Famous bearers include empiricist philosopher David Hume (1711-1776) and explorer David Livingstone (1813-1873). This is also the name of the hero of Charles Dickens' semiautobiographical novel 'David Copperfield' (1850).

  14. Yeah, it's a long beanie. I prefer them to the short ones, like for when I don't feel like styling my hair up. You don't really have to go to Urban to get them, especially to spend so much on just an accessory. I have a few that I bought at Target for two or three bucks.

  15. It's a good way to keep in touch with people. I personally think it becomes more useful once you're out of high school, which is the age range it was originally intended to be used by. I use it mainly for social networking, photo archiving, and little else. I've never used Facebook for the games or other distractions like that.

    The main things that annoy me about it though, are people who try to add me and I don't know who they are. If people at least leave a message saying who they are and how I might know them, then I make exceptions. That, and the continuous event invites from people who need their old contacts' numbers and end up mass inviting everyone on their friend list.

  16. I already drive a Civic and an Integra. I don't think I need anymore cars made by Honda/Acura.